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Just had the pleasure of reading the 92nd Lucky Luke book “En Cowboy i Paris” (Albumförlaget, 2019) and I was quite surprised. Like Asterix, the series lives on long after the original creators have passed away, but the quality is still high. If anything, this is one of the best adventures in my book and that speaks volumes.


Good old Ozzy has a new studio album called “Ordinary Man” coming out in early 2020. First video, “Under The Graveyard”, turns out to be a good heavy song so there is still hope.


New live release from Molly Hatchet on November 29, “Battleground”. They have a new singer, Jimmy Elkins.

(My shot of the Lucky Luke book)

Commando 5279-5282

Posted: November 14, 2019 in Comics

Commando 5279-5282 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

Christmas Nostalgia

Posted: November 13, 2019 in Comics, Cool stuff

I think this (Swedish) Carl Barks Christmas Special may be the first, but I hope it will turn into a tradition.

(My shot of said publication)

Swedish Comic Book History

Posted: November 11, 2019 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff

The third book about the Swedish Comic Book scene is out, “Svensk Seriehistoria – tredje boken från Svenskt Seriearkiv” (2019). Nearly 300 pages of detailed history in this edition, including information about some of the WWII comics that I collected. This takes a look at the 1970s, so it is the era that I was the most involved in.

Great job.

(My image of said book)


Posted: November 9, 2019 in Books, Comics, Cool stuff, Hobby, My countryside dream

Just counted the number of comic books and pocket books that I managed to put up in the new shelf system in the basement and landed on 4025. Still room for more, had to leave some space for additional Commando books. Seen here is a typical Swedish war comic from back in the day, Bajonett-serien #4 1972. I am a sucker for great art and the war comics had it (Commando still does), and the old school pocket books (crime, western etc) – that whole Pulp thing. Glad to have saved some since it is largely gone now, compared to what it was like in the old days. I support Commando on this blog because they are the last survivor in their field, and I will continue to delve into the Pulp scene as well. I guess I could showcase some of this stuff on the blog.

(My image)

Took me long enough to get around to this, but the basement is now official Man Cave territory (much like the rest of the house). This space was never used for anything before, now it is a proper room. Had a lot of fun with this so let me share some snapshots with you guys.

I hid the stairs in this way, finally got to use that Deep Purple flag. Some records, comics and part of my Babymetal collection in the steel shelf.

Album covers were great in the late 1960s, early 1970s. Have to showcase some of that. Swedish Master Of Kung Fu comic book. I just picked some fun stuff out of the old collection.

That Motörhead shower curtain actually hides a door (heating and water central). Looks pretty good, and this is a music room/library. Behind the door by the chair I have a sauna (magazine storage really) and a laundry area but you would never know would you.

Some eye-candy to check out behind glass. Tarja Turunen Tour Programme and one of my old magazines (LE, she can be seen holding SLICE 2006 on this cover – Michael Johansson covers both of them).

A small Ronnie James Dio exhibition. An issue of Classic Rock and “Magica” (with his autograph). Some Raquel Welch further down, but that is not for this post.

To be continued…

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Deep Purple SLICE 2006 pages (part of major MK4 story), looks good framed. Commando comics.

The shelves (nostalgia overdrive). Cosy chair.

Work in progress. I like this space a lot.

Nice to have a good spot for the Vinyl collection.


There is a small storage room behind that door. It will be transformed into a small office. The record player will be in there as well but the speakers will be in this room.

Nearly done. Suddenly, a new place in the house to dwell in. Feels great.

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