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Yanked this old Battler Britton Picture Library Holiday Special out of the old collection this morning and read an adventure called “Battler Britton and the Buccaneers”. Strong nostalgic vibes here since this yarn was published in the Swedish Pilot title (with the same cover) when I was a lad. Still good after all these years too. This three adventure Holiday Special was published in 1983 by the looks of it.

They all had great covers back in the day.



I guess this blog is one of the first to point out that Deep Purple´s “Long Beach 1976” is coming out again on April 29. Double CD and Triple Vinyl formats. The trainspotters among you will of course see that the cover shot of David Coverdale was taken in 1974, two years ahead of this particular recording. Darn it.

Still, nice to get this one on Vinyl after all these years.

Delta Queen

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Comics, Cool stuff


Another Tex Willer that goes out in Norway today, “Delta Queen”. This is a complete adventure in full colour, 160 pages.

Got to love this!


Coming up this summer is the 76th Anniversery of the Battle of Britain. TIME LIFE has now published an excellent 132 page Special Commemorative Edition about the battle and it sports a Spitfire on the cover.

May it never be forgotten, that freedom has a price.

Did Hitler escape to Argentina?

Posted: March 28, 2016 in Books


I heard about author Harry Cooper from people that I respect so I decided to check out his book “Hitler In Argentina – The Documented Truth of Hitler´s Escape From Berlin” (Sharkhunters, 2014). The content blew my socks off, I was in no way prepared for this information. When one has accepted official history since childhood, that Hitler died in his bunker in Berlin in 1945, it comes as quite a surprise to know that the Allies all knew – starting with the Russians – that there was no proof that this was indeed the case. Harry Cooper has the documents from different intelligence services and he has been joined in his efforts to crack this mystery by countless men who either served themselves during WWII (including many Germans), or has a healthy interest in the matter. Former US president Ronald Reagan was a Sharkhunter. Harry and his friends have digged in archives all over the world for decades, they have visited countless locations and documented them. And, they have located witnesses that has completed a very large puzzle.

Harry Cooper is a hero and it pisses me off that we have been duped for so long.


Bought the new issue of Flugfiske i Norden (2 2016) and it is an excellent publication. It mentions in passing that the number of registered members have gone through the roof and I think I have an inkling to why that is. It just has to be the same reason why people are learning how to handle guns and are getting licenses for hunting even though most have no intention to spend too much of their spare time in the forest.

The people that are awake are simply preparing themselves for bad times. They have figured out that our elites are weak and that trouble is knocking at the door.

They are the clever few but the number is growing fast…


There is nothing better than a good collection of vinyl records, and somebody got this snapshot of Deep Purple´s singer David Coverdale during a private moment of bliss back in 1975. Checking out somebody´s record collection is like checking out somebody´s bookshelves. You get to know quite a lot about the person in very little time.

David lost his old record collection after his first divorce. That´s what I call a blow to the old nuts. I still have mine, thank the Gods.