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From Falun, Sweden, we have Brothers Of Metal. Currently on the road in Europe to promote their latest album “Emblas Saga”, they are proud promoters of Viking Metal. I have to say that the album cover art by Sallai Péter is right up there with Rainbow “Rising”, Molly Hatchet´s debut and Dio´s “Holy Diver” as far as sheer power and beauty is concerned. And you need to own the Double Vinyl (Red) with the gatefold sleeve. I like that Viking Metal is a thing.


Good news for fans of Steve Vai as the classic “Passion & Warfare” was re-released today. It is a 30th Anniversary Limited Edition (1,500 copies) in Orange Vinyl. Probably his finest moment.


Commando artist Ian Kennedy is revisiting Battler Britton in a new 128 page comic from Rebellion on April 1. Not sure if it is a new take or stuff from the archives. In any case, it is good to see Battler Britton out there.

(My shot of the “Emblas Saga” album)

Ever since the early 1970s, I have had a soft spot for Vampirella. I dare say I have quite a collection. Therefore I simply could not resist “The Art Of Vampirella – 50th Anniversary Poster Book” (Dynamite, 2019). To give you an idea of how big this book is, I took a snapshot (see top image, left shot) with an ordinary (roughly) A4 sized comic. So what you get is 20 posters in high quality paper (not that I would dream of touching this book, I would rather buy two should I want to frame one or two of these works of art). This is the modern era Vampirella with artists like Lucio Parrillo (top image, right shot), Frank Cho, Artgerm and Warren Luow (to name a few). The cover art is by Artgerm, you get the full poster inside.

Now where the hell will I keep this book then? Nice problem to have though, I will figure it out.

(My image of said book)

Commando 5295-5298

Posted: January 9, 2020 in Comics

Commando 5295-5298 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Well we all know that Tarantino is one of the all time greats, but this is just pure gold. I finally got around to see “Once Upon A Time In… Hollywood” and I had done everything I could to avoid spoilers. Therefore, the meaning behind the title of the movie only dawned on me as I saw the last few scenes. I will not blow it here if you have not seen it but this is one of the best films that I have ever seen. The pure nostalgia alone is glorious, and the soundtrack (that I have mentioned before on this blog) is carefully picked in scenes that takes you back to Tinseltown in the late 1960s. Hell, there is enough art references (real and imagined) in this movie to send me to heaven. The movie posters alone… But back to the story. When you have Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate you just know that things are going to turn ugly. If you know anything about that dark twisted night (and you need to know what happened there back in the day to be able to fully appreciate this) you will certainly have this sense of unease throughout the movie. Add the characters of Brad Pitt (suspected wife murderer) and Leonardo DiCaprio (waning TV star living next door to Tate) and you find yourself in a wirlwind that takes you ever closer to you know what…

Nice to hear some early Deep Purple in this too.

(My shot of said DVD)

The Aquaman Legacy

Posted: January 2, 2020 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff, TV & Movies

I bought the 2018 “Aquaman” film on DVD a while back and yesterday I finally got around to seeing it. I was pleasantly surprised too, I think they have managed to create one of the best films in DC history, and that says something. The cast is brilliant (Nicole Kidman alone takes it up a notch or two, but Jason Momoa, Amber Herd, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson and Dolph Lundgren are all good in this). It is a stunningly beautiful film too, and we have to give a shoutout to director James Wan here for succeeding in creating such a wonderful world beneath the waves. He had a legacy to pick from as Aquaman the comic goes back to the late 1950s. These were the comics that I read as a boy around 1969-1971 in Sweden. He had a sidekick back then in Aqualad, kind of the same deal as Batman and Robin, but that is gone now. As is Robin in the modern Batman films. I checked out my collection and was happy to find an Aquaman book in the Showcase Series (DC Comics, 2007) in the house, so I can go back to the origins now and compare the old with the new. They have obviously taken it up a notch or two now but I like my nostalgia (in small doses) too.

(My shot of the book and the DVD)

Invasion 1984!

Posted: December 31, 2019 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff

And from the pages of Battle we have this wonderful (and brutal as f**k!) compilation of the 1983 comic “Invasion 1984!” (Rebellion, 2019). John Wagner went on to create Judge Dredd so he is a household name in the business. I quite enjoyed this, but you will never see anything like it again now. 130 pages.

(My shot of the Eric Bradbury cover)

Swedish Donald Duck Anniversary

Posted: December 30, 2019 in Books, Comics

The Walt Disney brand has always been strong in Sweden and back in 1968 they launched a Kalle Anka (that would be Donald Duck) Pocket book series with primarily Italian produced comics, and this has now (just in time for Christmas too) reached #500. I bought the very early ones and has succummed to nostalgia every now and then ever since. This one goes into the old collection because of the anniversary. Good cover too, and you can sort of touch the “500” part, like silvery snow or something. So they put some extra effort into it which is nice.

(My shot of said book)