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Have not presented a post in this series for a while. Here we have Swedish comic book Jackie (10 & 9 1970), and I have to assume that it really was our version of the famous UK original (there is a book about that one, it was a long lived title). As a kid I was not interested in the titles that was aimed at girls, but I have bought a few copies in second hand stores for the sake of having them in the old collection in later years. What I missed back in the day was that some of these stories was jammed packed with action. Pretty cool stuff actually. Jackie existed between 1969 and 1976 in Sweden and it changed the name to Kitty somewhere on that journey.

(My shot of said titles)


Jet was a Swedish WWII comic book that was published between 1965 and 1968. It was the golden age for WWII comics with many titles and some lasted and some did not. This one did not really make it. Pretty hard to find copies these days. Seen here is issues 9-10 1965.

(My shot of said issues)

Here is a couple of old school comic books from the old collection. Both published in Sweden, the one to the left is Serie Magasinet 41 (1956) with the main story based on a Richard Burton movie about Alexander The Great. Serie Magasinet was around until the early 2000s. Film Klassiker 12 saw print in the early 1960s and is a straight import of a Dell Movie Classic issue that saw print in 1962 in America. The original was titled “Lion Of Sparta”, which was based on a hit movie called “The 300 Spartans”.

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Swedish comic book Agent X9 (seen here is issue 1 1976 and 10 1975) is still going and the format has not changed that much since 1969. Rip Kirby, Modesty Blaise, Jeff Hawke, Garth, Johnny Hazard etc etc, 100 pages 12 issues annually. Modesty Blaise is often on the covers.

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In the mid-1970s you had this publication going for a while in Sweden, Soldat & Teknik (seen here is 7-8 1975 and 3 1974). It sported military history and was well written. It did not last but a magazine sporting the same title popped up decades later so they must have bought up the rights. I have not seen a military parade in Sweden since back then, our media would be up in arms if they did it now…

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Swedish publication Levande Livet existed between 1931 and 1961 and was a weekly delight aimed at young men (detective stories, wild west, war, fishing, comics etc). Many covers was made by renowned artist Allan Löthman. Seen here is issue 35 1949 and 3 1960 and one can see why this was so popular back in the day.

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Earlier today I posted part 37 in the Old School Magazines & Comics series on this blog, and I was highlighting a classic Swedish publication from 1942-1969 called Rekord. It later dawned on me that I published a collage of covers on the back of my PIZZA 2006 publication, 14 years ago. So here is a snapshot that represents what Rekord was all about pretty well. The magazines I did at that time reflects what you see on this blog, I did exactly what I wanted to do and I had a ball doing it. Tarja Turunen from Nightwish had the cover (shot by my friend Michael Johansson back in the day), and inside the magazine there is a story about the last concert in Sweden with her in the band and the painful split. This issue also featured Audrey Hepburn, High Chaparral, Sir Lancelot and Ritchie Blackmore, and other things. Good times.

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The American Pulp Magazines never really got translated and published in Sweden, but some covers and articles were imported to a Swedish publication called Rekord that was aimed at men (sports, adventures etc). Seen here is Rekord issues 29 1961 and 39 1961. This was before my day (it ended in 1969) so I missed out on this although I have got a nice collection of them now. No cover art credits inside (unless the artists were Swedish).

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Buffalo Bill has been a popular character in Swedish comics over the decades (last Century at least) and here we see a couple of examples in the title Buffalo (issues 10 1976 and 2 1975). It changed a bit over the years (it was initially titled Buffalo Bill) but it basically lasted between 1965 and 1981. You would get one Buffalo Bill adventure and a couple of others. Looking back now it really was a great comic book for friends of Westerns. Kit Carson, Daniel Boone, Bob Crockett, Tex Willer, Frisco Kid, Johnny Thunder, Dick Daring, Ringo Kid, Gunsmoke, Jeff Slade etc. Sadly, the covers were never credited, but they always looked good. Buffalo Bill appeared in other titles as well.

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Swedish magazine Motor, issues 15 and 12 1967. This publication always had awesome covers. I mean, compare these cover shots with the car magazines today and there is no wonder that they are on their way out now. The magazine business will slowly dry up, one reason being that the fun has slowly eroded from the scene. No photo credits for these covers, the cover to the left looks American to me and the one to the right may be Swedish (who knows).

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