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Killing Pretty

Posted: November 30, 2019 in Babymetal, Books, Classic Rock, Cool stuff

Now, I love books and I will add them to the old collection for all sorts of reasons. This one – “Killing Pretty” (Harper Voyager, 2015) by author Richard Kadrey – because I read a post about it at the Babymetal reddit page, and Babymetal just happens to be mentioned in it (in a funny way too). I think my Babymetal radar is pretty good because I spotted it on page 94 in less than a minute…

(My shot of said book)


Christmas season arrives

Posted: November 30, 2019 in My countryside dream

I think I may be the last resident on my street to put up Christmas decorations, but you are actually supposed to be doing it this weekend. It is good fun though, I have to admit that. The inside of the house is done. I have bought some stuff for the front of the house but I have still do decide on how I want it to be set up.

Good times.

(My image)


Huge Glenn Hughes feature in UK publication Rock Candy #17. The cover shot is an official image from his early Deep Purple days.


Saxon singer Biff Byford will release his first solo album “School Of Hard Knocks” in February. He has a video out for it now with a track called “Welcome To The Show”. Sounds good to me.


You can now get the classic Runaways 1977 “Live In Japan” album in glorious Red Vinyl. Finally!!

(Cover shot is official Deep Purple shot)

You almost have to see it to believe it. Ian Paice will perform in Stockholm (Sweden) at Fryshuset with Deep Purple cover band Purpendicular on January 30, and a full page ad about the event was published two days ago in the biggest newspaper in the country, Expressen. Ads of this size are fairly rare unless you are a major act so this sticks out a mile. But I have to say that it is quite nice to see such a big ad for an event like this. It is also billed as Best Of Classic Deep Purple, which reminds us of what Glenn Hughes has been up to recently. Ian Paice has a long history of going out with cover bands just for fun, but maybe he is setting himself up for a future without Deep Purple now? And maybe Purpendicular will be part of that in a big way.

(Shot of said ad in Expressen – Thank you Seth Nilsson for the info)

Commando 5283-5286

Posted: November 28, 2019 in Comics

Commando 5283-5286 is out today in the UK. Just search for “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Deep Purple and Babymetal will finally end up performing on the same event and it is going down at the Hellfest Festival over in France. Purple will play on June 20 and Babymetal on June 21, the same day as old friends like Judas Priest and Korn.

This is very very cool.

(Image is official Hellfest Poster)

Bought a Yamaha keyboard second hand from a friend and found a good spot for it in the upstairs living room (which is pretty big). I can now pretend to be Jon Lord with a great view over a rather majestic landscape should I feel like it. And why not? At least I have the option. There is also a guest area here so anybody that stays over can have a crack at it.

And I bought this comfy chair a while back and I finally got around to putting it together a couple of weeks ago. This has also found a corner in the upstairs living room. I have to say that it has been great fun to find furniture and stuff in general for this place. One room left to take care of, a small office, and that is it. I will be set for life.

(Thank you for your support Kalle)

Adding classic Babymetal articles to the (not so old but still) Babymetal collection. Browsing eBay helps and it is great fun to do this again. I have a backlog that goes back 20+ years for the Deep Purple Family (including Black Sabbath), but I think the time has come to pick this old hobby up in ernest and get down to business all over again (after all, it goes back to the early 1970s so why quit now?). In the end, having a collection in order makes it way easier when you want to check things out, rather than having hundreds of magazines in piles that looks rather daunting. In the end, I keep some magazines intact, but the majority of the stuff goes into the collection in this way. I could probably make an absolute killing if I sold my Deep Purple Family collection today, it has to be one of the biggest in the world (and I have been known to help out for official product and TV documentaries in my day). When I discovered Babymetal in 2017 something clicked in my head and it started to be fun to do this again, and I never stopped collecting rock publications. I guess having a house now makes a difference, with a proper hobby room in place.

And speaking of Babymetal, it looks like Burrn! Magazine in Japan has had a change of leadership, and suddenly they are now covering Babymetal in a big way starting with the January 2020 issue. Burrn! pretty much ignored Babymetal for nearly a decade, even though they are way bigger than most “legit” bands over there (and in the world at large, as it happens). Good to see that Burrn! is finally giving them some respect. How long will it take for Metal Hammer in Germany and Sweden Rock Magazine to catch up?

(The Babymetal article seen here is from Japanese publication Metallion #47, a sister publication of Burrn! so I have to give them some slack – official images)

(Thank you for your support Kalle)


There is a Rainbow live CD from Cardiff (recorded on September 14 1983) titled “Taffs And Toffs” coming out soon. Exact release date depends on where you live, we get it here in Sweden this week.


The Dio remasters for “Angry Machines”, “Magica”, “Killing The Dragon” and “Master Of The Moon” will be out on CD and Vinyl on February 21. Awesome to get these on Vinyl.


Author Laura Shenton will have a book called “Dance With The Devil – The Cozy Powell Story” on Wymer Publishing in March 2020.

Black Sabbath

Posted: November 25, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Added the 1963 horror movie “Black Sabbath” to the old collection. It was this film that inspired a certain rock band to go with that name. Pretty iconic too.

(My shot of said DVD)