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Falling Skies

Posted: March 31, 2016 in TV & Movies


The Steven Spielberg produced television series Falling Skies also came to a close in 2015 after five seasons of alien fighting action. I didn´t know that it was over but there you go. Final season goes out on DVD on April 18 over here.

Most of my favourite shows from the last few years are over – Two and a half men, Justified, Lost Girl and now Falling Skies. I´m clinging on to The Walking Dead, Bones and Vikings at this rate, but I have hopes for The Shannara Chronicles and Wynonna Earp.

As for comedies, I´m down to The Big Bang Theory now.


Lost Girl

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies


The fifth and final season of Lost Girl (2010-2015) comes out on DVD on May 16 along with a box that features the complete series. Now this show was a bit of a secret pleasure for me, but I always thought that it had a certain lighthearted charm. Anna Silk portrayed the Succubus Bo and she had a funny sidekick called Kenzi that actress Ksenia Solo put a lot of passion into – as far as supernatural shows go, it had it all. A bit cheeky, but good in its own way. I´m currently watching season 4.

This will do nicely on my next holiday on a rainy day.


Yanked this old Battler Britton Picture Library Holiday Special out of the old collection this morning and read an adventure called “Battler Britton and the Buccaneers”. Strong nostalgic vibes here since this yarn was published in the Swedish Pilot title (with the same cover) when I was a lad. Still good after all these years too. This three adventure Holiday Special was published in 1983 by the looks of it.

They all had great covers back in the day.

The Shannara Chronicles

Posted: March 31, 2016 in TV & Movies


The first season of The Shannara Chronicles arrives on DVD over here on May 2, and judging by the previews that I have seen this looks like a winner. Based on the writings of author Terry Brooks, the show has been filmed in New Zealand and I actually recognize a few spots from Xena Warrior Princess (I know, it´s the trainspotter in me!). Great cast, nice effects.

Looking forward to seeing this.

Eagle Adventure Special

Posted: March 31, 2016 in Comics, Cool stuff


Hibernia Comics in the UK has published a 64 page comic book called Eagle Adventure Special. It sports Dan Dare and other classic comics and the cover art is by the one and only Ian Kennedy.

Got to love this.

Spitfire anniversary

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines


One of the most enigmatic aircraft of WWII, the Spitfire, turns 80 in 2016. The reputation was assured after the Battle of Britain in 1940, in which this type alongside the Hurricane, defeated the Luftwaffe and basically changed the island to a massive aircraft carrier of democracy. This would come in handy later when it was payback time.

This publication from the UK is published by the staff of Fly Past Magazine.


I guess this blog is one of the first to point out that Deep Purple´s “Long Beach 1976” is coming out again on April 29. Double CD and Triple Vinyl formats. The trainspotters among you will of course see that the cover shot of David Coverdale was taken in 1974, two years ahead of this particular recording. Darn it.

Still, nice to get this one on Vinyl after all these years.