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The Ingrid Pitt legacy

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Books


I recently discovered that Ingrid Pitt, who passed away in 2010, still has books coming out. Her husband Tony Rudlin is publishing material through what is now called The Ingrid Pitt Estate that was written in 2010, but not yet published. First title is “Annul Domini – The Jesus Factor” (Avalard, 2012), and I can see that others are coming up. This title has to do with time travelling, so it looks like an exciting read to me.

Friends of this blog will be aware that I recently posted an interview I did with Ingrid years ago here, and it was then that I discovered that her legacy lives on and that there will be new books coming out. This makes me a happy geezer!

Please support this.


The Rhinemann Exchange

Posted: June 29, 2013 in TV & Movies


I saw the 1977 mini-series “The Rhinemann Exchange” on DVD tonight, all five hours of it in one go (well, it was raining so I had the perfect excuse!). Based on the 1974 novel by Robert Ludlum, what you get is an old school adventure filmed in a different era. Stephen Collins and Lauren Hutton have the leads, but with short but sweet appearances by the likes of Larry Hagman and John Huston, the nostalgia factor is high.

And sometimes, a little bit of that is just what the doctor ordered…

Alien 25 year anniversary

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Classic Rock


EMI in Sweden has released a 25th anniversary edition of the first album from AOR rockers Alien, originally released back in 1988. It is a double CD, that also features the full US edition. They were huge in Sweden in the summer of 1988, with “Only One Woman” going Platinum, no less. Still, there were far better songs on this album, most notably “Tears Don´t Put Out The Fire”, “I´ve Been Waiting” and “Jaime Remember”. Guitarist Tony Borg was the ringleader, the secret weapon the wonderful voice of Jim Jidhed.

Hearing it now again after all these years in nice. I still got the vinyl somewhere, but until I got that hobby room going… It is very much an album of its time.

I did a few interviews back in the day. Tony Borg checked out my Deep Purple collection when Alien visited Östersund. Good memories. The last time I saw him was when we did an interview at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm, probably in 1989. The photograph you see here was taken outside the establishment.

Apparently, the original band has reunited and are doing concerts again, which is good to see. I for one, would like to see them record a new album. Clearly, they have unfinished business to attend to. 

As do I. I will include some of the classic stuff in RETROFUTURE 7 next year. After all, the timing is obviously right.

Welcome back chaps!

Modesty Blaise

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Books, Paperbacks - Pulps


Modesty Blaise officially turned 50 on May 13, which flew under my radar at the time but now that I know about it… Peter O´Donnells creation was first printed as a comic strip in UK newspaper The Evening Standard on this date back in 1963. A couple of years later he wrote a novel to tie in with a movie (see cover) and in the decades that followed his heroine would only grow bigger in stature.

Modesty Blaise still has her own comic book in Sweden, which I will be glad to present to you soon on this blog.

The Widow´s War

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Books


Just got this. “The Widow´s War” (Berkley, 2009) by Mary Mackey. Great cover art by artist Alan Ayers. The story takes place during the civil war in Kansas.

Another one for a rainy day.


Swedish guitar magazine FUZZ presents a good interview with Deep Purple´s Steve Morse in issue 5 2013. Steve talks about the new album and author Janne Stark thinks it´s the best since the mid 80´s. I would go a little further than that, I think it´s the best since the mid 70´s. Still, nice that the media has picked up on how great “Now What?!” really is.

Nice cover as well.


My friend Seth Nilsson took this snapshot of legendary bass player Lars Ericsson (he is the king around here) on his porch the other night, in the light of the midnight sun that we have here now. Lars is holding a copy of the very first fanzine from back in 1978 (owned by Seth) and the brand new Purple edition of RETROFUTURE 6. What a lovely surprise to get this in the mail. Thanks guys! I feel a sudden urge to listen to “Come Taste The Band” now, know what I mean?

As for the Purple edition, 100 has been shipped to the States for the upcoming Tommy Bolin Fan Jam in Sioux City over there (see earlier post) and another 400 has now gone out locally with another 400 to go (still waiting for the second shipment consisting of half the print though) – although some of these will be reserved for a Deep Purple party for later in the year.

Copies can be found right now at the County library in Östersund (along with a free western novel type publication – see earlier post) and at various pubs etc if you are lucky enough to spot them. Also, the record store Musik & Skit has them (I love that place, they are open Wednesdays 18.00-21.00 and sundays 12.00-16.00).

Lots of positive feedback from locals now, which is very nice.