RAF Aces (Winter 1942). Cover artist unknown.

Nice Messerschmitt cover

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UK publication Scale Aircraft Modelling (August 2017).

Good times

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This looks like a good read. German publication FMT (August 2017). When you retire, you better have a good hobby or two going. I have a few right now but I am looking at options. This is not a bad one.

The GG (Guy Gene) approves.

Deep Purple will release “Johnny´s Band” as a five track CD Single on August 4. A jam from the “inFinite” recordings and some live tracks will hopefully attract enough fans for it to sell a few copies. I do like the cover, the denim jacket takes me back to the good old days, which is exactly what “Johnnie´s Band” is about. It is quite a good track, a friend of mine figures it reminds him of “Gettin´Tighter”.

Also on August 4, we get the “From The Setting Sun In Wacken” / “…To The Rising Sun In Tokyo” releases jammed together into a Blu-ray package. Not sure if there will be a DVD release as well (still holding out against Blu-ray, and I know I am not alone). Nice cover in any case, I think I saw ads that looked a bit like this when these were originally released in August 2015.



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Watched the 2013 film “Parker” on DVD tonight. Based on Donald E. Westlake´s 19th Parker novel “Flashfire” (written under the name Richard Stark), Parker is a criminal with a code of honor. And when he is screwed, like he is after a heist that opens up this action movie, nothing is going to stop him from setting the score. Even if it means going after high profile mobsters. Now it goes without saying that Jason Statham is one of the best action guys around these days (his name is pretty much a guarantee that it is going to be a good movie), and Jennifer Lopez is adorable as always. Or charming, sexy etc. I always liked her and this suits her well. You will be entertained.

Watch the official trailer here.

Philippine publication Preview (July 2017). Fashion & Technology Special. Actress, singer, model (etc) Solenn Heussaff on the cover.

Really good one too.

Martin Landau is gone

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Sad to hear that actor Martin Landau passed away about a week ago. Space 1999 was one of my favourite shows in the mid 1970s.

(Thank you Kalle for letting me know)