Filming for Boogeymen

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Jämtland (County), My photographs, The Great Lake Monster


Did an interview for Canadian production company CMJ Productions this morning for an upcoming show called Boogeymen. This is a travel show that is being shot right now for airing next year. They wanted to include Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster) and contacted me a while back having seen my posts on this subject on this blog. So I set them up with the right contacts regarding this particular subject and they asked me to talk to them on camera as well. Hard to refuse, so I guess I am a Boogeyman now! The show will also include segments about Östersund and the surroundings.

Initially, the plan was to shoot down at Frösö harbour on the island of Frösön in lake Storsjön (The Great Lake), which is where I saw this elusive animal (whatever it may turn out to be) back in 1977. The sunlight was pretty good, but the wind made it impossible to do the job there. So the guys, three hard working young men that worked their asses off to make it work (Alexis, Yan and Guillaume), decided to film just a few shots of me walking around the area and looking out at the water etc, and then it seemed like a good idea to move operations to Jamtli (a local museum) to get the interview done indoors. One hour turned into three but in the end I think they could walk away with some decent quotes. I have no idea how they are going to save the rest of the schedule for today, but I am sure they will figure it out. I think they are in town for three days to get what they came here for.

Good fun, and I hope the Great Lake Monster episode turns out to be a successful inclusion in the series. Glad to help put this town on the map.

(Pictures were taken by Seth Nilsson, myself and a nice lady at Jamtli – many thanks!)


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