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Friends of RETROFUTURE can now grab a free copy of RETROFUTURE 8 at the Library here in Östersund (Jämtland County). A big thank you to my friend Thomas Drugg for all the help through the years.

Great feedback from prominent journalists, I´ll keep it to myself though.


Got this in the mail the other day, Odjursbladet 1 2015 (translates roughly to Monster Newsletter), and we´re talking about the regularly printed membership newsletter of Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (Great Lake Monster Association), still going strong after all these years. It´s a 4 page affair, with the latest sightings of The Great Lake Monster (also called Storsie), and the goings on of the Society. I thought that it could be fun for you guys to see this, and that this really is an ongoing thing.


The image at the front of this newsletter was taken by Kjell Oskarsson last Autumn from the mountain at Frösön (the Island located opposite the town of Östersund), and it´s one of many strange photographs taken in this lake (Storsjön – The Great Lake) over the years. Is it just two waves meeting creating these movements in the water on this image, or did Kjell catch something else? We´ll never know.

It´s quite interesting though, isn´t it?


There will be a release party for RETROFUTURE 8 (the last issue ever) in Östersund (Jämtland County) at Jane Doe on March 4, kicking off at 19.00. People can just pop in, have a few beers/drinks, listen to great music (lots of Kiss & Deep Purple for sure) and grab a magazine (or two) free of charge. Details will follow on this blog, but I can say that drummer Björn Höglund, one of the authors for the Kiss Special in this issue, will be one of the DJ´s for the night.

Jane Doe was the club that sported the great Deep Purple party I had back in November 2013, so this is the perfect location for this. RETROFUTURE 8 sports a Kiss Special (including an exclusive interview with legendary POSTER/OKEJ publisher Hans Hatwig), with writers such as Michael Mojo, Björn and Chris Laney adding their magic. There´s also some David Coverdale & Whitesnake stuff, some Judas Priest and Deep Purple. The rest is what it is, it really is one hell of an issue.

Stay tuned for more details.


RETROFUTURE 8 is at the printers as we speak so if you want a copy for your collection, now is the time to take action. Fans in Sweden can order their copy now (see top image).

Collectors abroad can contact me (see categories).


Richard Hammond must rate well among the younger viewers of Top Gear, because we now have a brand new series of books called Mysteries Of The World from the man. I decided to check one of them out just for the hell of it (I like the guy and the subject matter is interesting as well) – “Creepy Creatures” (Red Fox) – one of four titles. 120 pages of good fun for the young boys and gals is what you get. I´m for anything that can make children interested in reading books so I´ll give my official blessing to this project.

Our own local creature, Storsie, is neglected though. Oh well…

Nice cover, by the way.


Well, I promised to give you a report on the final issue of RETROFUTURE, and here it is. First of all, this publication will sport 64 pages – making it the thickest ever (not including the 104 page double issue that was RETROFUTURE 6, but that was really two magazines). I asked the printers if I could have an additional 4 pages although they had said that 60 was the limit, and they said OK. The reason I asked for a few more was that space was running out. In any case, here´s a few highlights…

1. Exclusive interview with Publisher Hans Hatwig.

2. Kiss Special – written by guitarist Michael Mojo, drummer Björn Höglund and producer Chris Laney.

3. Several pieces on freedom of speech and our liberties, one written by author Jens Ganman.

4. Interview with Tornado Blaze model Ellinor Nordbakk.

5. Lucy Lawless – major article on her life and career.

6. David Coverdale – from Deep Purple to Whitesnake.

7. Major article on Prepping, certainly unusual in Swedish media.

8. The Great Lake Monster – final articles on this subject, including history and an exclusive case that features artist Anders Ek.

9. Article about the destruction of the Swedish Armed Forces by retired Captain Bernth Ohlson – how it happened and why it has been a major mistake.

10. A few smaller things, Johnnie Bolin, Top Gear, Deep Purple, comic book history, hobby stuff. And the 2014 top lists etc, naturally.

The front sports an image of my Montana Blue model Nina, the back is a homage to Playboy.

RETROFUTURE 8 will be out sometime during the first quarter of 2015, I still have to get back to you on that as this moves on. End of February or March is an educated guess. No free issues will be out until April in my neck of the woods, I can tell you that.

Stay tuned…


I decided to quit my hobby – creating magazines – last week. This means that RETROFUTURE 8 will be the last publication and that I´m now in the process of putting the final details for this issue together. This means taking ideas that existed for later issues and bringing them into this one, and it also means axing the remaining pages of the Montana Blue comic in print. The rest of that will be published later on by other means. Or rather, the complete project will be released elsewhere some day. The cover I had prepared for RETROFUTURE 8 has been dropped as well, but used in an experimental kind of way alongside a shot of my model Nina posing as Montana Blue (as seen above, I really like this image). This issue will be out in 2015, details will be available on January 1 on this blog. All good things eventually comes to an end and this will be it. 102 magazines is not that bad.

I have added a category for this issue on this blog today.