Spotted this Deep Purple double CD on Ebay. “Made In Tokyo” (Tarantura label). Looks like it was released in March 2017. Now I have only seen one and I have to assume that if this was official product it would be all over the place, and a lot cheaper.

Still, my heart beats a little faster whenever I see MK4 releated stuff.


This is utterly unbelievable. Babymetal announced today that they have sold out the nine festivals in Japan in July & August that caters to different age groups, genders, special nights with corpse paint on faces only etc. Nobody in the history of Rock & Metal has done anything like this. I honestly wondered if they would be able to pull it off and of course they have. Took them two months to sell out.

More news to come too, I wonder what they will announce next?


Wonder Woman in Singapore! 8 Days Magazine (issue) 1389.


Aero Journal 59

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This looks like a good read. French publication Aero Journal (issue) 59.

Intense cover.

Flaunt it!

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Well I like what I see here. Financial Times How To Spend It Friday Edition (May 19 2017).

The GG (Guy Gene) approves.


For fans of Babymetal, it is possible to dive into the history in a very real way if you fancy expanding the old collection a bit. Case in point, the Idol Group that the members of Babymetal all came from (Babymetal was actually a project in this group that took off), Sakura Gakuin, is right there for you to tap into. This is the Sakura Gakuin DVD “Smile – First Live & Documentary 2010 to 2011” and it is still out there. It features all the members of Babymetal. In fact, YouTube is full of stuff from those days so you can start your detective work right there. In fact, the “Smile” documentary is up with Spanish subtitles, so you can check it out here. Then you bloody well buy it and support this!


The Idol Group still exists, with new members coming and going. This is the Class of 2017. One could assume that if there was ever to be a second lineup of Babymetal (in one shape or another), the new face (or faces) might well be drawn once again from this group. In any case, can you imagine how excited these girls must be to be part of the Idol Group that spawned Babymetal, the biggest thing to ever come out of Japan?

Visit the official homepage for Sakura Gakuin here. Follow everything that goes on on the Babymetal Newswire Sakura Gakuin feed here.


A bit late to showcase this now, but I think the Marine Body Paint Calendar for 2017 deserves to be seen on this blog.

Got to love this.