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I have noticed that some classic movies can be seen in selected theaters in Sweden again. Akira Kurosawa´s masterpiece “Seven Samurai” (1954) was selected not that long ago, which is very very cool. I mentioned the split of Japanese band Hagane earlier today on the blog, and I guess I should have mentioned that vocalist Uyu has a popular Babymetal cover band called Dizzymetal going. On March 26 they are headlining a show billed as “Legend 0320 – Uyu Fest” that also features Azami, X Sugamo and The Genius Orchestration. She is a good singer and I like that she has a bit of fun with this. It also says something about how popular Babymetal has been (and still is) over there. On the hard rock front current releases by Lovebites and Lonesome Blue has been postponed here in Sweden, possibly due to problems pressing product in time. Lovebites new album will be out on March 10 and no date has been set for the Lonesome Blue album “Second To None”. In the case of Lonesome Blue, maybe there has been a first print and I suppose this could have sold out fast in the UK? Or, the record label has simply failed to print the album on schedule. The business is still reeling from the C-lockdowns.

(Images from official platforms – Studio-S Entertainment and Dizzymetal)


Hagane Split – Three Members Out

Posted: February 28, 2023 in Classic Rock

Sad to hear that Japanese Melodic Power Metal outfit Hagane has lost three members. Apparently, Uyu (vocals), Mayto (guitar) and Kanako (drums) has left the band. Sakura (guitar) and Sayaka (bass) will reportedly continue so there is likely to be a new version of the band coming up sometime in the future. Formed in Tokyo in 2018, Hagane is one of the best all female bands coming out of Japan, and they have released two EPs, one DVD and a full studio album that has gained notoriety. The last video, “Sword Of Judgement” was released on YouTube two weeks ago, and it has notched up over 86,000 views. The colour blue has been a theme, and I think it has worked out well giving them an identity that is recognisable. There seem to be a concert booked for May 26 in Japan and I assume that this will be the Swan Song for this line-up. I wish Uyu, Mayto, Kanako, Sakura and Sayaka all the best. Thank you for what you have done so far and good luck with all future endeavours. Rock On!

(Top image is from the new video “Sword Of Judgement”, Kanako bashing away as only she can on the drums)

Censoring Bond

Posted: February 28, 2023 in Books, Cool stuff, Hobby

Every month now I hear about books being censored and edited, even classic works. This week I found out that they are editing out lines from Ian Fleming novels. Here is the thing. If you are changing a book, I want a sticker that informs me about it on the cover. I will not buy a book knowing that it has been tampered with. I would rather seek out older editions. We live in sad times.

(My shot of Swedish 1954 edition of “Live And Let Die”, cover artist unknown)

I see a lot of crazy people out there. Warmongers. You have to be pretty insane to risk escalation and possible nuclear conflict. Nobody has the right to take us to Armageddon. This is pissing me off no end. 50 years ago, when the Vietnam war was on, horrible images of death and destruction was seen in media every day. Where is the coverage now? Just asking. Glad to see that a peace movement is starting to grow now in spite of this. This needs to stop, sooner rather than later.

(My shot, taken at an aviation museum in Ope, Jämtland County)

The Law

Posted: February 28, 2023 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Here is a coincidence for you. The day before I heard that Gina Lollobrigida had passed away, I ordered this DVD. Took a while to get here (everything is slower these days it seems) but I could finally enjoy the 1959 classic yesterday. “The Law” is an absolute must see if you care about film. Based on the 1957 hit novel “La Loi” by Roger Vailland it is a postcard from a part of Italy that was old and tired even back then. It oozes of corruption, desperation, power, greed and sex. Gina is one of many familiar faces, but boy does she stand out here. She is quite unforgettable.

(My shot of said DVD)

A Long Time Dead

Posted: February 28, 2023 in Books, Cool stuff

Before Mickey Spillane passed away in 2006, he made sure that his files would be taken care of by his friend Max Allan Collins. Collected in “A Long Time Dead” (Open Road Integrated Media, 2016), we have eight short stories from the old archive and it has been lovingly put together by Max, whom have added the finishing touches to make this possible. Part original, part homage, it works. For fans of Mike Hammer, this is gold. 232 pages.

(My shot of said book – cover art by Andy Ross)

Modesty Blaise In Our Hearts

Posted: February 27, 2023 in Comics, Cool stuff

Got some nice nostalgia on my nightstand (Agent X9 issues 2 and 3 2023) and that is not a bad thing. I am glad that this title is still going strong. If the formula works, stick to it. The cover to the left was done by Swedish artist Rolf Gohs, whom sadly passed away in 2020.

(My shot of said comic books – covers by Rolf Gohs and Enric Badia Romero)

Babymetal added a new video for the song “Light And Darkness” on their platforms on friday (close to 500,000 views in the first three days). When they do Pop (and sometimes they do), they are the best Pop band out there. Su-metal is amazing on this and nobody can watch this and not tap a foot to the beat. I know that this will confuse some people out there but Babymetal came out of the Idol world and they have always mixed things like nobody else in this business. And they are still the most exciting Metal outfit out there as well (in my book anyway). “Light And Darkness” tops the Song Of The Week (Top 10) poll over at Metal Hammer as we speak (48,56% of the votes last time I checked!), and Lovebites are at Number two with their song “Stand And Deliver” with 35,47% of the votes. So we are looking at a strong Japanese domination there right now. I think I can say that I have been right about a lot of things as I have covered all this. Still waiting for Sweden Rock Magazine to get it.

(Images picked from said video)

This is an old interview from the Deep Purple Forever! archives. It was published in my fanzine Deep Purple Forever! (issue 8) in December 1993. It was a good trip. I went to Stockholm to see the final Deep Purple show with Ritchie Blackmore on November 13, and as a (big) bonus I got to see Glenn Hughes perform in a church on November 12 as a special guest to a famous Swedish singer called Carola Häggkvist, and I also got to interview the man at his hotel a few hours before the Purple show (that he went to as well, first time that he had seen them since 1976 – he got to meet all of them except for Ritchie). I remember giving him the jacket that you can see on this shot (a friend of mine was making them and I sent one to Joe Lynn Turner as well around the same time). He liked it and went to the Purple gig wearing it. In any case, this is the interview. I have skipped a couple of topics that might upset Glenn now if he saw it, there has been a lot of water under the bridge. Enjoy.

Maybe we can start with what happened yesterday. I have seen a video with you singing in Black Sabbath and yesterday I saw you perform a gospel song with Carola. I have to say that this is more your thing.

– “I had never heard her sing before and she had never heard me”.

So was this Anders Tengner´s idea (tour manager and well known Swedish rock journalist)?

– “Yes, when she heard that I was in town, she suggested that I came to her show and performed a song with her. You know me, I can sing anything. It all depends on what I want to do. To sing gospel comes very natural to me, spiritually I am the closest to soul and gospel”.

What was the title of the song?

– “We Will Stand”, I think it is a fairly new song that she has recorded recently”.

So you had never heard it before?

– “No, I heard it for the first time yesterday at the church”.

She also interviewed you on stage about the problems that you have overcome after the song and it was a very special moment. Were you nervous?

– “Absolutely. I have nothing against talking to you or the press about all this, but to stand in front of 2,000 people like that, but afterwards I thought that maybe 500 of these people has had experienced similar problems of their own. If an addict are to succeed he needs God in his life”.

The audience loved it. How did that make you feel?

– “It was wonderful, but you know, even when you saw me a while back in Umeå when I had a cold, I can do it now. It is all about wanting to do it. You should have seen the last gig that I did a couple of weeks ago”.

It was only because I was broke that I missed out on that.

– ” We filmed it, you have got to see it”.

Do you think there will be a big tour for the new “From Now On” album?

– “What is happening now is that we have recorded the album, and next week Christer from the label is going to Europe to sell it there, and we already have a deal for America. I will talk with promotor Thomas Johansson (EMA) about a Swedish tour tonight. Looking at March for Japan. I think I will reach success as we did with Trapeze back in the day, from people seeing me perform. They will say “Good God, who is this guy?”. We just have to invest some time and I will have to work hard for two years for the success to come. It will be by word of mouth”.

Have you signed for two records?

– “No, for this one. And I know what I am doing. Every time that somebody from a record company checks me out, I know they are there because they want to sign me”.

Is the tour going to kick off here in Sweden?

– “Not sure yet Mike. I know we are going to Japan in March. After that I have 15 gigs in the States with Trapeze and that is the last thing I will ever do with them. Polygram are rereleasing “You Are The Music…” and “Medusa” so I will end that chapter with these gigs. Mic Michaeli will be on keyboards and Mel and Dave will be there. I would like to do Europe with my band in June and July. I think America is pretty dead right now. Maybe we could do a few showcase gigs. If Deep Purple can not tour over there…”.

One can only hope that the melodic rock will rise again some day.

– “I have said this for the last three months, the only thing that is needed is for a band like Journey to return with a hit album. I want to talk about this grunge thing, I like it personally but I can not identify myself with it because it is one generation after me and I do not think that people from my generation should be involved in it. You have to follow your heart. I feel now that I should make another rock album, but after that I really should be doing a “Play Me Out” kind of album again”.

That would be fantastic.

– “That is what I have to do”.

You know what, “Play Me Out” is the only record that I have listen to this last week and if you consider that I will see Deep Purple tonight that is interesting. “Play Me Out” is one of these records that you just want to play over and over again every now and then.

– “I listened to it last week at Tengner´s place, and I had not heard it in 10 years, and I am thinking “God, this is good”…”.

So you had not heard it in 10 years? So every time that somebody has told you how much they love that record you are almost ignorant to it compared to the fans?

– “Yes, because I never listen to my own music. But people have played me some of the old stuff in recent days and I have to admit that some of it is pretty good. I hope that the people that come to see me now approach it with open minds, because when we are talking about Glenn Hughes it could be way more than rock, it could be anything”.

The broader, the better. I think that a lot of people would love to hear something from “Play Me Out”, not necessarily a full song, but at least part of one, in the set.

– “Let me tell you about the problem we have here. “Play Me Out” was done in a mist, I was living on another planet (laughs), so to bring that back to life might be difficult. Maybe if we used some tapes, remixed it a bit, sampled stuff. Now that I think back I do recall that we did “Space High” a few times in Trapeze and it worked well. In a few years, when I have established myself a bit more again, maybe I can think about stuff like this. Right now I have to prove myself to a lot of people that are wondering if this old dude can still cut it. So I have to go out there and deliver the goods. I played at Melody recently and we did “Phoenix Rising” and some stuff from “Phenomena” and they seemed to accept stuff like “Coast To Coast” and “This Time Around”… People seem to enjoy listening to me singing these songs and that makes me feel good. I love to sing ballads”.

When I listened to “Play Me Out” this week it occured to me that you could use “Well” as an outro, the gig is over, it closes the set on a tape…

– “That was an interesting idea. I will think about that”.

Let us talk a bit about the album. Anders played it to me so I have only heard it in passing at the moment. But I can tell that it is a broad album, which is good, and I think that if you did a video for one of the more adventurous songs, like “Walk On Water”, that it could connect with a lot of people.

– “Have you seen the lyrics to that song?”.

Is it very serious?

– “Oh man, when I wrote that song… a friend of mine called Bruce wrote the music, and I almost fell into a trance when I worked on it. It is all about reaching out to people, to help them. Somewhere in America somebody wants a bit of their old land back and a stranger comes along. It is a good song and I think that the lyrics is among the best I have ever written”.

When I heard that song I thought that the spirit of Deep Purple MK4 lives on through it.

– “You know, there are songs on this album that reminds me about MK4, it may have something to do about the guys in the band loving that era so much. Anders played me “Stormbringer” last week and I had not heard it in 15 years and I was thinking “This is not so bad?”. Some of that stuff is pretty good, is it not?

You could probably do stuff like, say, “Hold On” live…

– “We have talked about it. The Purple fans of course wants to hear a lot of songs”.

One way to make everybody happy is to work out a 10 minute…

– “…Medley, yes, and we have already done some of that. But the next tour, I want to do at least five songs from the new album. The live set will have to be longer next time we go out. There is so much to choose from. But I will not do “Smoke On The Water” again, that is not my song. We will play “You Keep On Moving” and “Burn”…”.

If you recorded some of these old numbers for a live album, you would kind of reintroduce them for the 1990s again. An album like that could work as a bridge from the past…

– “People are telling me that”.

I have no idea of knowing if you like live albums.

– “Yes, I like live records. When the timing is right that will happen. As far as this band is concerned, there will be changes. I do not want to turn out as Ritchie, but I think you know that if stuff from, say, “Play Me Out” is to be considered, then I would need guys that knows how to handle it”.

I noticed that Mic stands out on this record if you compare how much space he gets on the Europe records.

– “Before we entered the studio, I decided to push Mic and if you listen to my music you will know that keyboards have an important part to play, I would rather sing to keyboards than guitar. So I wanted him to shine”.

He shines like a star on this album.

– “I agree”.

Do you think that you will work with Mic later on as well?

– “They all know their stuff but if you talk about stuff like “Play Me Out”, I will need musicians that live and breathe jazz and funk. It is another universe”.

But then those guys will have to understand hard rock as well…

– “I know guys that I would like to get involved with. The best thing about me being sober now is that I can now plan ahead for years, not just for tomorrow. People know now that I have been clean for two years. So I have to go out there and prove it now. When somebody has been sick for as long as I have been, it takes time to get back to normal. But I do not want to have overnight success, I want to work for it. I want it to feel special. And I want people to see that I can handle it this time”.

Had it been possible to get to where you are now had you stayed in Los Angeles?

– “Through my spiritual journey I have now reached an understanding, that God has given me another chance. Maybe I had to go through all those years being so sick so that I could, when I found Christ, help other people”.

So it does not matter where you live these days?

– “No. I have not been tempted once in the last two years, nor drugs or alcohol”.

Of course I have never been to Los Angeles, but I can picture it…

– “When you use drugs, as I did when I was here back in 1988, I had no problem finding drugs. When you are sick you find others that are sick too. But now I only want to hang out with people that are clean. I can have people that are high around me at a hotel, and it does not bother me”

With your new life comes new responsibilities…

– “Yes, it is a bit strange to be the guy that is in charge now, because I used to get fired from other peoples bands. I was never fired bacause I could not sing, I was fired because I was sick”.

Can it be hard too to be in charge?

– “They all respect me. But you know what, everybody in Sweden is drunk when I go to a club. I tend to be the only person around that is sober here. I am the guy standing there with a Coca Cola (laughs)”.

Well the beer is so expensive in Sweden that people get half loaded before they even go out…

– “That is my theory as well”.

Sadly, we do not share the British pub culture…

– “No, but what I have done now for the last few months, I have spent three or four months in Sweden and I have used this time to establish a higher profile over here again. And if I can do the same elsewhere as well in the next couple of years, then I think I will be successful. I will be honest here, I will concentrate on Europe and Asia now and leave America alone. You have to be Pearl Jam or Michael Bolton to be heard in America now. I like Michael, but that stuff is too polished for me. Too much like Vegas. You have to be young and you have dress a certain way over there now. Just look at all the big bands that are dying on that market”.

It is a shame. It might change though. We just have to sit this out right now.

– “People cheered when they heard that Ozzy was back in Sabbath…”

Lets talk some more about the new album. How long did it take to write it and how much of it is original stuff?

– “Initially, I thought I would do 50% original material and 50% covers, but then Christer at the label said “Lets do a proper Glenn Hughes album”, so I wrote some stuff with Jean Beauvoir and I already had “Homeland”. Then I thought about the guys in the band and that I should involve them. So I wrote songs with Thomas and Mic, and then I got tapes sent to me from all over the country. In the end, we had 20 good songs to pick from. The 12 that we chose are perfect”.

Did you record “Burn” and “You Keep On Moving” for the Japanese market?

– “I did them more as B-sides and I really do not want to see them on the album itself”.

Who´s idea was it to rerecord these classics?

– “That was me. But I do not want the fans in Japan to think that I must do those songs. One possibility is to give these songs out for free with Burrn! magazine, which is a publication that is going to be important to me in Japan now. And they are really behind me. I think that the Japanese tour is going to be a big success”.

Have you been to Japan since the Purple days?

– “I was there with Hughes Thrall and did promotion and it was wonderful even then”.

But you only did interviews, no concerts?

– “I did about 100 interviews in one week and it was fantastic”.

So this will be the first shows in Japan since 1975. Then I have to believe that a lot of people are looking forward to this.

– “I have to be honest with you. I feel like a singer now. I do not feel a need to play bass anymore. It is almost a little scary. I will play bass in Trapeze but that will be it because I feel that I am a singer now. God decided that I would be a singer. You know that. God wanted me to sing and that it is my mission in life to sing and to help other people through this journey”.

Put it like this, people like me and my friends really get high on your voice, I can not even comprehend what life would be if it all went away.

– “It was kind of you to say that”.

The fact is, a member of the club sent me a tape recently and there is a song on it called “Flying” that is awesome.

– “Oh, then we are talking about the album that I did for Warner Brothers that were never released. They can still release that should they want to”.

That song, “Flying” touched my heart. You should release that, or rerecord it. It works so well with the female backing singers, I think it could be a hit. It has a lot of depth for a ballad.

– “I have done so much that you have never heard. Like this session that I did in London two years ago with Geoff Downes, that stuff is great”.

Is it a complete album?

– “It is 10 finished songs. I would love to work with Geoff again”.

But you wrote it thinking it would be released?

– “It is like a “Play Me Out” thing, but not mine alone. We opened up our souls when we did that and the atmosphere is really good. When I did the vocals it was all first takes. I think that “Play Me Out” is a fantastic album, but it is not a commercial album”.

That is true.

– “This one is a little more commercial. The fact is that if I ever do another “Play Me Out”, it will be more commercial. I do not want to compromise too much though. I do not want people to think that I have made it for the charts. But after having made quite a lot of music I know what I like the most and that is “Play Me Out”. It is so real. It is raw Glenn Hughes. It captured who I am”.

I have heard that you worked on the new George Lynch album.

– “I did not like that. It was like the Black Sabbath thing. The songs were recorded and I came in and sang on it. It was not something that I really wanted to do”.

So it was more of a session job?

– “Yes. I am more happy about a job that I did with Mark Bonilla, for Warners. It is called “American Mathador”. I sing on a cover of “Whiter Shade Of Pale” and it is a hit in Japan right now. So I would rather see that people checked that out”.

Who is Mark Bonilla?

– “He is a very talented guitarist. He reminds me of Tommy Bolin and he is a big fan of Tommy too. I will do the Mötley Crue album next week and it might take a couple of weeks to get that done”. (Glenn had told me earlier that the pay check was so big that he could not refuse)

I thought that they would have been done recording that by now…

– “Yes, it is taking them some time. I do not know what they want me to do. They obviously want some Glenn Hughes on it, but I do not think that it will be like the Whitesnake album I did, where you can not even hear me”.

I was disappointed when I heard that they had buried you in the mix on the “Slip Of The Tongue” album.

– “The thing is, he payed me an awful lot of money and he was very nice to me. So I did three songs. It was very high stuff and maybe he needed me to add some Glenn Hughes to it. It did not feel right and you can not really hear that I am there”.

I guess it might have been the first time that you saw David again after the Purple days, so how was it? Did you rekindle the old friendship again?

– “Yes we did. He was very nice to me and it was on his suggestion that I started to rid my body of poisons”.

Maybe he had done that too?

– “He had.”.

Might we see a collaboration again some day?

– “I doubt it very much. If you think about it, you know everything about the Purple sphere, David is definitely his own man. After Whitesnake and Coverdale/Page I think he may want to go back to the blues again. And that he calls it something else”. And Ian Gillan, and I am saying this because I know that you can take it, Ian is the only real deal in Deep Purple, down to earth and all that. I wrote a song with him a couple of years ago and we became really good friends. I am looking forward to seeing him again tonight”.

He did an excellent album with Roger Glover called “Accidentally On Purpose” that went out as a Gillan & Glover album. I guess you could do a Gillan & Hughes album, should you want to.

– “We have talked about it for three years. I liked that song he did with that Greek guy, that was really good. I hope that I get into the Swedish charts with the new album”.

Will you do a video?

– “We have already done one for “Picking Up The Pieces”, in 8mm over at Z-TV. I might do the gospel song with Carola too, not sure. I knew that she was a bit under the weather yesterday so I held back a little. I did not want to embarass her in front of her fans. Same thing with Purple tonight. They are on the the road now and they have to be good. And I have heard that it really is good. I want everybody to know that I love this band and I want them to be around forever. Because they are part of my past. I do not want anything bad to happen to them. But I do not believe for one minute that they would ask me to join them onstage for an encore. Ian Gillan would love it, but the guitarist… And I say this with the utmost respect, it would have been pretty cool if they had asked me to join them for the encore, would it not?”.


– “Tengner will ask them, but I know these guys and I remember how it was. If they say no, then so be it. I think that God has given me this opportunity to see them again so that I can think “It is not so bad, we are all older and we are alive”. None of this is a problem for me today”.

It would be nice if it happened, especially if you consider the last two Purple shows in Stockholm, with Blackmore not doing the encore in 1987 and no encore at all in 1991.

– “I know how Ritchie works. I remember some shows that we did in England and if he feels that he has blown it he will pull out all the stops to make it work the following night. I know through Tengner that Ritchie remembers that night in 1991, and both him and Jon Lord has said that it was the worst ever Purple show. He used to like to scare people. He could say that he had found out something terrible that would happen but that he could not say what. I remember a seance in Clearwell Castle. Baz (our roadie) had this fit, went down shaking and waving on the floor, screaming like mad. I think he saw a cow fly through the room or something. Ritchie loved that”.

They did a good show in Gothenburg after that disaster in Stockholm.

– “That is Ritchie for you. I am sure he really wanted revenge. My focus is to move ahead, musically and spiritually, and to find out how I can help other people. I believe in Karma. I do not want to do or say something bad during the day that might result in something negative. Life can be so short, like Tommy, not long before he passed away somebody overheard him say “I want to die young so that I leave a good looking body for the burial”. I am fine now, I do not have to ask God for money or anything like that because he is taking care of me now. I could probably live an OK life with the money that is coming in from the Purple years, probably forever”.

That is almost like a pension is it not?

– “Yes, the only thing that I have to do in the morning is to wake up, take a shower, do my thing and walk past the fear. It was the anxiety that made me sick in Deep Purple. I joined when I was 22 and within a year I had this Cocain addiction. If I look back, we had The Starship, the big cars, the women, and we are talking about orgies. All these wild Purple stories, and it made me into a raving sex maniac drug addict. Jon Lord had his problems with alcohol. I had to go through 18 years of hell to get out of it all. For some people that try Cocaine, it is horrible. To me it was like candy. Everything that you have heard about my stints with Gary Moore and Black Sabbath, it happened because I was sick and out of control. It is like cancer, if you are not dealing with it it will kill you. If you have a toothache it will hurt, and I had a toothache for 18 years. I know that we have talked about this before but I am walking on a new path and if people are doubting me they are crazy. Some people do not want you to make it, they will say “I will see you drunk in a bar soon”. They are just evil. They would rather see you die than to make it”.

Lets talk about the movie business, do you have any interest at all on that side of things?

– “Yes and no. Right now it is too early for me. But a good friend of mine, James Newton Howard, he is writing the scores for a lot of the big Hollywood hits and he is only 42 or something like that. He is a big fan and he would like to work with me some day which is nice. Pat Thrall wrote a song that we had in “Dragnet” and I know that he got 30,000 dollars for it. Once I was offered 120,000 dollars if I did a beer commercial. Just one hours work. In the end somebody else did it. There are only a few guys that are doing all that stuff, Mark Free is one of them. He is a friend of a friend. But I am too young to do that. I like the theater though. When I was 14 I did a play called “Salad Days” in school. The director gave me two parts”.

(End of interview)

By Mike Eriksson (if quoted let me know about it) – Deep Purple Forever! 1993 / Trinkelbonker (2023)

(My shots of said publication)

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Stand And Deliver

Posted: February 23, 2023 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff

Lovebites has a new video out called “Stand And Deliver”, a fast rocker from the “Judgment Day” album that is a bit of a barnstormer. The album has crashed in at number one on both the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums & Top 100 Rock Albums lists today and is rising fast on charts worldwide. Looks like they are going places…

(Images from said video)