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Or you can have sugar in it too. Just get that helmet off and put whatever you want in it. I just thought that I would see what might happen with the stats if I spice the headlines up a bit (just think of all the pervs out there, how could it fail?).

(Actually bought this thing in a second hand store a few days ago, it is made of wood and I kind of like it)


Author Laura Shenton has a couple of Deep Purple books coming up in September. She published the book “Stormbringer” back in March and now we get books on “Fireball” and “Slaves And Masters” (all published by Wymer in their in-depth series). The gal is busy.

(My shot of “Fireball” poster with the covers of said books inserted)

Added a copy of the rare 1977 Glenn Hughes Single “I Found A Woman”/ “LA Cut Off” to the old collection a few days ago. Nice Trapeze shot on the front/back. Not sure how many variants there are out there but the coolest has to be the one with the California Jam shot on one side and another 1974 Purple shot on the flip side. I have actually had a test print of that particular cover in my collection since the late 1970s that was sent to me by Simon Robinson of the Deep Purple Appreciation Society (you can see the California Jam side on this image), but I never owned the actual 45. Issued on the Safari label through Deep Purple (Oversees) Limited back in the day, it is a nice reminder of the “Play Me Out” era.

(My shot of said Single and test print – many thanks Kalle for securing this for the old collection)

Infinity 35

Posted: May 30, 2021 in Comics, Cool stuff, Hobby, Magazines, TV & Movies

UK publication Infinity is now for sale on import here in Sweden. Could not resist checking it out (issue 35) and half of this stuff could have been published in my own publications back in the day. Lovely nostalgia. Any magazine that keeps you busy for an hour is obviously a good read. Any fan of this blog ought to love this title too.

(My shot of said publication)

This is awesome. The recent 10 concert run by Babymetal at the famous Budokan in Tokyo prompted Japanese publication Young Guitar to publish a Budokan Special (issue 6 2021), covering not just Babymetal but everything that has gone down at the prestigious arena since The Beatles opened up the place for rock music in 1966. They were the trailblazers, then you had Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and many others starting to pop up fairly regularly in the early 1970s followed by countless classic artists to this very day. Just think of all the live albums that has been recorded over the years at the Budokan. I can count quite a few that I can not live without, that is just a fact.

Deep Purple´s 1972 live album “Made In Japan” (that was partly recorded there) opened the floodgates – that album turned the Budokan into a place of legendery status world wide. It is, of course, a beautiful arena with good acoustics. And the history that surrounds this place is just fantastic. To see a Japanese publication go for a Tribute like this (and all thanks to Babymetal) warms my old rock´n´roll heart. Not only do you get all the dates as they cover all the great bands that has played there (which is great fun to begin with), but you also get to see pictures from many of the most iconic visits.

It really is a wonderful thing that Babymetal can inspire journalists to dive deep into rock history like this. For me, a die hard Purple fan since 1971 (whom stumbled across Babymetal in 2017), it is a beautiful thing to see that one is not alone in thinking that something very special has occured here. It may be a bit on the crazy side but there is nothing wrong about that. Babymetal would not exist without the rich history of everything that has happened before they were formed and found their niche. Having said that, their popularity is certainly attracting a new generation that can now discover this rich history and that is good on so many levels. When Rob Halford joined them onstage in 2016 it was a great thing for both Babymetal (to get that kind of endorsement) and for the legacy of Judas Priest. Millions have watched that clip on YouTube. Babymetal is the gateway to rock for a lot of people and I just love to see that something like that can happen. This magazine is just another indicator that this is actually going on. Big time.

Also worthy of note this week is that the Metal Hammer Podcast talks at length about the Babymetal phenomenon in episode 165 as they launch the big Babymetal Special in Metal Hammer (issue) 349. Good show too.

(My pictures showcasing the cover and a few spreads of the Young Guitar Budokan Special – many thanks Kalle for securing this magazine to the collection)

I absolutely love this album cover. What we have here is the latest album from Swedish all female rockers Thundermother. Originally released in 2020, “Heat Wave” was a Top 10 record in both Germany and Sweden. This Deluxe Edition was released about a week ago (Yellow & Blue Vinyls, nice gatefold sleeve, loads of pictures and information). The band was originally formed in 2009 and they have released four albums – “Rock´N´Roll Disaster” (2014), “Road Fever” (2015), “Thundermother” (2018) and this one. It is a good rock band, traces of AC/DC and old school vibes all along. Good riffs, very effective. And then there is this cover. I think most of us can appreciate that we have all been there and done that (listening to loud music surrounded by posters). This rates way way up there on the old cool-o-meter.

(My shot of said album)

Commando 5439-5442

Posted: May 27, 2021 in Comics

Commando 5439-5442 is out today in the UK. Just search “Commando comics” should you want to subscribe.

(Covers courtesy of Commando)

This is a continuation of earlier posts. The “classic era” Purple collection update is moving along nicely and the first 11 binders have been completed. At this point I have reached the “Abandon” era of Purple (sorting out the articles that suits the “classic era” line of binders) and at this point I have to start going through a massive stash of classic rock magazines from the last 22+ years. Meaning it is going to be time consuming from now on. Still, having a good time with this and my annual holiday is coming up pretty soon.

(My shot of the last couple of binders, spreads from Bassist & Bass Techniques and Metal Hammer showcased)

We have good news coming out of the UK as the government has initiated an ongoing test programme to open up for concerts etc again. A smaller version of the Download Festival (10,000 people allowed) called the Download Pilot Festival will occour in late June. Camping only and once you enter the grounds there is no going out and in as in normal times. You also need to get tested negative but so far I have not seen any mention of a Vaccine Passport (which is a horrible idea to begin with) in the official statements from the powers that be. Nor will masks be necessary. The line-up (some 40 bands) will be made official on May 28.

The death of Tawny Kitaen has resulted in a big wave of Whitesnake nostalgia and “Here I Go Again” has now topped the Billboard Hot Hard Rock Songs for two consecutive weeks. The David Coverdale/Bernie Marsden penned song first saw the light of day on the 1982 Whitesnake album “Saints & Sinners” and was a minor hit at the time. However, as the band re-recorded the song for the “1987” album, it really found a huge audience becuse of the video that featured Tawny. And of course that is the video that really stood out, the most epic of them all. So here we are all these years later, and a 1987 hit song is No.1 all over again (at least on the rock chart). It has to be said though that Coverdale co-wrote some of the best hit songs of all time during his post Deep Purple career and songs like “Here I Go Again” means a lot to the generation that lived it.

(My shot of 1982 and 1987 ads from UK media)