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The Napoleonics wars in 1/32

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Cool stuff, Hobby


I´ve added a couple of Napoleonic Wars boxes in 1/32 from Italeri to the old collection and this size makes it much easier to paint the soldiers and (in this case) also the horses. These boxes are called British Light Cavalry 1815 and Austrian Infantry 1798-1805. I took this snapshot to illustrate what some of the actual contents in one of these boxes looks like, although it´s hard to see how good the detailing really is. I much prefere 1/32 over 1/72, for obvious reasons.

Italeri is doing a good job.


Riding shotgun

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Cool stuff, Hobby


This model in 1/16 from manufacturer Lindberg is pretty nice. I never saw a bigger Western box than this and it´s obvious that the Concord Stagecoast provides a real challenge just by its cheer size. Get this one right, no matter how long it takes, and you´ve got a nice looking centerpiece for your living room.

Images of professionally built kits can be found on the net.


When I left work this morning for my annual holiday, fate had it that my copy of the limited edition Whitesnake package had arrived, so I went to the store and picked it up. This is the “Deluxe Collector´s Edition Box Set” of “The Purple Album” and I think this is one of the finest releases under the Whitesnake banner in years. What you get is the CD/DVD version (with a couple of extra tracks in “Lady Luck” and “Comin´Home”), the double LP version, a poster, a limited edition lithograph and a sticker. And the box itself looks great, it´s really cool.

I´ve lived with this record for a while now, as I´m sure that you´ve (or most visitors to this blog), and I think that it serves the original purpose of David Coverdale well. It´s a nice homage to his days in Deep Purple 40 years ago, and I for one love it. The North American tour has been going on now for a few weeks and there´s plenty of videos to see on YouTube. Looks like the band is on fire to me. And Glenn Hughes joined the lads on stage for a few songs on the West Coast which was lovely – first time that they sang together in public since 1976.

There is much to celebrate and this wonderful box just nails it.


Here´s some good news for you. Deep Purple is a touring unit that is always delivering a first rate show and to prove the point (again) we´ll have not one but two live albums released back to back this summer. Fans can pick these up on August 28 in Europe and on September 18 Stateside. The albums are titled “From The Setting Sun… In Wacken” and “…To The Rising Sun In Tokyo”. That´s the 2013 headlining show at the Wacken Festival in Europe back in 2013, and a show at the Budokan in Japan from 2014. The Wacken gig was also shot for a 3D BluRay release, which is kind of cool, and a first for Deep Purple.

I´m going for the Super Box, if they go for that.

Crank it up

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Cool stuff, Magazines


Got to love this. Road Iron (issue 43) sports a really good cover. Model Jennifer Gianna is a cool chick, but take a look at that bike. See the four Focal speakers? They are pushed by a 600-watt Arch Audio Amp. It´s a beautiful creation, built by Mountain Creek Harley-Davidson in Dalton, Georgia.

Cover shot by Don Rogers.


You may recall the post about Deep Purple and the Gold record incident in Germany back in 1972 a few weeks ago. Well, new pictures from this day has popped up (from fans) so I thought that I should showcase one here now. I don´t know the source, could be a shot by EMI in Germany, but I don´t know. But there it is, the scandalous Gold record cut in half because “Fireball” had not quite made it yet. It´s such a bizarre incident in the Purple history. Actually, this story has doubled the daily visits to this blog and my guess is that a chunk of Purple fans took a look at this blog and decided that they liked it (as strange as it may or may not be). That´s cool and I´m glad for the new support.

Deep Purple ruled.

Dream bill

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Classic Rock


This is interesting. I just got word from Martina Edoff that she will support Tarja Turunen in Argentina at the Estadio Cubierto Malvinas on November 14. This is actually kind of a dream bill if you ask me, I mean here we have my two current favourite female singers sharing a stage together. I really hope that this is the beginning of something that will travel around the world in the future. It´s a package made in heaven.

Good luck Martina. Show South America how good you are.