A friend of mine that visited me yesterday spotted part of my old bootleg collection and got pretty excited about it. That made me think that maybe it would be good fun to showcase some of the old stuff on the blog so I will start with this post about some Purple Family related stuff. In the early 1970s, bootlegs started to appear and they could be really cheap. The one you see here, “Din Of Iniquity” from around 1974 is an example of how it could be. MK3 cover shot, MK2 stuff on the actual record. If you were lucky, one of these releases was based on a decent radio or TV broadcast (like Long Beach 1976, which blew our minds at the time), but the sound quality of these bootlegs were more often than not pretty bad. Still, people like me (once we had spotted them and that they were out there) started to buy them. At the same time, bands started to record and issue their own live albums, probably to take on the illegal stuff out there (guess they lost that particular fight). In the late 1970s covers started to look way better (with not just inserted paper sheets with shitty art) and in the 1980s it looked to me as these things were often made by real fans. When Deep Purple reformed in 1984, the floodgates opened for real. But in this post, we will check out some pre-reunion records. Just the covers, not the trainspotter details. So what you get here then is (apart from the top image), Deep Purple “Gillan/Glover´s Last – Live Osaka 29-6 1973” (last MK2 show, so you get to hear Gillan say goodbye, which is very touching), “Deep Purple And Split Groups”, “The Deep Purple Old Boys Club” (note that Whitesnake is photographed at Clearwell Castle, were Purple had also recorded previously), “No More Laughing With Gillan” (released after the breakup of Gillan), and Rainbow “World Tour 1983-84”. Good times.

Commando 5507-5510

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Commando 5507-5510 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)


Hagane guitarist Sakura Yoshida is featured on the new Daisuke Kurosawa album “Black Album 4”. The album (see top right) is released today in Japan and they have also just released a video on the official platforms. Sakura is an outstanding player, it is easy to see why she has been invited to participate on this project. I will link to the video on the Trinkelbonker facebook page today.


David Coverdale has sold the rights to his back catalogue to a company called Round Hill Music Royalty Fund Limited. Looks like he is the first member of the Deep Purple Family to do this sort of thing. Artists that already have include Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Bowie and Stevie Nicks. For more information on the Coverdale deal, go to The Highway Star page.


As mentioned in an earlier post, Judas Priest recently decided to go out as a four piece band on the next tour. After massive resistance they have backtracked and will stick to the classic double guitar formula.


Nice to see Purple on the February/March cover of US publication Goldmine. They seem to have regained some ground on the American market in recent years. Certainly some respect.

(Top image features images that represents said news from official platforms and elsewhere)

The Death Wish Legacy

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I quite enjoyed reading Paul Talbot´s “Bronson´s Loose! – The Making Of The Death Wish Films” (iUniverse, 2006). Have not seen these films in years but nobody can deny the inprint they made in the movie industry. The first film was released in 1974 and it kicked in the door and spawned countless copies (they are still coming). You do get some insight into who Charles Bronson was, and I can appreciate that.

(My shot of said book)

Bought the three disc Japanese edition of “Voyage”, basically to get my hands on the two DVDs of footage that comes with it. ABBA visited Japan twice, once in 1978 to do a TV Special, and once again in 1980 to play live at the Budokan and other venues in front of 100,000 people in total. That is the stuff that made me want to fork out some hard earned cash here, and I have to say that it was worth it. Some excellent footage of ABBA at the height of their career, and in the case of the 1980 DVD some of the last live performances that they ever did back in the day. What a shame that they did not record that tour for a live album (I guess they settled with what they shot Stateside and in the UK). I bet the Japanese would have loved that and it would have been nice to have seen it. Still, we have this document of the tour and that is something. As I was about to take this shot I stumbled across the February/March 2014 issue of German publication Viva! Nice cover and some really great content in this one, well worth hunting down a copy of if you collect ABBA stuff.

(My shot of said magazine & CD/DVD edition)

Crazy Times

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Not easy to be living in the southern parts of Sweden right now. People are getting higher electricity bills than what they make after paying taxes in some cases. Needless to say, people are angry as hell on the politicians that are in fact responsible. We also have the highest prices in the world if you own a car and actually want to do more than just look at it in the garage. As a result of all this, food prices and everything else is going to shoot up here in 2022. At least the C-thing seems to be over and done with and that takes a lot of pressure out if my life for sure if that is indeed going to be the case. Things never really got out of hand in Sweden although we did have our share of freedom hating nutjobs doing their best to kill off our liberties. They know who they are. More importantly, we all know who they are. In the coming elections, these things has to be discussed and scrutinized. In Denmark, a leading newspaper has apologized for not doing a good job on reporting during the last two years. A bit late in the day to regain any kind of real trust again, but it is a start. A light in the dark. There are a shitload of questions that I want to see raised in public and it is going to be a painful experience for a lot of people to go through this phase once that happens. Trust is a precious commodity. Just last week, I was ready to walk away from my job. I was ready to never go to a concert again. I will not forget who said what, the pettiness I saw on display quite close to me. Nor will I forget about the scare tactics that generated this amongst us. On a positive note, maybe this mess will result in us knowing better next time around? Writing this, I know that the situation is bad in some countries. I truly hope that things will change for the better everywhere in the next few weeks and months. Hang in there.

(My shot, I was waiting for the right time to use it)

Riho Sayashi has just released a Mini Album in Japan, titled “Reflection”. For years, she was a star in Japanese J-pop act Morning Mesume, but since then she has studied in America and toured the world as a Babymetal Avenger on their “Metal Galaxy” trek. She was certainly on stage with Babymetal when I saw them in Stockholm in early 2020 and although she is not an official member of said group, she is still part of their history. It is nice to see her try out her own wings now and the “Reflection” release is her second Mini Album (a concept that is very common in Japan in the initial stages of launching a career). There are in fact three variants of this release and the most interesting one also sports a DVD. She is currently doing a few concerts across Japan that includes shows in her city of birth Hiroshima on January 23. Hiroshima is also the birth place of Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal). Riho has just added a new video of the song “Winding Road” to her official platforms (I will link to this from the Trinkelbonker facebook page today). Well, I wish her all the best on this journey.

(Babymetal live shots by Kalle Thelin, album cover inserted)


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Bought this 328 page collection of comics – “Korkeajännityssarja 1955” (Egmont, 2019) – that were originally published in Finland back in the day, and as you can see the cover with the then very futuristic art is quite remarkable. The origins of these Finnish comics came out of the UK and the title Super Detective Library. For instance, the cover story was originally in print in the UK in issue 49 of said title, “The Case Of The Man That Owned The Moon”. Collected here then is five issues of the Finnish title Korkeajännityssarja, all from 1955. I did blog about a Battler Britton collection from Finland quite recently from the same publisher. I like the fact that comic book history can be highlighted in this way.

(My shot of said book, cover artist unknown)


Author/Shakespeare professor/Babymetal fan Andrew Hartley has added an incredible analysis video of the Babymetal song “Shine” on his YouTube channel today. Nearly 100 minutes long, this video highlights not only the passion that Babymetal invokes, but it also shows how deep it can be. Obviously, “Shine” is part of a trilogy of songs on “Metal Galaxy” that is just incredible on so many levels. Special guests on this episode is Kevin from the Babymetal Podcast and Hartley´s brother Chris (whom works for CERN). Babymetal created a masterpiece with “Shine” and I am glad that it gets the recognition that it so richly deserves. Kudos to Andrew for his work shining light on Babymetal. I will link to this episode on the Trinkelbonker facebook page.


There is a new music magazine called Retro Pop out in the UK and ABBA has the very first cover. Looks good too.


Judas Priest has announced that they will tour as a four piece band (one guitarist only) in support of their 50th Anniversary celebrations and needless to say people are not happy about this. In fact, the resistance is quite biblical. I think the wise move here is to backtrack and to ask a second guy to come in.


The Norwegians will soon have yet another Tex Willer title to enjoy as the Tex Gigant-bok series is launched in June and August with the first two titles. I think every book will sport nearly 300 pages of Tex Willer action. Pretty cool covers too.

(My screenshot from the Andrew Hartley video, additional covers included to highlight the news)

Laura Shenton is to publish a book on the classic Rainbow album “Straight Between The Eyes” through Wymer Publishing on April 24. It is part of the In-Depth series.

(My shot of parts of the covers of “Straight…” and the “Stone Cold” EP)