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Master of Kung Fu

Posted: July 31, 2016 in Comics, Cool stuff, General


The first Marvel Omnibus book in this series – The Hands of Shang-Chi – Master of Kung Fu” – has arrived. Different cover to the one they first showcased a few months ago when this was announced and I think they should have gone for one of the classic covers rather than what looks like a poor imitation. See for yourself. Now this was orininally coming out in the early 1970s when Kung Fu was hot in the movies (Bruce Lee etc) and beginning to have an impact on television. Stan Lee (who else?) could see what was coming and he was right, so this comic book was launched in 1973 and became an instant success. I read the Swedish version that first popped up here in 1974 and I just loved it. So this is nice nostalgia and I have been waiting for decades for this to appear. 686 pages.



Double trouble

Posted: July 31, 2016 in General, TV & Movies


I have seen a few Bud Spencer and Terence Hill classics lately, after hearing some time ago that dear old Bud had passed away (see earlier post). Some old titles are set to be rereleased soon as well, like this one. I think I saw this on a date many moons ago at the movies. It will be nice to see it again. With these guys, you know exactly what you get.

Harmless fun.


US publication TV Guide printed four covers specifically in honor of the Comic Con festivities in San Diego last weekend. They featured Supergirl (as seen here), The Flash, Supernatural and Blindspot.

And I am old enough to remember when comics were belittled – I guess my generation was right after all.

From the… US… with love

Posted: July 29, 2016 in General, Magazines


Launched in December 2014 in the US, Playboy Latino (seen here is the July/August 2016 edition) is aimed at the sophisticated urban male in the growing Latino market…I had no idea that this edition existed.

Stan Lee is interviewed, which is cool. Nice cover too.


Just read the 1977 issue of UK publication The History of Rock, who publishes classic stuff from Melody Maker and New Musical Express from the archives. Friends of this blog will know that they have ignored the Deep Purple Family completely (not counting one early shot of the band in an article about – not them – but the Harvest label). So here we are and the year is 1977. The Clash on the cover, which is OK. It was the year of the punk explosion after all (sad as that may be) and I enjoyed the Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac stuff. But… The Purple Family has been totally ignored again.

In 1977 Rainbow released the double live album “On Stage” and toured extensively. Jon Lord and Ian Paice had formed Paice Ashton Lord and the “Malice In Wonderland” album was out. Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale released their first solo albums, “Play Me Out” and “White Snake”. Ian Gillan Band released two albums, “Clear Air Turbulence” and “Scarabus”. And yes, there was even a couple of live albums from the now sleeping giant Deep Purple, “Powerhouse” and “Last Concert In Japan”.

So, nothing to so see here, keep movin…


The Deep Purple Family will never go out of style. Ian Gillan had a pretty nice career going there for a while with his own outfit Gillan before joining up with Black Sabbath for a year in 1983 (prior to the big Deep Purple reunion in 1984). Now, a box with those classic albums is to be released on September 23. Vinyls. Two of them double albums. Now I have all this stuff but if you came in later this would be your chance to get them all, so go for it. It was a great band.

I did post an interview with Gillan drummer Mick Underwood on this blog about three years ago. It was made back in 1982 and you can find it here.


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Actually, there are two magazines called Amen out there, but I guess this is the one that catches my eye first. Hard to locate information about this title, might be a digital magazine from the US. Correct me if I am wrong. Super covers though, this is the January 2016 issue. Model is the lovely Xenia Tchoumitcheva.