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Meet Gabriela Gun

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


Allow an old man (54 and counting) to dream a little. A former Deep Purple fan club guy with over 60 Deep Purple magazines published since 1978 at that. The Deep Purple Family has inspired generations of talent and it´s still an ongoing thing. The one thing that they did on their solo albums but rarely on their rock stuff was to introduce female singers that could blend in with what they did. Think about stuff from David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Tommy Bolin, Jon Lord, Roger Glover… And I guess Ritchie Blackmore made a third career out of it in his Blackmore´s Night thing. However…

In this day and age, wouldn´t it be a beautiful thing if these guys could present a female vocalist – I´m talking Deep Purple, Rainbow or whatever now (the rock side) – maybe a brand new rock outfit from Glenn Hughes or Joe Lynn Turner to share the stage even – it´s just about the only thing left to do isn´t it?

If it happens I want to see Gabriela Gun from the Czech Republic in there – she could certainly nail it in both Deep Purple or Rainbow (or whatever), if given the chance. Vocally, it wouldn´t be a problem. As for the image, it could add years to what is already outstanding careers. The Deep Purple Family has been at it for nearly five decades (if you count 1968 and “Shades of Deep Purple” as the beginning of things), so why not bow out with something bold, something fresh that could reignite the whole thing? Would it really be such a bad idea? I, for one, would love to see it happen. Icing on the cake, a new flavour…

Gabriela Gun is in her early twenties, she has been a star back home for years and after attending Ken Tamplin´s Vocal Academy in America she´s been performing with the Trans Siberian Orchestra. In other words, she´s going places (and I think the nearly 100,000 followers on Facebook pretty much confirms that!). I hope that she´ll be invited into the Deep Purple Family in some shape or form, at some future date. I would welcome that and it would be an interesting thing to see.

Now I know that talk like this need some proof to back it up, so check out these videos from her time at Ken Tamplin´s school, singing “Burn” (2013) and having a go at some Ronnie James Dio stuff (2015, amazing!). View this here – DEEP PURPLEDIO.

Gabriela, I wish you all the best with your career!




Checked out a little village in Jämtland County called Fjällsta today. Lovely sceneries, two lakes nearby, nice old church. Not too many people, just a small community. I checked out some property and it was a nice little trip in good company.

This is the kind of place I want to end up living in eventually.

Dear old Buffalo Bill

Posted: January 31, 2016 in Comics, Jämtland (County)


Visited a huge second hand place in Brunflo (Jämtland County) on the way home from the property hunting trip today and I love these places (you never know what might pop up). I ended up buying a nice cookbook (I´ll blog about that later) and 11 issues of Buffalo from 1975-1976 (a Swedish Buffalo Bill comic book that I used to buy 40 years ago). Very nice covers. I might have one or two of these somewhere in the old collection, I´ll have to sort it all out some day (after the move).

Feels good.


40 years ago today, Deep Purple MK4 played in Rochester, New York, and back in April of 1992 photographer Stephen Wunrow touched on the subject in a major article about his life as a fan of the Purple Family in my publication DEEP PURPLE FOREVER (issue 5). Deep Purple were actually playing in his hometown, so there was no need for spending hours on the road for Stephen this night. Reading his piece now I can see that he was quite disappointed.

“I saw them at the Rochester War Memorial Arena, with Nazareth opening. Both “Come Taste The Band” and “Teaser” had decent airtime on the radio (more so than “Stormbringer”) and this morning a local station played the entire version of “Space Truckin´” from “Made In Japan”, which was a bit strange since it showcased how much things had changed. Still, I was ready to support Deep Purple once more if they could live up to the expectations. I ended up right in front of Tommy Bolin. Sadly, the show was an embarrassment, both visually and musically. I recall that I enjoyed Jon Lord and that Ian Paice was phenomenal, but Tommy was distracted and not really there. Glenn Hughes was terrible and David Coverdale seemed to be going on autopilot mode. It lacked a real identity. Tommy was painful to watch, it was just a loud wall of noise. I felt a great relief later when I heard that they had broken up”.

Indeed, if you look at reviews from this tour you will see that the band often failed to come across as the superior outfit that they were supposed to be, and even David Coverdale admitted in the UK press prior to the UK tour that was coming up next that all was not well. Clearly an attempt to lower expectations in case they didn´t deliver 100% on the return to home turf.

For Tommy, this was home though, and he was brilliant on some nights and not so brilliant on others. His spirit was probably not in it. The party side of things didn´t help. For Purple, the writing was on the wall.

Top image: Tommy Bolin on stage in Rochester, by Stephen Wunrow (c).

Still way up there

Posted: January 27, 2016 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies


I´m in a Louis De Funès period right now, watching some of his classic movies one by one. They still make me laugh after all these years. The guy was a genius, he has to be rated among the all time greats, like Chaplin, Terry Thomas and a select few. 800,000 people saw this one in Sweden, 17,000,000 in France.

Saw a documentary from France on the man a couple of weeks ago on television. Looks like the snobs in the cultural elite have finally realised what a national treasure he really was. What the hell took them so long?

Good luck finding anybody as good as De Funès today…

Boudicca´s daughter

Posted: January 26, 2016 in Cool stuff, Hobby, Magazines


Military Modelling (issue) 1 2016 sports a rather nice cover and it´s always interesting to view how the experts are having a go building a specific model. If you fancy the new Boudicca´s daughter resin bust you´ve a six page article with 26 images here to help you out on your little project.

I like this bust, it´s very cool.


Today we mourn the loss of Jimmy Bain, who passed away this weekend at 68. He will forever be remembered as being part of the most majestic Rainbow era (the band that produced “Rising” in 1976 and the live double “On Stage” on the following tour), and as a full blown member of early Dio (in 1983-1987 plus later stints).

Three of the five members of this particular Rainbow has now passed away. Cozy Powell was the first to go back in 1998 and Ronnie James Dio left us in 2010.

Today I´ll be listening to “Rising” and remember.