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Got this in the mail the other day, Odjursbladet 1 2015 (translates roughly to Monster Newsletter), and we´re talking about the regularly printed membership newsletter of Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (Great Lake Monster Association), still going strong after all these years. It´s a 4 page affair, with the latest sightings of The Great Lake Monster (also called Storsie), and the goings on of the Society. I thought that it could be fun for you guys to see this, and that this really is an ongoing thing.


The image at the front of this newsletter was taken by Kjell Oskarsson last Autumn from the mountain at Frösön (the Island located opposite the town of Östersund), and it´s one of many strange photographs taken in this lake (Storsjön – The Great Lake) over the years. Is it just two waves meeting creating these movements in the water on this image, or did Kjell catch something else? We´ll never know.

It´s quite interesting though, isn´t it?

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Got this from the printers yesterday, a RETROFUTURE greeting of sorts for the release party at Jane Doe here in Östersund (Jämtland County) coming up on March 4 (see earlier posts). It will be spread around the locale on all the tables etc, giving the visitor some background information to what the event is all about.

Good traffic to this blog right now as the news is spreading (facebook mainly).


220 Volt guitarist Thomas Drevin joins the RETROFUTURE 8 release party at Jane Doe in Östersund (Jämtland County) on March 4, siding up with drummer Björn Höglund as resident DJ´s for the night. Word is there will be a Battle of The Bands type thing going with Kiss & Deep Purple classics blasting out of the speakers. I´ve known Thomas for a long time, we even did our compulsary military stint together at the F4 Air Force base back in the day. But then there was 220 Volt, the band that he created from scratch with guitarist Mats Karlsson and which got signed by CBS in late 1982. Thomas did two albums with the band back then, “220 Volt” (1983) and “Power Games” (1984), and he has been part of the band ever since the comeback around 2002 again. I also recall a project he had for a while that was called Daylight Dealer (great name for a rock outfit), that never released an album. In any case, what a wonderful thing to see Thomas at this release party next week.

Press cutting is from LT (a local newspaper), from July 16 1983 (written by Per G. Orvegård). Got loads of cuttings in the old vaults.

Holy man

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Martin Popoff´s book on Whitesnake is out: “Sail Away – Whitesnake´s Fantastic Voyage” (Soundcheck Books, 2015). The story kicks off as it should with the Deep Purple years and then comes the story of David´s journey from the Purple split and onwards as told by many musicians and key people, including the man himself. Popoff is unique in that sense in this field, he has done so many interviews in his career that it becomes a very personal affair once he goes to town on a subject. Not so sure if Coverdale will appreciate all of it, but the fan gets a very informative reading experience. I can recommend “Sail Away…” to any fan of David Coverdale and his career.

And speaking of which, I was reached by the news yesterday that the next Whitesnake release will be an album called “The Purple Album”, on which he presents cover versions of tracks picked from the Deep Purple albums that he was on 40 years ago. A video for “Stormbringer” has gone online with more to come. I can´t believe that he managed to keep this sensational news a secret for so long. Still, this move makes sense, he has every right to pay tribute to the band that launched his career.

Good days.


There will be a release party for RETROFUTURE 8 (the last issue ever) in Östersund (Jämtland County) at Jane Doe on March 4, kicking off at 19.00. People can just pop in, have a few beers/drinks, listen to great music (lots of Kiss & Deep Purple for sure) and grab a magazine (or two) free of charge. Details will follow on this blog, but I can say that drummer Björn Höglund, one of the authors for the Kiss Special in this issue, will be one of the DJ´s for the night.

Jane Doe was the club that sported the great Deep Purple party I had back in November 2013, so this is the perfect location for this. RETROFUTURE 8 sports a Kiss Special (including an exclusive interview with legendary POSTER/OKEJ publisher Hans Hatwig), with writers such as Michael Mojo, Björn and Chris Laney adding their magic. There´s also some David Coverdale & Whitesnake stuff, some Judas Priest and Deep Purple. The rest is what it is, it really is one hell of an issue.

Stay tuned for more details.

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Here we go then – RETROFUTURE 8 has arrived from the printers. Copies will be mailed this week. On the local side, the fun will begin soon, but more on this later. Busy days right now, both at work and on my spare time. Crazy really. But time off is coming and that will give me a chance to concentrate on this.

This is a strong issue. It had to be.

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