Yarns – Canadas All-Story Magazine (July 1941). Cover artist unknown.


Nice Phantom cover

Posted: January 21, 2018 in Comics, General

This is a nice cover. Norwegian Fantomet (issue) 2 2018. Due for publication on January 29 over there. We may get a similar cover here in Sweden, will keep an eye open.

Who owns the truth?

Posted: January 21, 2018 in General

I love the clever people that talks from the heart on their YouTube platforms. You can get more information from a 10 minute clip from one of these individuals that might add something of note to the hot topics of the day than watching MSM for hours. If you find a bunch of these people you will be more informed, there is no doubt about it. When you hear people say that the Internet has to shut down free speech, and there is some of that going around these days, you know they are basically just annoyed that they are losing the arguments. And talking and communicating is the most valuable thing that we have. Today I will showcase a real rebel, a guy with over 200,000 followers – Styxenhammer666. This is a sharp guy and he tends to know where things are going. Many have taken note, he is frequently asked to join other Channels for chats (think Stefan Molyneux etc).

Watch one of his most recent rants here.

Win Bigly

Posted: January 21, 2018 in Books, General

Dilbert creator Scott Adams is a smart dude. In “Win Bigly” (Portfolio, 2017) he shares some of this wisdom to the masses.

Check out his blog here.

Tempo 18

Posted: January 21, 2018 in Comics, General

Tempo (issue) 18 is published in good old Norway tomorrow.

Lucky bastards.

Got to get that hobby room

Posted: January 20, 2018 in General, Hobby, Magazines

UK publication Tamiya Model Magazine (issue) 268. I will add this issue to the old collection.

Nice cover.

Whitesnake´s “The Purple Tour” arrived here yesterday in two formats. Watched the DVD first and it was a goodie (did miss “You Keep On Moving” on it though). Well edited and strong material performed by good players. “The Gypsy” and “Mistreated” are two Purple songs that work very well here. Of course you get the Whitesnake classics too, the mix is very good.

Love the gatefold sleeve of the LP version.