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This looks like a good read. UK publication Scootering (issue) 369 (March 2017). Yes, I would be interested in Judge Dredd´s Vespa, the Osaka Mods etc.

The GG (guy gene) approves.

New shows

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UK publication TV & Satellite Week is out today. Lucky Man and SS-GB looks like decent shows.

Nice cover.

Jet Engine from Airfix

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Well look at this. Airfix has launched a series called Airfix Engineer and they have just released the Jet Engine box. Fully functioning with sound when you are done.

Good thinking.

Unique Magazine

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Some nice covers today. This is US publication Unique Magazine (January/February 2017 issue). Published by Universe 137 Studios (I mentioned them not long ago on this blog). Text in Spanish and English.

I like chicks with swords.


Hip boots! Italian publication Grazia (issue 9 2017) sports Keith Richard´s daughter Alexandra on the cover. Model, artist and DJ according to Wikipedia.

I like the attitude.

SoHo 132

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This is a good cover. Spanish edition of SoHo (issue) 132.



The tribute bands will some day be the last remnants of the good old days. Here you have three of them, The Blackmore Legacy, Pure Purple and Whitesnake UK touring as a package deal in the UK.

Good excuse to head out for a beer or two I guess.