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And speaking of Compilations (see last post), here we have one from 1979 with Deep Purple. “The Mark 2 Purple Singles” did not sport much to be excited about, but it did have a nice cover (courtesy of David Dragon) with a sexy model and some live shots by Fin Costello. Back then, Purple fans were starving for new product and people really missed the old beast. For some reason, the Coverdale/Hughes era was really never represented on these compilations at that time, it was like the management had decided to ignore the final days of the band. It could all have been handled better. Still, I bought them all, and it was pretty exciting in its own way. Only diehards will understand it.

(My image of said release)


I have always enjoyed compilation albums (LPs, CDs) and I certainly own enough of them. This goes back to the 1970s for me and I am sure many of you can see where I am coming from here. So finding something enjoyable like this, even now, feels good. And what we have here is a Sakura Gakuin Compilation from 2014, basically covering the most popular stuff from 2010 and onwards, the period when a little project called Babymetal was being groomed (and shot through the roof). They were just one unit that came out of Sakura Gakuin and you have others here like Twinklestars, Sleepiece and Scoopers. Little projects that worked on music and dance routines and got to record little pop songs. It is all quite happy stuff and it has a very positive vibe. This CD is still for sale in Japan and I assume many fans of Babymetal has picked it up to get some early history. It also sports a rather nice cover and a packed booklet.

A nice reminder of how incredible this journey has been for Babymetal.

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

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I thought it would be good fun to add one of the old interviews I did back in the day to the blog (again) since it is obvious that the classic stuff (Purple, Sabbath, Coverdale, Dio, Turner, Nightwish, Priest, Toto etc) is a major draw. I located a press cutting from September 2 1989 (LT, Jämtland County) with Dan McCafferty of Nazareth so that is 30 years ago right about now (not sure exactly what date they played in Stockholm, but I met Dan at a hotel outside of the city, that much I remember). If I had a camera with me I have no recollection of it now (I do recall an earlier photo shoot some years before, but I sent them to CREEM Stateside and never got them back). Nazareth had their 17th album “Snakes´n´Ladders” out at the time. The shots used in the article was from a gig in Östersund back in 1984 (credit to Hans Ohlsson). I just snapped a quick shot with the article surrounded by some classic albums for this post. In any case, here is his opinions and answers to some of my questions.


– The press bores me at times. They have ignored us and given us bad reviews for so long, but that does not stop the kids to come to our shows. I think the journalists forget that it is just entertainment. What colour your hair is should not matter, the fashion of the day. I have had people ask me “Are you not going to quit soon?”. Then I say something like, “Look, we have done this since you were in school and we are still here”.


– I have given up on the press but the radio is another matter. It looks like the radio ignores you if you have been around for a while. That is sad because we need air time as much as everybody else in this business. An album can live or die depending on the radio.


– We may not have been angels but we always avoided the hard stuff. We toured with Deep Purple in the States in 1976 and I worried about Tommy Bolin. He was a beautiful man and a good guitarist but he did not want to listen to people that warned him about that shit. I tried to talk to him and he said “Jimi Hendrix did it and look how good he was”. I said, “But Tommy, Jimi is dead!”. I actually saw Hendrix early on and it was way better than the last time I had a chance to see him. Tommy Bolin was one of these guys that this business just eats up. It was a good tour for us, we did better than Purple really.


– The band started in 1968 and the first album came out in 1971. I guess we really established ourselves between 1973 and 1976. We have had our ups and downs and a few lawyers got rich on the way. We got totally screwed by two managers on different occations. Now we do not even know how many records we have actually sold.


– We go out for about six or seven weeks now, then we take some time off. Longer tours are not good for you. You get sick of it and that goes for the crew too. On the last couple of albums we have concentrated on material that works live. When we did “The Catch” (1984) a few years ago we really thought it was a bold direction. Then we started rehearsals for the tour and it did not work. That taught us a lesson. We try to catch as much as possible live in the studio now. It is all about being properly prepared when you walk into the studio.


– We still live in Scotland in this small town. The music scene has always been good there. Some people have succeeded, like Big Country and Ian Anderson. I check out the younger bands if I can. We tend to meet bands more than we see them live, in hotels, airports, trainstations… When I have time off I do ordinary things, I paint the house, spend time with the kids, go the the movies.


– A necessary evil. Some videos out there have budgets that are criminal. Five bands could record an album for that kind of money so you start to wonder. Some artists live on videos. Rock acts are still building their careers through touring, meeting the audience face to face. We tried to make an effort to get the new live video to look good. It felt right because some of the songs are quite serious. I am not trying to force opinions on people, but we have songs about nuclear weapons and how crazy it all is. “Donna – Get Off That Crack” from the new album is a song like that. An anti drug song.


– We will do this for as long as we enjoy it. Or as long that we have an audience. We have learnt that the band comes first, not the individuals in it. If somebody is in a bad mood we just give him some space. Let him read his book at the hotel or whatever. In a couple of days it will be fine. Some bands split as soon as they have a few arguments. We figured it out a long time ago. For us, Nazareth is a way of life.

(My shot of said article & the classic albums)

Interview by Mike Eriksson (1989)



Just listened to episode 18 of the Deep Purple Podcast (highlighting “Stormbringer”) and I have to say that these guys have added a lot of joy to Mondays. Suddenly, Monday is a day to look forward to. Good work there chaps.


The soundtrack of the new Tarantino movie “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” is out on CD. Vinyl to follow on October 25.


Big Ozzy Vinyl Box coming up in late November. Titled “See You On The Other Side” you get every album and some exclusive extras, all in coloured Vinyl. It is a Limited Edition release but I am not sure how many they will ship.


1980s pop star Kim Wilde is still active. The last studio album was titled “Here Come The Aliens” and now she has a new live album out called “Aliens Live”.

Just added some additional magic to the old Vinyl collection – Ruth Copeland´s 1971 album “I Am What I Am” (just reissued) and Artomus Friendship´s “A Day Of Celebration” (Vinyl just in, you get a free CD of this album as a bonus). The latter is just a wonderful celebration of the old days (and of life in general) so these records has a spiritual connection that is interesting. Both are bonafide classics.

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Commando 5255-5258

Posted: August 22, 2019 in Comics

Commando 5255-5258 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando Comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Tex Willer

Posted: August 21, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff

Got to love Norway. So glad to be able to buy Tex Willer on import. Here we have issue 656 and this one is in full colour.

Darned good nostalgia.

(My image of said book)

The Phantom

Posted: August 19, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff

Added these wonderful Phantom books to the old collection a few weeks ago. Nye Fantomet Historier (issue 1) comes from Norway and consists of newly published Phantom adventures from around the world. 132 pages in full colour. The other book comes from Sweden and what you get is mostly classic Lee Falk/Sy Barry adventures from the old days, plus one modern story out of Scandinavia (best of the lot). 148 pages in black & white.

(My image of said books)

Babymetal shocker

Posted: August 16, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock

Wow! Babymetal just added a new video on YouTube for the song “Elevator Girl” (english lyrics!). It is to promote the upcoming US Tour that kicks off on September 4 in Orlando. The last video for the song “Pa Pa Ya!!” was uploaded on July 1 and it is now closing in on 7,000,000 views. Add another 3,800,000 hits for the BBC version from Glastonbury and it looks pretty good. They are creating quite a buzz.



Babymetal just performed at the Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka. Typhoon Krosa caused trouble with the Mountain Stage (that they performed on) and some artists were cancelled earlier in the day, but Babymetal could get up and do their thing with only a slight delay. Tomorrows show in Tokyo will be streamed on YouTube, so that will make waves.


The first Blue Öyster Cult album (from 1972) is reissued in blue Vinyl today.


Elvis has now been dead as long as he lived his life. Kind of sad to think about it.

(Thank you Kalle for the Elvis note)