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Posted: October 31, 2013 in TV & Movies


I saw the Sci-Fi film “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman on DVD tonight, and I quite enjoyed it. Pretty epic stuff, so full points for getting it right. Also, I think it is pretty memorable – this one just might be a classic.

Glad I bought it.


Classic Mountain

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Classic Rock


Mountain´s 1985 album “Go For Your Life” is out on CD, and I have been listening to it quite a bit. Perhaps not hip enough to survive for long in the MTV era that was the mid 80´s, this record was still one hell of a release back in the day. I recommend it to anybody. I think Leslie West is an underrated guitarist.

This is Classic Rock.

The Untouchables

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family


2013 has turned out to be a great year for Deep Purple. Not only has they scored a massive success with the current studio album “Now What?”, with a great tour that is slowly moving around the globe as we speak – they have also got a Top 5 hit in many countries right now with “Perfect Strangers – Live” (Eagle Vision in Europe). I bought the special double LP/ double CD/DVD version (had to have it).

Recorded in Australia at the very beginning of the reunion tour back in 1984 (no lasers and no Beethoven yet), this full concert film has been hidden away in some office ever since (little snippets may have been used in the “Knocking At Your Backdoor” video, not sure). This makes me think that somebody needs a good spanking. At the very least, they could have released “Under The Gun” as an official video promoting the “Perfect Strangers” tour back in the day. The entire band is on fire here.

It is a little strange to see Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore in such good spirits (smiling a lot), but this was early days when they must have been quite pumped up and ready to go. Ritchie is a joy to watch, he is clearly on a mission. His energy reminds me of what you see on the Rainbow “Live Between The Eyes” DVD. His solo towards the end of “Space Truckin´”, standing there alone making incredible sounds, is quite a moment. I remember him doing that in Stockholm in the summer of 1985, using the surrounding speakers on stage in what appeared to be an experiment. With the sound kind of moving around the stage (and the venue). Seeing it here again, I finally get it.

“Perfect Strangers – Live” is a good addition to the collection.


Loads of work connected to the upcoming Deep Purple party of mine at Jane Doe here in Östersund (Jämtland county, Sweden), planned to take place on Saturday November 23 (kicking off at 19.00, see earlier posts). Hundreds and hundreds of magazines (RETROFUTURE 6 – both editions) with information about the party is going out right now in many ways, many of them simply dropped in mail boxes in the general area. Pictured here is part of a couple of hundred RETROFUTURE 6 (Purple edition) that I have just prepared. Needless to say, this is one hell of a campaign. But it is all part of me ending this hobby of mine with some interesting moments – and a proper Deep Purple party is obviously going to be a good one. 62 out of the 100 magazines that I have published since 1978 have been Deep Purple Fan Club issues (DEEP PURPLE MAGAZINE existed 1978-1983 and DEEP PURPLE FOREVER 1991-2003). Many interviews and articles have been in print after that as well, as many of you know. Plenty of magazines will be up for grabs on this night (see earlier post).

Packages with books, DVD´s, CD´s etc are still coming in. Fans will have a decent shot at getting something for free on this night. I am calling in lots of favours and some real goodwill from great people that I have been in touch with over the years. Some of the response has been very heartwarming to say the least.

I will present a snapshot before the night showing it all. Any Purple related club (or artist) out there that wants to add something to this certainly can. I have noticed that plenty of people have picked up on this. I can be contacted through this blog (see categories).

Local media (newspapers and radio) has been notified about the party, we will see if somebody picks up on this before it happens or if somebody decides to just cover it on the night in question.

Tasted one of the drinks they are creating at Jane Doe for the party last week, very tasty. Somebody will get hammered… I detected a bottle of Fireball Whisky as well, I didn´t know that such a brand existed. Google it! Very fitting for this night I would say.

As I have said before there will not be a band but I have called some friends in to do the music as DJ´s. I don´t want to mention names, let it be a surprise for the night! I do feel blessed by the response. Nobody is making any money on this (except the establishment, but that´s OK, good fun to support a local rock club I say) – this is for the love of Deep Purple and the Purple family and all the great music. And for meeting people that share this love.

I will drop off 50 copies of RETROFUTURE 6 (Purple edition) at Jane Doe tomorrow (Thursday), with a heads up about the party.

Charles XII – plastic soldiers

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Hobby


Found this box, still wrapped in plastic. Little plastic soldiers (1/72) from manufacturer Zvezda (Russia), with horses, wagons and artillery pieces. I used to love these kits when I was a lad, had plenty of them in all kind of colours. When I grew up it was all Airfix stuff, now the scene has changed and the few places that still sell this stuff has a lot of sets from all over the world to offer.

I like the fact that this is Swedish soldiers, from the Charles XII era. Sweden invaded Russia back then so I can see why a Russian market can exist.


Here is a couple of goodies that will be handed out at the upcoming Deep Purple party at Jane Doe in Östersund on November 23. Two signed books by author Martin Popoff – the first two that he wrote about the band. These are quite rare in Sweden so this is quite exclusive. Stay tuned for more updates on this event.

I did interview Martin Popoff for my TOP SECRET 2009 publication once, which is up on this blog should you want to read it. Martin has said nice things about this blog too, which is very nice.

– “Man, I could just read that forever… so cool. You have almost created your own alternate universe”.

Lovely feedback from a true rocker.


Last year we (the RETROFUTURE team) visited Brunflo Kastal in Jämtland County, to take some snapshots of the battlegrounds of 1644, when a Swedish army defeated the locals under Norwegian command. Jämtland belonged to Norway back then, and plenty of wars were fought over the centuries before these crucial days when history took place in these parts. The wars were not yet over, but Jämtland became a Swedish County in 1645 and it still is to this day.

Yesterday we returned to this place and delivered 100 free copies of RETROFUTURE 6 (Western edition) – with a centre spread about the 1644 battle – to people living in this area, including the villages Hälle and Gärde that were burnt to the ground in the battle.

This is all part of my current RETROFUTURE project in which about 10.000 magazines have now gone out like this around Jämtland, especially around Lake Storsjön, The Great Lake.

It is a lovely project and the feedback has been very good.

(Photograph by Seth Nilsson – many thanks!)