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Beautiful Nightwish

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff


I was preoccupied with the new album from Toto when this arrived a few weeks ago, so I postponed it for a little while. Now I have it and I´ve listened to it a few times. Nightwish is like a finely tuned machine, they have truly perfected their craft. With “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” they reap the rewards of all the work that has ever gone into this project – it sounds easy but you try to copy this if you can. The mere fact that they present a new singer, Floor Jansen (their third) without any problems at all is not a surprise. They are Nightwish, a band to be emulated and copied, but never surpassed.

Not much to say, it´s a great album.

(Ad scanned from rock publication)



The Gunsmith is still around, but is now published as of book 400 by Western Trail Blazer – and with far better cover art (courtesy of Tony Masero) than before to boot. Glad to see that author J R. Roberts took his property elsewhere and that somebody was willing to pick it up so that the series merely missed a beat. I got the word reading the Rough Edges blog, always a good place to check out.

“The Lincoln Ransom” was very entertaining. The corpse of President Lincoln has been stolen and The Gunsmith is hired to fix the problem. And fix it he does, and he even has the time to seduce a few women along the way. We wouldn´t have it any other way.

Glad to see this, I´ll collect this series as of now.

Some comics will never die

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Comics


Got this in the mail today, Knasen (that´s Beetle Bailey obviously) issue 9 2015. Really nice cover, but then that´s quite often the case with this comic book. Knasen is published 23 times per year, which is not that bad considering the overall situation that this business is in these days over here. Knasen is a survivor though, I would be very surprised if this one bites the dust anytime soon. The youth of today´ll decide in the end. My generation is still pretty loyal.

Knasen has deserved a long life, let´s keep it going shall we…

Tex Willer rides

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Comics, Cool stuff


This is out today in Norway, the second Tex Willer comic book album in full colour. The adventure picked for this 160 page special is called (if translated) “And The Day Came”, suggesting some serious action.

Great cover.


Bought this the other day, a complete cooking system from Swedish manufacturer Trangia (based in Trångsviken, Jämtland County – that´s my neck of the woods actually). What you get is a portable system for backpackers (the Swedish and Finnish armies are using them as well), with a focus on light weight, durability and simple design. The company has been in business since 1925.

The system can be fuelled by alcohol, white gasoline fuel or gas cartridges (I´ve opted for the latter, a propane gas from Primus), and you´ll find several reviews by people on YouTube as they test the system. If the power grid fails, this is an important part of what you´ll need to get by.

Check out the Trangia homepage here.

Scott Eastwood

Posted: April 23, 2015 in General, Magazines


Interesting interview with actor Scott Eastwood in the latest issue of Cowboys & Indians (April 2015). If the name rings a bell it´s because he just happens to be the son of Clint Eastwood, which makes for good reading. Scott can be seen in a film called “The Longest Ride” right now, and more movies are in the pipeline. I can see that he was in “Fury”, last years WWII film with Brad Pitt, but I wasn´t aware of him at that time.

Cowboys & Indians is a great publication. Best ads in the business, that´s a given. Good articles in this issue includes a piece about the John Wayne classic “The Sons of Katie Elder” turning 50 and a look at legendary comic book character Lucky Luke (a giant everywhere, except for the US, which is a shame).

Cover shot was taken by W. Ben Glass.

Sarah Sundin

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Books


Author Sarah Sundin specializes in romantic novels set in WW II, and she´s doing quite a good job of it too. On top of her obvious qualities as a writer, the publisher is doing an excellent job with the covers as well. Seen here are three books, “In Perfect Time” (Revell, 2014), “On Distant Shores” (2013) and “With Every Letter” (2012).

Good job.