Good day today. Presented Babymetal to some friends and it is always interesting to see reactions. Played the second night at the Budokan from the “Live At Budokan” DVD and one thing I noticed was that it started to grow in stature on people about halfway through. The more traditional Metal songs found immediate support and it was mentioned that with lyrics in English there is nothing that can stop this band from conquering the world. That is an interesting observation and I would think that they could very well walk that path eventually to some degree. The energy of the performance was mentioned and the musicianship of the band was noted several times. A few more people arrived eventually and got to see a few moments from the “Live In London” DVD (Forum). These guys were quite stunned. One of them noted “I have never seen anything like it in my life”. True. Oldtimers are likely to enjoy a large section of the show no problem. Babymetal can be a bit of a shock to the system, but the energy of the show is very convincing. Thank you Kalle for a lovely evening (great food & drink).

View trailer for “Live At Budokan” here.

Babymetal Day

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Today I will spend the day in good company watching Babymetal DVDs, eating pizza and downing a few beers. How will they (Babymetal) go down with the yet undecided? Well, we shall see. I have shown DVD stuff to people in the last week or so and it would seem that about half of them is sucked in immediately, demanding to know more on the spot. The rest look like they are perplexed, perhaps by both the loud music and the concept. I guess the interesting thing is that you do get a visible reaction by so many people.


The last time I did this sort of thing was a long time ago when I discovered Nightwish quite early on in their career. I turned some oldtimers on to them on the spot showcasing a five track video of them performing live. Babymetal is another matter, but I know they have enormous potential to draw people in.

Watch them perform “Karate” at the Donington Download Festival in the UK 2016 here.

Canadian Cowboy Country

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This looks like a good read. Canadian Cowboy Country (April/May 2017).

O Canada!

Good WW II cover

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This is a recent issue of Czech publication Vojska. Looks like a Luftwaffe Special to me. Never seen that cover shot before, pretty nice job by the photographer who took it back in the day.

Insert headline here

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UK publication Our Dogs – Crufts International Special Issue 2017.

Memorable Eclipse

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Splendid cover. Eclipse – The Magazine (issue) 1. Published in May 1981. Not sure if this was a UK or a US title but it dealt with underground comics. Eight issues published between 1981 and 1983.

This art would have made a great LP cover.


Well this is quite interesting. Sweden Symphony Orchestra will play a one of date on June 10 at Sweden Rock Festival billed as Sweden Rock Symphony Orchestra. They will perform rock classics with guests like Joe Lynn Turner, Tarja Turunen and Dan McCafferty.

Somebody needs to record this for posterity.