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Posted: April 15, 2023 in Cuisine, Prepping

Spotted the first strawberries of the season at my local store and that is always a good moment (not to be missed). I might grow some myself this summer, that would be pretty nice. I will put it on the to do list.

(My shot of said strawberries)


Preppers Delight

Posted: April 9, 2023 in Cuisine, Prepping

The time has come for a proper update on the prepping front and that means that I will double down on preparations and at the same time consume what has been in storage the longest. Today I had a package of Goulash Soup with some salty crackers for lunch and it was delightful. Six months overdue according to the marking, but I just ignored that. Should not be a problem in this case. Sure, I will have to ditch some of the stuff, time has a tendency to slip by, but most of it is OK. Also, within 60 days, it is time to do some gardening, and I will certainly make an effort on that front as well. Prices are certainly going up, we can all see that. So the stuff that I will replace now was way cheaper as I purchased it months or even years ago. That cycle will probably repeat itself, so I think this is common sense on every level now.

(My shot of todays lunch, straight out of storage)

Decided to check out the new issue of UK publication NEO (227) that covers everything cultural from Asia (including food!), and I was pleased to find a full page on Babymetal in the news section, a two page interview with Bridear and full page ads for the new Lovebites and Lonesome Blue albums (from JPU Records). So the Japanese Metal scene is supported within these pages for sure. Loads of interesting stuff though, so this magazine is worthy of your support, no doubt about it.

(My shot of said issue, cover image is from the new Japanese film “Suzume”)

Well I harvested my first potatoes this morning and it looks good, meaning I can now expand this project next year. I harvested one of the two boxes and I will pick up the rest when it gets to be a little colder (I will follow this advice from my good friend Staffan as it makes perfect sense). So how much did I get out of the first box then? Well we planted nine potatoes in each box, and if you look at the pictures above (the ones in the pot that is cooking and the ones in the top right image), you can see what I got out of todays harvesting. Clearly, this can be done in a small way and produce good results, not taking up too much space. As I cooked my first potatoes today I have to add that there is a feeling of pure joy to be able to eat something that you have produced yourself in the backyard. The prepper in me is also very happy about this, as it represents a tiny first step towards securing a better general situation in which a certain amount of self reliance is key. In these times it is just common sense to do a bit of gardening, if one can. Should have done this last year really, but at least I am up and running now. You can find two earlier posts about this project, “Good Day” (June 8) and “Progress Report” (July 3).

(My shots from earlier today, thank you Staffan for you help and advice)


Posted: June 10, 2022 in Cuisine

On day 10 of my holiday I really feel good. Loads of projects going on and I am actually quite busy around the clock. But when you enjoy yourself it is not really work is it? Add good food and beverage to the mix and life is pretty good. Today I made a meal with meatballs, sausages, lettice, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, onion and dressing. Quite delicious. A cold Staropramen beer (summer has finally arrived) and all is well. I saved half of this meal for tomorrow, which is good too.

(My shots of said meal)

I like a fast food establishment that makes an effort, especially nostalgia wise. Dixie´s Grill in Östersund (Jämtland County) is such a place, jam packed with rock memorabilia, posters and cool signs. They also have a sense of humour, which you can see on the sign that I have highlighted here. Yep, love it.

(My shots of said place)

Swedish company Sibylla (best burgers in the country, by far) launched a campaign for the rather spicy Peppar Monster Meal (or Pepper Monster Meal if you will) in February. I did not spot the posters at my favourite place (11:an) in Östersund until last week and I made a point a couple of days ago to bring the phone to take a few snapshots of them only to find that the campaign had ended (found them online though, which you can see here). They were nice enough to whip one of these meals up for me anyway and it was delightful. The reason that I bring this up on the blog is that Sibylla has used an image of Storsie (The Great Lake Monster) that can be seen on these posters. It is a well known work of art that I have seen before outside the local Jamtli Museum in Östersund. Obviously, Storsie is a big thing in these parts (Jämtland County), so it was nice to spot it as part of a national campaign for a Sibylla product.

(Posters from official platforms, my image of said meal)

Soylent Green

Posted: January 9, 2022 in Cool stuff, Cuisine, TV & Movies

Watched the 1973 classic “Soylent Green” today. A dystopic film that takes place in 2022, it paints a pretty bleak picture. Charlton Heston plays the cop that refuses to walk away from an unsolved murder. What he uncovers is not good news. Not for anybody. I remember this film from my youth and it is still good. Well worth seeing.

(My shot of said DVD)

Cooking With Asterix

Posted: November 13, 2021 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff, Cuisine

This Asterix cooking book belongs in your kitchen. “Till bords med Asterix” (Egmont Comics, 2021) is a Swedish edition of the Asterix cooking book. 148 pages, hardback cover, quite heavy. The original title is “Les Banquets d Asterix”. A lot of effort has gone into this, both to the quisine part and the wonderful layout of this book. Good to see that the Asterix franchise is alive and well.

(My shot of said book)


Posted: October 25, 2021 in Cuisine

Went to the store this morning to post a couple of magazines to Japan and stumbled across my favourite Christmas candy Juleskum. And so the season arrives!! I pretty much heard a quire of angels sing when I saw it. I like the boxes too, they come in handy every now and then. This week started off pretty good I have to say.

(My shot of said boxes)