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The 2001 interview with Ronnie James Dio (archived on August 20 2012 on this blog) has been quoted again, this time in a 25 minute segment titled “Ritchie Blackmore And Ronnie James Dio Summon A Demon” on the The Metal Mystic YouTube Channel. To be fair, the clip is not that bad and some research has gone into it. Oh well…

(My shot of the computer screen from this clip)


I was contacted a few months ago by Swedish Phantom (Fantomen) editor Andreas Eriksson on whether it was OK if he reprinted the Retrofuture 6 article on Polish television show Stawka (Kapten Kloss here in Sweden) that Maciek Szatko had penned for the magazine, and of course I said yes. I would say that recognition like this is quite nice to achieve. So why did Andreas think that an article about Stawka/Kapten Kloss suited this book (“Den inbundna årgången 1971 – Del 5”, Egmont 2023), which is, after all, dedicated to the Phantom? Well, this television show was very popular back in the day and it spawned a Swedish comic book as well as pocket sized books, and within the pages of the Swedish Phantom comic, there were ads about all this at the time. Ads that can be seen in this edition of the highly exclusive reprint series. So Andreas probably felt that a bit of history that represented the day was a good idea. I was not sure when exactly this would pop up but now it has. Seen above is said book, the issue of Retrofuture that inspired Andreas to include this in the book, and some Polish media from when Stawka star Stanislaw Mikulski passed away in 2014. The following images is from the Phantom book and from Retrofuture 6 and 7 (Maciek Szatko did manage to give a copy to Mikulski, and so there was a page about that in issue 7 – see also this blog, November 18 2013). In any case, enjoy this trip down memory lane…

(My shots of said book and magazines, many thanks to Maciek Szatko and Andreas Eriksson)

George Murasaki from the legendary Japanese hard rock band Murasaki commented on the Sylvie Vartan blog post from the other day on this blog. He writes: “Nice to know that you rediscovered Sylvie Vartan. That prompted me to look for a photo of her album I took a few years ago. Anyway, she came to Okinawa in 1977. I saw her concert held on February 20 at Okinawa City Gymnasium and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also saw her in a movie at a local theater around 1966-1967 when I was studying French in high school. I heard her song “La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser” in the movie, and I have been her fan ever since. I have attached the photo of her album I have had for all this time” (end quote). Nice to get feedback like this. You can find an interview with George Murasaki on this blog archived December 2021. I actually ordered two Sylvie Vartan live albums from early 1970s tours of Japan, still waiting for the other one.

(My shot of the 1973 live album I blogged about, inserted photo of George Murasaki with Jon Lord in 1975 plus the Vartan album cover he sent over)

UPDATED! My 1989 interview with Dan McCafferty (archived on this blog on August 26 2019) has been quoted by BBC music correspondent Mark Savage on the BBC Entertainment & Arts News site and it is shared on other sites as well (Outreach Radio in the UK, Topline News in the EU etc). Might not be that many interviews with the man online, that would be my guess. Anyway, always nice to be quoted.

(My shot from my computer screen)

So here we are then, 10 years down the line. I launched Trinkelbonker with a post called “About This Blog” on August 14 2012, and I still enjoy spending time adding stuff to it. Pretty interesting first month if you go back and check it out, how about interviews with Nightwish (August 14 2012), Ronnie James Dio (August 20), Judas Priest (August 22), Commando artist Ian Kennedy (August 22) and Joe Lynn Turner (August 31)? That first month said it all really, if you go back and take a look. Trinkelbonker is a pretty unique place, I do not see too many blogs out there like it. The Classic Rock Interviews has always been a strong draw, loads of quotes has popped up in books in recent years and it seems to be escalating (which is fine). My history as a well known Fanzine publisher in Sweden has been documented in recent times and some of the publications are still available for collectors (Deep Purple Forever!, Xena stuff, SLICE, Retrofuture etc). Recently, fans of Tommy Bolin have arrived in force and I appreciate that very much. I will always love the Deep Purple Family, and I quite enjoy writing about it. Babymetal came into my life in March 2017 and I started to support them quite enthusiastically on the blog, which is just me being me when I discover something that I love (had it been 2002 it would have been Nightwish). Some of the Babymetal posts are among the biggest that I have ever had and the June 6 2017 post “Enter The Twilight Zone – Babymetal Tokyo Dome (2016) DVD Review” just went viral. I mean, it was crazy. It was shared everywhere and within days it had been translated into Japanese and Spanish by foreign platforms. I mean, that is just amazing. At 61, I am still pretty open for new things and I think that this can be seen here as I present new bands etc all the time. Also, I am too old to be “woke” and I think a lot of you can appreciate that. They can try to bring down civilization as we know it without my help. Half of the DVDs that I present on this blog would drive those idiots crazy. Pretty sad really. There is a lot to be furious about out there at the moment but I try to stay out of politics. The prepper in me is pretty busy though. The posts about that subject is also a strong draw to this blog, although I only touch down on the subject every now and then. What does that tell you though? It tells me that we live in interesting times, and maybe we can all feel a need to escape it all on a pretty regular basis. That is certainly part of the success of this blog. I can have some fun, and as for you… If you have read this far, we would probably enjoy each others company over a beer if the situation ever presented itself. In fact, I have experienced that sort of thing on many occasions. People coming up to me on the street, or buying me beer on some pub or whatever. That is a pretty cool thing I have to say. I will probably do Trinkelbonker for quite some time yet. Thank you for your interest. And feel free to share this post on your platforms.

(My shot of my view from the computer – additional shots by Kalle Thelin: Babymetal, Michael Johansson: Tarja Turunen – additional model, Vinyl, DVD and comic book – all new stuff – inserted to capture the general spirit of this blog)

Jon Lord´s solo album “Before I Forget” was released 40 years ago today, on June 28 1982. I was not aware of that exact date when I added the early 1983 interview with Lord to the blog a couple of days ago, and of course we did touch on this album in that chat. Very happy to see that quite a lot of people has visited the blog to read this interview. Too late today, but I will listen to this record tomorrow for sure.

(My shot of said album, as I hold it up in front of a 1975 Deep Purple poster)

Hundreds and hundreds of visits to posts that deals with Tommy Bolin and Deep Purple MK4 right now. One of the sources is the Tommy Bolin Archives facebook page. Thank you for visiting Trinkelbonker.

(My shot of my old copy of Bolin´s second solo album “Private Eyes”, released in late 1976 not long before he passed away – album cover shot by Lorrie Sullivan)

Trace Keane shared this memory on facebook from June 14 2015, on the day that I had the Tommy Bolin piece on the blog a few days ago. He took the shot of Johnnie Bolin (the late Tommy Bolin´s brother) posing with the final issue of Retrofuture back in the day. Good times.

(Shot by Trace Keane, Retrofuture 8 inserted)

I discovered 24 hours ago that the official Ian Gillan facebook page had shared my June 9 post “Gillan In Sweden 1982”, and checking out the stats this morning shows a huge spike in traffic. Always nice with that sort of support.

(My shot of said facebook feed)

Good traffic on the blog yesterday for the “Whitesnake In Stockholm 1981” post. I decided today that it might be fun to know what the magazine was that Jon Lord checked out when I met him at the hotel that night and I can reveal that it was a copy of my Deep Purple Freak Society publication Deep Purple Magazine (issue 19). Jon did get the cover of issue 23 after this visit to Stockholm and it sold so well that I printed a second edition at the time (the only time I ever did). Both magazines had cover shots by photographer Hasse Ivarsson. Jon was always nice when we met and I should dig up more stuff for this blog. Just realized that the January 1983 interview is not up on the blog, so I will add that soon. I honestly thought that it was. Also, a shoutout to the Jon Lord Appreciation Society facebook page that I joined yesterday. Nice page.

(Jon Lord image from the hotel, probably shot by Patrik Hökby)