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Warner go for Blackhawk

Posted: April 18, 2018 in Comics, General, TV & Movies

Steven Spielberg is set to take on the classic Blackhawk (DC) comic for the silver screen. Early days yet, but the news broke a few hours ago. Seen here is issue 74 (March 1954).



Commando 5118

Posted: April 17, 2018 in Comics

Here is an exclusive preview of Commando (issue) 5118, “In Trouble Again” (due out on April 19 in the UK). Story by Mike Knowles, inside art by CT Rigby and cover art by Mike Dorey. Previously published as Commando 2741 in March 1994.

Tex Willer 43

Posted: April 13, 2018 in Comics

Added this title on import from Finland to the old collection the other day, Tex Willer (issue) 43. 304 pages in full colour.

Great nostalgia never dies.

Tex Willer 639

Posted: April 6, 2018 in Comics

Another brilliant Tex Willer cover (by Claudio Villa). Issue 639 is out on monday (April 9) in good old Norway.

It should come as no surprise that comic book fans will enjoy the hell out of the fact that Babymetal is now entering into their universe. If anything I  would say that it is highly likely that fans of Japanese art and comics were among the very first to discover Babymetal in the West back in 2014. PREVIEWSworld tweeted about the “Apocrypha” graphic novel yesterday and this will be the talk of the town in the world of fandom in the next few months. Expect this to be a hit. I found the book listed at AdLibris here in Sweden today. Looks like it sports 144 pages. Meanwhile, Rock & Metal media in the West is waking up and the Fox Day announcement is everywhere now. I even saw an article from the Grammys Stateside a few days ago, prior to the Fox Day hype. There is a lot of goodwill for Babymetal out there.

Visit PREVIEWSworld on Twitter here.


Posted: April 3, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Comics, Cool stuff, General

The Hollywood Reporter reported exclusively today that there will be a Babymetal comic titled “Apocrypha – The Legend Of Babymetal” in October. It is a cooperation between (Babymetal manager) Kobametal, Amuse Group USA and Z2 Comics. It will be illustrated by GMB Chomichuk.

Read the article here.

Commando 5114

Posted: April 3, 2018 in Comics


Here is an exclusive preview of Commando (issue) 5114, “The Waiting Game”, due for release on April 5 in the UK. Story by KP MacKenzie, inside art by Jose Maria Jorge and cover art by Ian Kennedy. Originally published as Commando 2734 in February 1994.