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Located this wonderful Modesty Blaise cloth and figured it would look pretty good in the hobby room. Added some classic badges (Tommy Bolin, Rainbow, Whitesnake & Black Sabbath) to it and it looks pretty OK I think. I am getting a lot of stuff done at the new place now. Looks like I might live there exclusively by April.


Whitesnake is set to release the 13th studio album “Flesh & Blood” on May 10. The first video has appeared on YouTube, “Shut Up & Kiss Me” (Jaguar Edition). That is the same car as seen in the 1987 video for the hit song “Is This Love”, and David Coverdale is wearing the same blue suit as in the old video in this one as well. Sort of an homage to the good old days. His wife Cindy can also be spotted in the video, as they drive off together towards the end of the song. As a first video to support the upcoming album it is not bad, this tune is rather catchy and it is a bit of a party song.

Check it out here.

Sunny days

Posted: February 18, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines

This is a good cover. French publication Photo (issue) 540. Nice model, and the colours and the water looks great. This is a thousand to one shot, and that is why this magazine has picked it. I bought it for the old collection.

Dioramag 2

Posted: February 17, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby, Magazines

From Spain we have a new publication called Dioramag (short for Diorama Magazine surely), and this is the second issue. 96 pages, all text in English. What you get is photographs of dioramas made by professionals. I have seen some of the contents and it is first rate works, the kind that make you go “Wow”. That will sell a magazine.

Italeri Catalogue 2019

Posted: February 16, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby

Good to see that the Italeri catalogue for 2019 is out. They produce some excellent work. How about the Colosseum box that came out last year? Got to love that, the mix of history and having the opportunity to really see in detail how it was built. This is a great hobby.


Pretty busy this weekend unpacking boxes in my new place. At the moment I am just sorting stuff, I need to get the last couple of rooms ready this summer before I can squeeze in the last of my collections. Still, getting stuff organized is a good first step. Took this image about 10 days ago down in the hobby room. I have actually located a brilliant Modesty Blaise cloth that I got years ago as I subscribed to Agent X9, and I will present a snapshot of it next week on this blog. I just had to put that on the wall in this room.

The posts I put up today and this weekend has actually been prepared in advance as I do not have access to Photoshop in the new place as yet. This will happen fairly soon now though, as I will bring over the old computer over here as well. Thus I have to wait with some Whitesnake news (they have just released a new video), and Babymetal better not drop any kind of bombshell information in the next couple of days, that would drive me bonkers!

Angel Wings 4

Posted: February 15, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff, General

Glad to see that Swedish publisher Cobolt is about to release the fourth Angel Wings book. This comic is presented in hardback in large format, and it is the first WWII war comic that has gone out over here in decades. I wonder how sales might be for this sort of thing these days? Better support it in any case.