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Future Metal

Posted: September 11, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Magazines

Well the countdown is on. One month from now we have the release of the third Babymetal album “Metal Galaxy”. There will be a media blitz and we are starting to see the magazine covers now (seen here is Metal Hammer UK 327, Headbanger 24 and PMC 15). The ongoing US Tour is creating a buzz and it looks like the Forum gig (their first arena show in the US as headliners) on October 11 will be a success. The Forum gig also assures a very high Chart position for the album in the States since everybody that goes will get a CD, and that is one hell of a promotional stunt right there. My guess is that they will do a second tour of America in 2020, since cracking that market is of such great importance. Meanwhile, the rotation of the “Avengers” (the third girl position) is continuing even in the States as we speak. Momoka Okazaki popped up at the third date in Washington (at the 6,000 seater The Anthem) the other day, and it all works since these dancers are such professionals. Getting to be part of Babymetal is a big thing for any dancer, fully comparable to having worked with Frank Zappa or Ritchie Blackmore in the old days.

“This is the future”, it says on the cover of Metal Hammer. They have supported Babymetal in the UK since 2014. I fully expect Kerrang to give Babymetal the cover too. At this point you can almost tell in advance who will support them and who will not. So the question is if some of the magazines that have sort of ignored Babymetal will start to come around this time. Classic Rock, Burrn (in Japan) and Sweden Rock Magazine comes to mind. Ignoring Babymetal is starting to look a bit silly at this point. You can say what you want about them, they really are a breath of fresh air in a very stale invironment. Which is why so many older rockers (like me, who started to buy rock albums in 1971) enjoy them so much. There is a craft here and they are taking chances like no other band ever has. Hell, they even have a track called “Future Metal” on the new album, a crazy instrumental that really sounds like it belongs in a Sci-Fi movie. Maybe somebody will add it to a movie before you know it.

It helps that Su-metal and Moametal are so good at what they do. Su-metal is the Audrey Hepburn of Heavy Metal, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. Moametal is the Grace Kelly. They have the grace and the beauty of classic Hollywood, and it is wholesome. I like that. There is a place for Babymetal, although they are clearly the real mavericks in a field that has continued to evolve for over five decades. They draw from all of it as well as other fields of entertainment, and they even dare to bring in future visions. Add the theatrical side and we have a fantastic concept here.

Babymetal will conquer the world. But then, I say the world needs Babymetal.

(Covers: Metal Hammer UK 327, Headbanger 24, PMC 15)



Sky Arts in the UK has scheduled the Babymetal show at Wembley 2016 (out on CD in Europe and DVD in Japan only) to be shown on July 6 at 11:45 pm. This is a direct result of the incredible success they had at the Glastonbury Festival last weekend. It was decided when Sky Arts noticed the response and when they tested the waters on Twitter fans quickly supported the idea.


There will be an 11 set CD box coming out with Elvis titled “Live 1969” on August 9. It was all recorded at the International Hotel in Las Vegas back in the day. It sports a very cool cover and I think he was in top shape at this time. 50 years ago now.


MAD Magazine will soon be gone. The last issue with newly produced material will be issue 10 and then they will publish old stuff only until the current subscription has been fulfilled. The magazine was born in 1952 and it had an enormous cultural impact back in the day. I used to buy the Swedish edition for years in the 1970s, still buy special editions to this day.


Posted: June 24, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General, Magazines

The Kal-El Vinyl of the 2015 album “Ecosphere” (just rereleased through Argonauta Records) has arrived safely. Turned out to be on purple Vinyl as well, which came as an added bonus for me. I like their early Sabbath type style and the Sci-Fi angle. I also want to mention the excellent Iron Maiden bookazine from the publishers of Classic Rock and Metal Hammer. Superb cover and plenty of interesting history inside. Iron Maiden did it their way and I respect that. Saw them in 1983 in Stockholm and it was a really energetic show.

(My image of said items)


The Deep Purple MK4 song “Gettin´Tighter” is reviewed on the Pod of Thunder Podcast. Hosts Chris and Andy spends nearly two hours talking about stuff in general and what they think of this track/version of Purple on first listening. Some of this is pretty funny too. Start listening about 18 minutes in.


Planet Rock (issue) 14 is out (Van Halen logo on the cover) and it is a darned good read. David Coverdale talks about Deep Purple and Whitesnake, you have good stuff with Van Halen, Bad Company, Black Sabbath etc. You know a magazine is good when you spend hours reading it (and some of it twice).


Revell has issued a set called “Viking Ghost Ship” in 1/50. Night glow paint and brush for application included.


Ian Gillan, Ian Paice and Roger Glover of Deep Purple picked up a prestigious Ivor Novello Award in London on May 23. The International Achievement Award was dedicated to the MK2 line-up and the legacy that they forged, which explains the absence of Don Airey and Steve Morse from the current band (a bit sad really that The Ivors had to go down that path). Still, good publicity.


Accept will release a couple of classic albums in coloured Vinyl this summer. “Metal Heart” (red) on June 21 and “Balls To The Wall” (silver & black) on July 5 (my birthday incidentally).


Italian model company Italeri has issued a box called “Pegasus Bridge Airborn Assault”. It comes out as the 75th Anniversary of D-Day (June 6 1944) is coming up. You can basically build the Commando assault on the famous bridge in 1/72, which is pretty cool. Great looking box art too. I see a lot of publications on D-Day out there right now. There was a bunch of those five years ago as well.

I showcased this old Whitesnake poster on this blog on April 29. I spent a small fortune in getting one framed and it will be on display in the downstairs music room (final major project in the man cave). For now it will have to wait for that room to take shape.

Down to the left you can see Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 5 2019, which I bought on the same day as I picked this up. The magazine features Whitesnake (or David Coverdale) on the cover and it will give you an idea of the actual size of this poster.

(My image of said objects)

Got these magazines on import from Japan today. BURRN! Magazine (issue 5 2019) and PMC Magazine (Volume 13) with David Coverdale and Babymetal on the covers. 24 pages (plus cover) of Whitesnake in BURRN! and 42 pages (plus cover) of Babymetal in PMC. Very high quality titles, I have collected some BURRN! issues for decades (usually when they cover the Deep Purple family, which is quite common), and PMC often cover Babymetal so that is a given too. The title of this post comes from a track on the upcoming Whitesnake album. The countdown is on.

(My image of said magazines – thank you for your support Kalle)