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My old buddy Staffan Eriksson has recorded an album that is to be released on CD/LP later this year. We will come to the details later on but I have heard it and it is absolutely brilliant. I have written a few words for the cover, always nice when you have great music to celebrate. Staffan and I has worked together many years, he was always there for me when I was working on my magazines (DEEP PURPLE FOREVER, SLICE, LUCY IN THE SKY, RETROFUTURE etc). I basically got to know him because of our shared love for Deep Purple and I have seen him take on such a variety of projects over the years. Photography, painting, writing music for a variety of productions (musicals, theater etc). But now he goes back to his roots, to the 1960s. We are talking The Beatles, The Hollies and stuff like that, although all music is original. The album is mixed by drummer Björn Höglund (Hoven Droven, The Summit), whom also plays, and the vocals are handled by Michael Klemmé (The Summit, A Band Called Stanley, Marmalade Souls). Guitarist Anders Kronlund (from Lars Vegas fame) has been involved since day one. Staffan has collected some serious talent from Jämtland County on this album.

Took some snapshots today at the Jamtli Museum grounds in Östersund, at the “Old church” (built a few years ago to resemble what it looked like 500 years ago or so). I picked the location because I love that church and I have shot at least one model there before (Ellinor Nordbakk as Tornado Blaze, one of the western novels I did for RETROFUTURE). I basically just wanted some shots for the blog and I got what I needed in 10 minutes. We were pressed for time, but I like what I got so for now it is OK.

(To be continued)

Ended my day with a beer at Captain Cook in Östersund (Jämtland County) and watched Michael Mojo Nilsson crank up his guitar with his blues mates. We are going through a bit of a heat wave over here in the last few weeks and it was a hot night in more ways than the excellent musicianship on that stage. Mojo is one of the best blues artists in Europe, his 2013 album “The Abduction Of Big Papa Mojo” is certainly top notch. And I always wanted a live album from this guy.

Seen here is a few shots from the night and the cover I gave him for RETROFUTURE 7 (2014). You can read that interview on this blog.

After a few years in hiatus we can now enjoy M/S Thomée again in Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) here in Jämtland County. It has been in operation since 1875 but the last few years was problematic and local politicians did not help. Now it has been rescued by people that care, by the owners of Sir Winston as a matter of fact (a local restaurant). I knew that drinking a beer or two there every now and then was a good thing. In a cosmic sense, we can now all enjoy this wonderful boat again. The top image was taken at the harbour in Östersund back in 2009.

I took this shot from a bridge in 2011 as I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I have published both pictures in different magazines back in the Retrofuture days.

Same position, a few seconds later. Pretty happy of these particular shots. There is something magical about this boat.

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Here is a snapshot (thank you Kalle) with yours truly and Arne Johansson. He paid me a visit this evening and shot an interview about my life as a freelance journalist and magazine publisher. He is putting together a massive project in which he is talking with musicians etc from these parts and it will all be stashed away for safe keeping at the Jamtli museum archives some day. I know he has put together one film and I guess a minute or two from this meeting might pop up somewhere at some time in the future. Always happy to help good people that do interesting projects out.

Good luck.

(Spot the Babymetal t-shirt!)

It was five years ago now that I published the 28 page Tornado Blaze novel magazine. The novel itself went out in two parts and ended in RETROFUTURE 6 roughly six months later. The model is the very wonderful Ellinor Nordbakk. Good days.

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Back in October 2013, a Canadian television crew visited these parts (Jämtland County, Sweden) and shot a documentary about Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster, also known as Storsie). It was aired in June 2014 in Canada as Boogeymen, “Storsie” episode. I managed to see it on YouTube the other day just before it was removed. I was interviewed and they used quite a lot of stuff from my 2012 publication “Storsjöodjuret”.

It is what it is.

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I love newsstands. We call them kiosks here in Sweden. As a publisher of over 100 magazines you may guess that this whole thing about magazines is a passion. I guess this blog says it all. When I took a few snapshots of a classic newsstand at the Jamtli museum grounds yesterday – see the Sweden rocks (2) post – a nice little idea popped up in my head. Why not build one of these things and put it out in the yard, just for the hell of it? Yeah, why the hell not?


I will buy my own property some day, so I will have the space to do it. These things are pretty small so it wouldn´t be all that expensive to build one, so I think it may be a fun thing to do. I could certainly model it on a classic newsstand, like the one you see here. There used to be thousands of them, now you hardly ever see them.

I would have an absolute ball with a project like this. And I would fill it up with my own publications and try to get stuff that makes it look authentic. Like old signs etc.

Yep, I will add this to the runestone project. Got to have some fun you know.

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