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Neon Angel

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Books, Classic Rock


I was a little too old to fall in love with The Runaways in the second half of the 70´s, but they were everywhere in our pop magazines of the day, so you could hardly not be aware of their presence. Later on, Joan Jett and Lita Ford had major hits and although the old band did not exist anymore, it was obvious that it had meant quite a lot to many people. They had been an important band in their own way.

Reading Cherie Currie´s biography “Neon Angel” (2010) is tough. The Runaways were totally exploited and nobody should be used in such a manner by adults who should know better. You get horrified and angry when you read this story, and there are chapters that are absolutely heartbreaking. Cherie survived, but could have been dead many times over. I have a lot of respect for her and I am glad that she is still around.

“Neon Angel” is a great book.


Top Gear

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies


I decided to collect Top Gear on DVD a few weeks ago and right now I have bought the last three seasons (16, 17 and 18) that have gone out over here. I have never owned a car (I guess I still might but it is not in the cards right now), but I can still appreciate what these guys are doing and for all sorts of reasons.

First of all, Top Gear just might be the last bastion for guys like me on television now, the only show left that gives the finger to political correctness. This is very important, since everything has gone completely mad lately (with the potential of a “1984” future now looking like it could possibly happen in the west at some point).

Top Gear is professional, highly entertaining, with great guests – and like James Bond, the action can be shot anywhere on the planet. Critics may say it belongs to another era, but that is a good thing, a vital sign that all is not lost.

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond are great guys, and as long as there is a Top Gear as we have come to love and adore it, the nightmare of  the “1984” society is still struggling to move into endgame position.

Oh, and the cars are pretty nice as well.

Commando – Chako cover

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Comics, Cool stuff


I just realised that the cover of UK comic book Commando issue 4692 has a drawing by my all time favorite artist Chako. This issue, titled “The Executioners”, was originally printed in book 118 in May 1964 and first saw re-print in book 647 in May 1972. In those days Chako was a highly visible artist, but very little was known about the man. I own hundreds and hundreds of comic books with his artwork but I only found out about his name a few years ago. And he is still a bit of a mystery. Books should have been written about this guy.

In any case, I never knew he worked for Commando, so this is fab.



RETROFUTURE 7 is in the works and we will put about 85% of it down this afternoon and get the rest down within a couple of weeks (fingers crossed). That means a mid May release, which I hope to achieve.

Seen here is a shot of Alien guitarist Tony Borg that I took back in 1990, which will be part of this issue. The band has a brand new album out on April 25 called “Eternity”, so the timing is good to look back on the good old days right now.

Still get a kick from this.

The Creature Commandos!

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Books, Comics


DC Comics The Creature Commandos! flew under my radar back in the day (so I doubt that it was ever published in Sweden), but the cover of this 2014 compilation caught my eye. This 290 page collection consists of material picked from Weird War Tales from 1980 to 1983 and it is basically monsters similar to Dracula, Frankenstein and The Werewolf that win WWII all by themselves wherever they go. Quite a crack team, and fairly entertaining. Not great, but not bad.

I do like these compilations though, they do serve a purpose.

Good to be bad

Posted: March 17, 2014 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Magazines


Bought Classic Rock´s limited edition Bad Company special last week, with full magazine and a brand new documentary on DVD from director Jon Brewer. Very expensive, but still worth it. I missed out on the Deep Purple special they published some time ago, which still pisses me off.

Looking at this film, I realise that I need to check out Queen with Paul Rodgers (dodged that project at the time, not sure why). The “10 from 6” Bad Company compilation is good listening right now.

Classic stuff.

The Last Hurrah

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Magazines


Some of the most popular magazines we see in Sweden these days are about history. Allt om Historia (issue 4 2014 can be seen here) is one of them, and a blurb on this cover states that they have 215.000 readers. The main story in this issue deals with the demise of the Swedish Empire and the wars of 1700-1721.

Nice cover depicting a Swedish cavalry charge at the battle of Helsingborg 1710 – painting by Marc Grieves.