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DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE (issue) 24 was published 35 years ago, back in December 1981. MK4 cover with a nice shot by Simon Robinson taken in Liverpool 1976 (last gig in the 1970s). This was a good period in my life, I had established loads of contacts and I was writing for a growing number of publications. I was only 20 but I was meeting rock stars all the time and it was fast becoming a lifestyle.

Nice to have all these memories.


40 years ago today

Posted: December 4, 2016 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family

December 4 1976, ex Deep Purple guitarist Tommy Bolin dies of an overdose in Miami, Florida, hours after his final show as opening act for Jeff Beck. He was only 25. It was the end of an amazing journey that took him through some very interesting projects. Whatever he did though, was on his terms and it was always great. To know more about his life, read Greg Prato´s excellent book “Touched by Magic: The Tommy Bolin Story”.

Today we mourn the loss of this beautiful soul.