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This is nice. BGO Records have issued the two James Gang albums “Bang” (1973) and “Miami” (1974) that featured Tommy Bolin on guitar back to back on a single CD. It´s about time that somebody did – these are great rock albums and they deserve to be out there. Fans of Tommy´s stint in Deep Purple will love this stuff.

James Gang was a good band.


Why we fight

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Model manufacturer Master Box Ltd has issued yet another masterpiece, the Pin-up kit. You don´t get the jeep and the bike, but you do get the gals, and that´s something.

Got to love this.

The Prisoner

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I like the vibe of 60s television and The Prisoner (originally aired in 1967-1968) is one of these shows that stands out a mile – it just might be the weirdest show ever. But it was also quite clever and some episodes (they only made 17) are really rather excellent. Also, they had a real personality in Patrick McGoohan and judging by the bonus documentary on this DVD-box he was a tad eccentric, or perhaps a contender for some anger management therapy. Still, that acting was phenomenal, and nobody in the cast was actually killed, so everything turned out fine in the end. What is a fact is that this is surely one of the 60s shows that will never be forgotten. In fact, a remake would fit in rather nicely in this day and age. Much of the subject matter was highly controversial back in the day, but all too real now.

“I am not a number…”, indeed.

Made in Sweden

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Did you know that ABBA has sold over 400,000,000 albums and that they still sell roughly 3,000,000 records every year? That´s not bad is it? But then they were special, they really had a rare talent that separated them from the competition. They also progressed and ended up producing some of the most beautiful songs ever recorded when the end was in sight (they split in 1983). I liked the more innocent days of the early 70´s as well, and even much of what the members produced before that. But ABBA, that was something else.

Here´s another interesting fact. Sweden produces the most chart hits per capita in the world, followed by the UK and the US – perhaps it´s our long winters – maybe we just have more time to kill than most?

Seen here is the cover of Bravo, issue 51 1975. Good days.

Nice t-shirt

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Bought this t-shirt from Nordic Army Gross (among a few other items) and I like it. The symbol is one that you may recognise from aircraft belonging to the Swedish Air Force or the Swedish hockey team. It´s a symbol for Sweden.

Did my stint in the military in the Air Force about 34 years ago, so it means something to me still.


It has to be said that I enjoyed RETROFUTURE 8 quite a lot, and that´s why it´s so nice that the feedback I keep hearing by word of mouth is so strong, very positive indeed. I took a bit of a gamble with this issue, it featured stuff that you could get your head chopped off for these days and I said my piece about things in general. Not the kind of thing that you see every day in this country, screwed up as it is by political correctness and fear. But I had to do it. I was bowing out after all. No time to hold back then – if truth hurts, then so be it.

As you know, I´ve handed out the RETROFUTURE magazines for free in these parts (14.000 copies, in fact) and so this final issue also represents a climax of a phase in my life as a publisher that was a bit special in that sense. I really spent the last five years of this hobby doing it all just for the pure enjoyment of it all. It also cost me an arm and a leg to do it, but at least I had quite a lot of fun and I also left a bit of a legacy behind which I´m proud of. What I created with RETROFUTURE was unique and I doubt that anybody else will ever repeat what I did in these parts. I think I´ve earned the right to be proud.

Great feedback from prominent journalists (not your ordinary leftist crowd, but really good ones including a legendary publisher – it doesn´t get any better than that you know), and that feels really good I´ve to say. The article about A4, I5 and F4 (see earlier post) went down a storm and will in fact be republished in two publications. I think that says a lot, don´t you?

The major piece on prepping was written last year but it´s all coming true now, sad as that is. I was right on the money and it´s interesting to note that quite a lot of people was drawn to that subject. I think that people know, deep down, that we´re in serious trouble now. A fact that mainstream media still ignores, strange as that is.

So here we are then, the final batch of magazines have been given out (last few hundred went to Teknikland, I hear they just blew out the door!) and so RETROFUTURE is now really a thing of the past. I shall miss it.

Had a blast though, it was a good thing.

Ingrid Bergman honored

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The US Postal Service and their Swedish counterpart Posten AB will honor legendary actress Ingrid Bergman with stamps on August 19. One of the two Swedish stamps can be seen here, this is close in style to the US version that will also be the 19th in the Legends of Hollywood series. Ingrid Bergman was born in Stockholm on August 20 1915 (died on August 19 1982 in London).

She was one of the all time greats, no doubt about it.