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We had our annual Festus thing today and 22 people spent a few hours together with good food and some games. The weather was a bit risky, but we braved the rain and carried on. I actually won the Festus Trophy this year so it will be my job to arrange Festus 2015. That will be the 10th anniversary.

Good fun.

(My images)



Got this snapshot in the mail today, Johnnie Bolin posing with RETROFUTURE 7 in Sioux City.

Trace Keane arranged the session. Thank you, much appreciated.

(Image used with permission)

There will be a 4 page piece on David Coverdale in RETROFUTURE 8 next year, with some nice stuff from the old archives. I quite enjoyed working on this, there is nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia and RETROFUTURE is certainly the right place for some of that. The new issue is slowly building up and I like what I see. Loads of great stuff and a very interesting mix, as usual.

I love this hobby.