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Spending a lot of time on reshaping the blog at the moment, deleting posts. I have done something like four years (2012 into 2016) at the moment, and on a good note it is making this blog a bit sharper. More focused. Some things will have to go, like the Pulp cover of the week thing. Good fun but it needs to go. I hope to be done within a few days, I do have other things on my mind now as you may know (see last post). July is likely to be a bit slow here but at least I am still up for keeping the legacy alive. Looking back, there is a lot of good stuff on this blog and it would have been a shame to let it all go.

Thank you for still caring (the stats are still very good!).

(Top image, Over The Rainbow live shot by me, DEEP PURPLE FOREVER #1 cover by Michael Johansson)


Well the hunt is over. Found my place in the countryside a couple of weeks ago after years of property hunting and things are in motion as we speak (it will take a couple of weeks to clear the paperwork). The property is located in a nice little village called Stugun (population ca 650), near great fishing waters and with a mountain rising closeby (this shot shows the back of the house). It was built in the 1960s and I like that era a lot. My holiday kicks in next wednesday and then the big move is in the cards. I will have no problem finding things to do this summer and beyond, this is going to be one hell of a project. Just glad the hunt is over.

A friend of mine (hello Staffan!) actually gave me a housewarming present yesterday, a Technics Vinyl Player no less. So lucky to have such wonderful friends and I appreciate this so much. I feel pretty good about finally having a chance to be able to set up a proper music room (also called living room…). Soon I will be able to revisit the old (and not so old) Vinyl collection. This alone excites me so much that I will celebrate all this with some excellent Swedish cake tonight (Frödinge Prinsesstårta).


Good times.


Took the decision to let this blog live to see another day a few hours ago. The EU will no doubt do their thing a week from now and implement Article 13 (or it will happen later on), so I will adapt. A huge chunk of the contents of this blog will be removed and I will have to rethink the 2.0 version. But it will live on.

Commando 5135-5138

Posted: June 28, 2018 in Comics


Commando 5135-5138 is out today in the UK. See categories for a good deal should you want to subscribe.

Commando 5137

Posted: June 26, 2018 in Comics

Here is an exclusive preview of Commando 5137, “Next Stop… Freedom!” (due out on June 28). Story by Richard Davis, inside art by Morhain and cover art by Neil Roberts.

Complete Columbo

Posted: June 21, 2018 in General, TV & Movies

For my generation, Columbo was one of the best shows on television. Peter Falk was great as the seemingly disoriented homicide detective. But of course that was just a front and the bad guys always underestimated him at first glance. In early July we will see this box, “The Complete Series” (36 DVDs) here in Sweden and it is very cheap. I must have payed ten times that price when I bought this in Season boxes years ago.

Well, somebody will be very happy.


Posted: June 20, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Babymetal has posted this image on their official channels today, congratulating Yuimetal on her birthday. This is probably as close as we are going to get on any kind of official word regarding the situation and the way I see it, darkness – as represented here by this eclipse – is slowly turning into light. In other words, Yui is still part of Babymetal and she will be back.

You have got to hand it to them, communicating like this.