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Here is glimpse of the good old days. What you see here is a spread covering the career of Cozy Powell that was in print in my fanzine DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #2 (May 1991). I nicked the biography from a (then) fairly recent official press thing and added three more albums and a shot of Cozy on the right page and a story with a couple of “Down To Earth” era Rainbow snapshots on the left. The headline read “20 years with Cozy Powell”. I had met him briefly back in the “Headless Cross” Black Sabbath days but I never interviewed the man. So in 1991, I thought a piece like this was OK for the Purple magazine. After all, he had played on many Deep Purple Family related albums.

The years went by but in spite of me doing countless Purple related interviews during those years I still never got around to meet the man again. But my friend (photographer) Michael Johansson did and as he was hired to do a session with Cozy together with Yngwie Malmsteen for (the Japanese publication) BURRN! at the Strand Hotel in Stockholm on June 24 1997 he did manage to slip him a copy of the issue mentioned above. Cozy asked Michael why the biography ended in 1991 and found out that it actually had been published at the time. Later on, I did publish a spread from this occation in DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #28 (in February 2001 – as the club celebrated the 10th Anniversary), but as we all know he had passed on by then (in a car accident on April 5 1998). His visit to Sweden for this session, which was for Japanese promotion for the Malmsteen album “Facing The Animal”, was his last in this country and it had been very low key (no concerts or anything). When I published this shot people were quite surprised. You can see the cover shot of BURRN! that resulted from this very session in the layout down to the right.

Good times.

(My shots of these spreads – many thanks to Michael Johansson)


Posted: May 18, 2020 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Magazines, Music (general)

I have been thinking about what the current situation with no concerts might mean for 2021 and in my opinion it may just end up being a pretty exciting year. Just think of all the artists out there that are not working on the road, I would think that most of them (certainly the people that are most involved in the very creation of the output) are quite busy coming up with new stuff now. Normally, most artists spends a lot of time promoting their music on the road, but that time is now redirected to preparing for the time when they can go out again. This means that there will be an awful lot of music coming out in 2021. In fact, I wonder if the industry can even handle everything that people will want to get out there next year? Everybody is suddenly at the same place in the creative cycle (or process, if you like). Then you have the problem with everybody wanting to crash out the gate at the same time going out on the road, which is another potential bottleneck. But, all in all and providing that the industry can still operate on a decent level, it should be a good year. And people will be ready to support live music again, it should be something that everybody is looking forward to. This has been a highly emotional year, what that will lead to as far as actual song content is concerned remains to be seen. Who knows what is being put down right now in studios all over the world? What worries me most right now is the magazine business, the backbone of the scene. If that scene goes to hell in the next few months, we are in real trouble.

We live in interesting times.

(My image from the Babymetal show in Stockholm back in February)

Today we remember Ronnie James Dio, whom passed away on this day in 2010. I blogged about it back in the day and that ended up in RETROFUTURE #4 (the publication I had going at the time). On his “Strange Highways” album, he sang: “Bury my bones on the moon, if they never should find me it would be too soon”. I asked him about that when I met him back in 2001 (the interview is archived in August 2012 on this blog) and he told me about it. Pretty deep stuff. But he was also a warm and giving person, supporting things like Children Of The Night (which is also talked about in that interview). He suffered blows in his life but he always walked tall. And that is how he should be remembered.

And he will be.

(My shot of RETROFUTURE #4 piece – cover inserted)


Ronnie James Dio passed away on May 16 2010, so it has been a full decade now, save for a few more days. What an amazing writer, singer and performer he was. When I met him back in 2001 (you will find the interview on this blog archived in August 2012), he was just one of the sweetest men I had ever met in the business. I am so glad that I had that opportunity, and it was filmed by my friend (photographer) Michael Johansson. Still listen to his output on a pretty regular basis. Norwegian singer Jorn actually put out a great tribute video not long after his passing titled “Song For Ronnie” that is quite good. Check it out on YouTube.


David Coverdale is promoting the “Rock” album quite heavily at the moment, doing a lot of radio etc. He put out a video for “Restless Heart” the other day as well, pushing the album. “Rock” will be out as a Double LP (White Vinyl) too, which is good news for people like me. It will be out in mid June.


I can tell that a lot of people are getting pretty excited about the upcoming Deep Purple album “Whoosh!”. The new video “Man Alive” is paving the way and it is a thoughtful piece of art that will serve them well. If this is the end of the line for this band, then it has to be said that they went out in style. Sad that 2020 is what it is, but we just have to wait and hope that things turn around for the better very soon.


There is no doubt that Japan is the international hotspot for female rock bands and a group called Hagane will release their first album on June 23 over there. Not the easiest of circumstances but they are very good and their video for the song “Wintry Sky” shows a lot of promise. It is a shame that many of these bands never get to be released outside of Japan. I do feel that a label that specialized in Japanese music could do very well over here. I am just putting the thought out there. Maybe we will see it happen some day.


All dates in Europe has been cancelled, which was kind of expected I guess. You can watch “Live At Wembley” (2016) on YouTube this Sunday, so that is a good thing.

(Top image shows a Ronnie James Dio article I had in Swedish magazine Poppis back in 1985 – most of the shots was from Michael Johansson)

When I met Ian Gillan on one of his solo tours (in Östersund, Jämtland County) back in 1992 I showed him a photograph that I had obtained that was from the Deep Purple gig in Bilzen (Belgium), August 24 1969. I asked him if he recalled it and he said that he did. Now, you can clearly see a TV camera so that was of high interest at the time but he had no recollection then of that or having ever seen clips. I printed the image in DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #5 in April 1992 and it passed into Purple lore. Today, a 24 minute live clip has been added to the deeppurpleos page on YouTube, so whatever still exists, we now know that this footoge has survived for sure. If the entire concert has survived remains to be seen. However, what we can see is a very early showcase of MK2 in full flight, instrumentals only. It is quite brilliant.

Good day.

(My shot of DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #5 spread – photographer unknown)

Here is another Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Compilation from the old collection, “The New Gladiators” (CBS/Epic 1985). This has a very strong (and quite international) line-up: Pretty Maids, Vengeance, Trust, Black´n´Blue, Hanoi Rocks, 220 Volt, Madam X, Kick Axe, Quiet Riot, Fastway, Horizon and Stevie. Inner notes in English, French and German. I remember hearing at the time that it was released in South America as well.

It sported a huge poster, and it is just cool enough to frame is it not? The art was made by artist Gérard Duboscq. I also like the comic book style of the whole thing. Very much part of the Metal aesthetics of the time. Conan comes to mind (had been a huge success at the movies in 1982 as well). I also think of the magazine Heavy Metal.

1985 was a wonderful year.

(My shots of said release)

Metal Hammer reports that drive in concerts has been held in Denmark and Lithuania. That is not a bad idea actually.

We live in strange times and everything will be “before” and “after” when all has settled.