Germany goes bonkers for Babymetal

Posted: June 2, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Well Babymetal just played a phenomenal concert a few hours ago at the Rock Am Ring Festival in Germany and the crowd loved every second of it. This is by far the best reaction that Babymetal has ever had in Germany, something is clearly happening here and you can bet your ass that the days of playing in 3,000 seaters in this country are over. Babymetal has conquered Germany. Today they will perform at the sister festival, Rock Im Park. There was a change in the line-up from the US Tour in that guitarist Leda has been replaced by Takayoshi, this sort of thing happens now and then in Babymetal in order for it to work. These guys have things to do elsewhere every now and then, but Kobametal has it all running like clockwork.

Right now, Babymetal is the best band in the world.

(Official image)


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