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Ended my day with a beer at Captain Cook in Östersund (Jämtland County) and watched Michael Mojo Nilsson crank up his guitar with his blues mates. We are going through a bit of a heat wave over here in the last few weeks and it was a hot night in more ways than the excellent musicianship on that stage. Mojo is one of the best blues artists in Europe, his 2013 album “The Abduction Of Big Papa Mojo” is certainly top notch. And I always wanted a live album from this guy.

Seen here is a few shots from the night and the cover I gave him for RETROFUTURE 7 (2014). You can read that interview on this blog.


Classic Scooterist

Posted: July 15, 2018 in Magazines, Cool stuff, General

This is a nice cover. UK publication Classic Scooterist (June/July 2018). Late 1960s nostalgia, you half expect Austin Powers to jump into the image doing his thing.

The GG (Guy Gene) approves.

Koneko 74

Posted: July 15, 2018 in Babymetal, General, Magazines

Spotted this cover today. German publication Koneko (issue) 74. Japanese culture is strong enough in the West to inspire magazines to be created (I have seen others as well). This one was published around the time of the release of “Metal Resistance” in 2016. Su-metal can be seen on the cover and I think Babymetal had a poster or two in this issue. I like the logo of this magazine.

Got Classic Rock (issue) 251 in the mail yesterday. Pretty good issue as usual. Not the biggest fan of David Bowie, but he has done some good stuff. Here they give the legacy of Bowie some 17 pages and a cover, which is fair for a legend. Mott The Hoople is also featured, and we all know that Bowie saved their career when he gave them “All The Young Dudes”. Interesting interview with Phil Mogg in UFO, as he plans to retire next year. We will see this a lot in the next few years, right now we have Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd hinting that it will soon be over. Maybe we are looking at a five year window now for the first generation? Other highlights include Church Of The Cosmic Skull (see recent post), Ghost (dito), Paul Rodgers and Richie Sambora & Orianthi. The Gorky Park feature was the first I read though. That was an interesting band back in the day.

The Download 2018 Festival is featured in the live section and Babymetal is crowned “…the most punk-rock spectacle that Download will witness all weekend”. They are also described as “…Japans premiere bubblegum metal-punk teenage comic-book sci-fi superheroes” (journalists love to come up with cryptic and funny descriptions of what this band is, because it is very hard to actually nail it – I mean, how do you actually describe Babymetal?). No image of Babymetal, which is borderline criminal if you ask me.

Hot cover

Posted: July 13, 2018 in General, Magazines

This looks like a good read. Austrian publication Maxima (July 2018). Probably one of the best summer covers that I have seen, they really did a good job with this one. I have no details on the model or the photographer, but this really worked. And a hot summer it is.

Hedoban 19

Posted: July 12, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General, Magazines

Japanese publication Hedoban (as in Headbanger) 19 is out. Nice mixture of Japanese and Western rock. They always have good covers. The editor always cover Babymetal, the entire magazine exists because of his love for them and the title itself comes from the song with the same name.

Added this edition of UK publication Scale Aviation Modeller International (June 2018) to the old collection recently. As for the long yearning for that elusive dream of a proper hobby room, I will actually have access to two of them in the new place on the countryside that I will soon have the keys to. That is going to be pretty amazing. One of these rooms is ready to go, the other will require some work and I may wait a bit for that project. But I will be able to get the main one ready fairly soon, and that is where this particular hobby will finally find a home. Bit of a man cave coming up I guess. Pretty exciting.