Symphonic Terror

Posted: November 13, 2018 in Classic Rock, General

This is interesting. Accept will release “Symphonic Terror – Live At Wacken 2017” in all formats on November 23. They performed all their hits as well as some Wolf Hoffmann tracks alongside a full blown symphony orchestra on this night.

Check out the official trailer here.


Stan Lee is gone

Posted: November 13, 2018 in Books, Comics, General, TV & Movies


The legendary comic book creator Stan Lee has passed away at 95. I grew up with many of his creations and he lived long enough to witness his iconic super heroes conquer the cinemas as well, which must have felt good for him (well deserved, and I always enjoyed seeing his little cameos). There are many books out there covering his life and career, the one you see here is the German edition of the Stan Lee “Marvel Treasury Edition”.

I take my hat off for Stan.

Saving space

Posted: November 13, 2018 in General, Hobby, My countryside dream, TV & Movies

Took these shots in the early hours this morning in my new place. I have undertaken a project that will save a lot of space as far as my DVD collection is concerned. A good chunk of it will from now on be handled like this (I think these images speaks for themselves). I just organize it all in categories like Western (as seen here), WWII (Classic & Modern), Comedy, Sci-Fi etc etc. I have done about 35% of the collection at this point and I will leave about 10% as it is in the original boxes. At the end of the day it will be a good solution and I quite like browsing the covers in this way.

Lovely nostalgia

Posted: November 13, 2018 in Classic Rock, General, Magazines

This is a nice cover. French publication Styles Vintage (issue) 3 2018. And Queen is in it as well, a feature on the “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie.

Got to love The Phantom

Posted: November 12, 2018 in Comics

More brilliant nostalgia from Norway, Fantomet Kronologisk (issue) 8. Features issues 9-12 1968. 132 pages.

Cover art by the great Rolf Gohs.

Death! Death! Death! (2)

Posted: November 11, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock

No, this is not a new DVD from Babymetal (although I wish it was!). I just had some fun here but I do believe that a DVD that celebrates the rise of Babymetal would be a pretty good idea. God knows they have enough in the vaults that would make an amazing visual document if somebody put an effort into it. I know that the girls have never been featured on any CD or DVD covers (save for some early Singles) but for a potential release like this I think they should go for a high energy live performance shot like the one you see here (that represents them so well) and give them their due. I picked the title here because I feel that the Tokyo Dome gigs represented the incredible rise of this band better than anything else. Also, “Only The Fox God Knew” is a little joke that the fans would appreciate. People who like the Babymetal lore.

I think a compilation like this would sell like crazy.

(No malice intended!)

Crash & Boom

Posted: November 11, 2018 in Books, General

I quite like the covers of these new books from author Helene Gadot. Good enough to add to the old collection.