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Checked out a much needed cultural event in Östersund today. Here is the background. Swedish hiphop act Kartellen is big news in Sweden and they are on the road and will perform here tonight. Some of the lyrics have been about shooting cops etc so they are quite controversial. Jens Ganman, a local author, writer and artist (a man with a clear head and loads of talent) contacted the organisers and asked for a chance to debate the current climate with Kartellen and main man Sebbe Staxx agreed, so a chat was set up for the general public to attend.

It was moderated by journalist Ametist Azordegan, who has backed up Kartellen on her own radio show for years and she opened up proceedings with a talk on the subject of “moral panic” and music. I could agree with much of what was said (been there, done that – but with Classic Rock and Metal), but there is a side there that is hard to understand. The punk/hiphop love for anarchy. That´s just nuts. But this is what this talk was about, taboos, politics, censorship, common sense etc. Freedom of speech and everything connected to it.

Anyway, Jens and Sebbe talked about incredibly important matters for 45 minutes, and I do feel that this sort of thing is much needed in this country. Sebbe talked about the anger he felt when he was a criminal and that some of his controversial lyrics came out of a sense of hatred. He assured everybody that he is a changed man now and that he would not write lyrics like those again. Jens added many interesting thoughts to the evening and it was very nice to witness a quiet, unedited, live debate in the sun.

Maybe this is what is needed? If television had been there it could have done a lot of good had they shown the entire debate as it were. More debates could have followed. This was a good thing, and I think Jens is one of the few voices of reason in the country today. We need people like him.

He is not too keen on the political correctness that has stifled nearly everything in this country, and dares to point this out. On the other hand, I think many did agree with much of what he said. Jens is just one of these few brave souls that dares to say things like this right now.

As for Sebbe, I sincerely hope that his official stance will remain intact. To his credit, he´s not performing the worst songs any more. His voice is needed too, the success of his band proves it. The negative feelings and the hatred that many feels in our ghettos is real enough. But anarchy? To me, that is old school, immature communism, and it solves nothing.

The crowd was interesting to see, not too many young people. Old ladies mostly, or 50% maybe? Well, they are the ones that read books so why am I not surprised?

Lovely initiative.

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Commando 4727-4730

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Commando - New issues


Commando 4727-4730 is out today in the UK. See categories for a good deal should you want to subscribe.


Visited the Hoverberg Caves yesterday, located at a mountain called Hoverberget in Jämtland (County). You need to climb the mountain for some distance before you can enter, but it is worth the effort. The cave was discovered in 1897. The tourist will be able to enter through a small opening and then you see what the first picture shows when you look up. Then you walk on stairs deeper and deeper and you will be able to to see 81 meters of it. The hights are 20-30 meters at some places, highlighted by green and red lights. At the far end, there is a small opening that is closed for tourists, the caves have been explored almost another 90 meters. It is the largest cliff cave system in Sweden.

Plenty to see around lake Storsjön (The Great Lake).


Spent six hours in good company in the southern parts of Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) today, giving out another 225 RETROFUTURE magazines and 500 flyers. This is part of the project that started back in 2010 that highlights the interest that this publication has in the Great Lake Monster mystery. With todays effort, people living around the entire lake has received magazines and flyers, so this has been one hell of a project. Still, more is to be done – the plan is to have handed out 15.000 magazines and 5.000 flyers by 2016. This is part of The Last Hurrah!

As usual, plenty of interesting things to see and I think these snapshots kind of speaks for themselves. The old archive is certainly getting bigger with each trip.


Got Ufo Aktuellt (issue 2 2014), the Swedish UFO publication, in the mail today. Very good article about the Ghost rockets that appeared in Scandinavian skies after WWII. Several sightings of objects crashing into lakes in Scandinavia (not just Sweden) also happened back in the day, and in Sweden the military launched several efforts to try and find some evidence within these waters. As far as we know, they were never successful, but there were rumours and reports that suggested otherwise that they actually had to deny. Author Clas Svahn has given an entire chapter from an upcoming book to the magazine, and the subject is very interesting. I saw him talk about this in May when this organisation was in town (see post), and it was quite captivating.

This is UFO investigating at its very best.

The Heroes of Telemark

Posted: July 28, 2014 in TV & Movies


They don´t make them like this anymore. “The Heroes of Telemark” (1965) is one of these rare old school war movies that you can see again and again. There is a handful of them – or maybe a dozen – most of them made in the 60´s – “The Longest Day”, “Battle of Britain”, “Where Eagles Dare”, “The Guns of Navarone”, “The Battle of The Bulge”, “The Dirty Dozen”, “The Great Escape”, “The Night of The Generals”, “Triple Cross” and “633 Squadron”.  “Kelly´s Heroes” and “Too Late The Hero” came out in 1970 and there were good stuff in the 50´s as well, not least “Cockleshell Heroes” and “The Battle of The River Plate”. Good days.

I enjoyed “The Heroes of Telemark” again last night for the first time in years, and it still works. Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris were brilliant. The fact that this is based on actual events makes it all the better. Yes, it is a movie and not proper history, but if you want the exact details read a book.

The heroics of the day can not be ignored – it was the stuff of legends.

Falling interest

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I quite enjoyed the first two seasons of Falling Skies – I watched them on DVD on my 2012 and 2013 holidays. And here we are in 2014 and I have just watched season three. It still works as light entertainment but I´m starting to hope for some sort of ending. What if the show is cancelled on short notice? How about a proper ending and a fresh start, a sequel? We win, we join our allies and kick some serious butt in space…

How about a little payback? I would like to indulge in such a fantasy just about now…