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Swedish Regal Ship Vasa

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Cool stuff, Hobby


I stumbled across Revell´s new Swedish Regal Ship Vasa kit a couple of weeks ago and decided to add it to the collection. Having checked it out online, it would seem that builders rate this kit highly. Now is not the right time to build it for me, but once I get that hobby room going…

No harm in ensuring that the hobby can get a flying start when the day arrives.



Here is a snapshot of a Great Lake Monster recently placed down by the harbor in Östersund, one of 20 painted in different colours and ways that tourists and locals can see all over town this season. It is in fact financed by local authorities and the model for the monster in question is a childrens book character called Birger that is very popular over here among the very young.

Within a week or two now, this harbor will be jam packed with boats. The holidays are coming up and in the next three to four months thousands of tourists will invade this area. Some, perhaps, with hopes to see a glimpse of the real Great Lake Monster, that is sighted and reported every single year in local media.

Let us see what 2013 has in store.


I saw Michael Schenker and band yesterday at Tonhallen in Sundsvall, performing a solid set of classics and a couple of brand new tracks (from a yet to be released album), and I have to say that it was highly entertaining. I had never seen Michael Schenker perform live in the past (which I can´t quite believe), so it was about time. On this tour he travels with the old rhythm section of Scorpions and ex-Rainbow singer Doogie White.

White is at home here I think, and sings better than ever. This gives Schenker a boost and I hope this will be the beginning of a long partnership. The general feeling in the crowd after the show seemed to be that fans were very happy. I was, I thought they delivered a well executed show. Some songs stood out, Scorpions old “Holiday” was beautiful, rockers like “Armed And Ready” (MSG) and “Doctor Doctor” (UFO) almost took the roof off the place. And Schenker played really well and looked like a happy man.

Now, can we have more of the same please?

Sabbath Juggernaut

Posted: May 26, 2013 in Magazines


This is Sweden Rock Magazine (issue 5 2013), featuring Black Sabbath on the cover. They have the much anticipated reunion album with Ozzy coming up on June 10 (first week of my holiday). The media blitz has been going on for a while, I have seen a bunch of covers in the last couple of months.

Emil Persson has interviewed Ozzy and Geezer for this issue (seven pages), and I like the fact that the editor followed the recent Deep Purple cover with a Sabbath cover. Respect.


Posted: May 26, 2013 in Magazines


I love Black Sabbath and that is them on the cover of MOJO (June 2013) right now. But this post is about that sticker, placed right over Ozzy´s head by the Swedish distributor of this magazine. Now, can you spot a better place for that sticker on this cover? I give you two seconds to ponder the issue.

Ian Gillan wrote a song called “Sleeping On The Job” once. Well, this is it… Somebody has a career in politics coming up…

The 14 page article on Sabbath by Phil Alexander in this issue is pretty good though. Excellent pictures as well.


Posted: May 25, 2013 in Magazines, Prepping


This magazine cover is like a postcard from my youth. I have blogged about this publication before, and this is the cover of issue 7 1967 (with a SAAB on the cover). Good days.

For a week now, we have had riots in many suburbs in Sweden, with countless cars burning. It´s nobody´s fault, apparently. It´s a sad thing to see.

1967 looks pretty good now.

The Tumbler

Posted: May 25, 2013 in Cool stuff, My photographs


Batman always had the coolest car. I visited a Car Exhibition in Östersund today to check out a Swedish built Tumbler (it was built by a guy called Leif Garvin), and I was not disappointed. I don´t have too much information but I can see on the net that it took Leif three years and 20.000 working hours to build the car.

I took these particular snapshots before “Batman himself” arrived and posed for pictures, so I avoided the rush and the excitement initially, but captured some of that as well for the archives.

Beautiful car.