Japanese publication Gigs (issue 469). The band on the cover is called Roselia and they have their first album and Blu-ray out now. They seem to be part of the Japanese Anime scene so they have been riding on that wave with their first singles and they are obviously doing really well.

Watch the song “Determination Symphony” live here.


Gomer Goof

Posted: May 22, 2018 in Comics, General

Glad to see that Gaston (that has been around for 60 years) has finally made it to the UK. They changed the name from Gaston to Gomer Goof though. Two albums are out so far and a third is on the way.

To Protect

Posted: May 22, 2018 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines

Well this is interesting. A Japanese Defense publication called Mamor (or “To Protect”) started to use Idols as cover models a few years ago and sales shot through the roof.

Got to love Japan.

(Seen here is the July 2018 issue)

Miss Fury

Posted: May 21, 2018 in Comics, Cool stuff, General

News from Denmark as they are set to publish a new comic book titled Klassiske Samlinger (translates to Classic Collections) on May 31. First issue consists of Miss Fury from 1942. 56 pages.


Babymetal took Rock On The Range in Columbus, Ohio by storm a few hours ago. The concert was streamed and YouTube is full of high quality clips. Expect plenty of audience clips as well in the next few days. Next stop: Europe.

Watch “Distortion” live here.

(Photo by Rock On The Range)

There is no doubt that “Karate” is seen as one of the best songs in the Babymetal catalogue, and the video is pretty awesome as well. It was added to YouTube on March 17 2016, a couple of weeks ahead of the “Metal Resistance” album. It just notched up 40,000,000 views and it is still moving along nicely. Classic Babymetal.

Watch the video here.

Thrilling Wonder Stories (Winter 1955). Cover artist unknown.