Coming up, the new kit “On The Great Plains” in 1/35 from Master Box. Another box in the Indian Wars Series.

Looks great.


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Added Doug Wildey´s “Rio – The Complete Saga” (IDW, 2014) to the old collection. I like Western comics so this 288 page edition will be a nice one for the holiday.

Two days to go…

What? No cake? Well, not on stage anyway, but they still had a few songs to go when they performed “Karate” in Chula Vista (San Diego) on June 20 on Yuimetal´s birthday. Su-metal acknowledged the importance of the day during the singalong section of the song and this is all over YouTube now. Incidentally, Moametal (Moa Kikuchi) has her birthday coming up on July 4 as she too turns 18. No concert that day but I guess it may be mentioned on the last gig of this tour on the 25th or in Japan later. We shall see.

View “Karate” in Chula Vista here. Closeup of Yuimetal on the actual moment here.

June 22 2013

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Well I mentioned how Babymetal has collaborated with Tower Records in Japan over the years and today it was four years ago that they made a special appearance in Tokyo for the release of “Megitsune”. A traditional prayer was made and it still survives on YouTube. Watch it here.

“Megitsune” entered at #16 on Billboard Japan. The video has 42,213,388 hits on YouTube as I write this.

Sunny days

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This is a nice cover. Spanish edition of In Style (issue) 155. Three days to go, then my holiday kicks in on Saturday.

Got this in the mail today. Originally a 48 page Babymetal special edition inside Japanese publication Rockin´On Japan (issue) 6 2016, that one is what popped up. Interviews with the girls and 50+ excellent shots.

Good day.

(Thank you Kalle)

Well this is kind of nice. Swedish publication MM presents an interview with Ronnie James Dio in the current issue (361), originally published in a magazine called Showtime back in 1984.

The legend lives on.