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News from Norway

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Comics


Just when you thought you couldn´t get more envious of the good folks of Norway, here we go again… Egmont has just launched a 200 page pocket book series called Pionér. It promises new adventures as well as re-runs from the mid 70´s, when around 60 comic books (in this series) were released. This is a western made in Italy (like Tex Willer), and I don´t think I ever saw this one here in Sweden.

It deals with a family, the MacDonalds, that lives through many legendary moments of the Wild West, like The Alamo and The O.K Corral (it says on the back), which actually sounds pretty cool.

Got to love Norway.



Deep Purple ends their new album “Now What?!” with a track called “Vincent Price”, in a wonderful homage to the late actor from countless scary movies. I had to smile when I first heard it, they obviously had a great time recording this song.

“Lightning flashing on a heavy iron gate. Scares me to death but I just can´t wait. Deep in the dungeon there´s a rattling of chains, Mad Dr Phibes gonna eat my brains. It feels so good to be afraid. Vincent Price is back again” etc etc.


The comic book cover you see here comes from a series called Vincent Price Presents (issue 8, 2008), published by Blue Water Comics.

The legend lives on.

Terrifying tales

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Books


Here is a cool book that I am glad to have in the old library, “The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women” (Carroll & Graf Publishers, 2001), edited by Stephen Jones and featuring an introduction by Hammer horror star Ingrid Pitt (whom can also be seen on the cover). Clearly, these guys saw what was coming. Anne Rice was hot back then, and she is featured in this 626 page volume along with many other female authors.

I bought it because of the Ingrid Pitt cover, she just happens to be one of my all time favourite people (she passed away in 2010). “Where Eagles Dare” was a huge film for me when I was a kid. I interviewed her once, I guess that could be something for this blog later on.

Carroll & Graf published a series called “The Mammoth Book of…”, which included countless titles. It was a neat idea.

This one had a fantastic cover.


Normally I wouldn´t mention a show like this but the Deep Purple documentary on Vh1 Classic – “Behind The Music Remastered: Deep Purple” (first US airing, April 27th, 9 pm) is one that I helped out with scans of old articles etc for, so why not? I have not seen it but producer Joss Crowley confirms that my name is credited in the end roller “thanks” section.

It feels good that the show airs when Deep Purple release the new album, they could use the promotion in the States. Here in Europe, the magazine covers keeps on coming – Classic Rock in Germany being one. It seems the press loves Deep Purple right now.

(Above – promotional picture from Edel)


Posted: April 19, 2013 in Comics


I mentioned this comic book character in my last post regarding Andy Capp, so I might as well show you what he looks like. This is a copy of his Swedish comic book (issue 4 2004). He is the creation of a Norwegian called Frode Överli.

Pondus is probably in his forties, closing in on 50. He loves Classic Rock and hates everybody that listens to crap. He has a wife, a boring job, kids and a dog. He lives for sports and play football with no consideration for broken bones (anything goes, a true reminder of Andy Capp). Hell, I know people like him!

He also works part time at a pub, his best mate is a Kiss fanatic and knows a thing or two about how not to approach the ladies. And like Andy Capp, his mate works hard not to get a job.

I don´t know how far this comic book character has travelled, but he is pure fun and should be an international success.

Andy Capp

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Comics


Andy Capp used to be big in Sweden, but I don´t think he has been published since the late 70´s here. Creator Reg Smythe passed away in 1998 but the cartoon is still around (at least, in the UK). Here, he had his own comic book and there were loads of pocket editions as well.

I can see on Wikipedia that the name Andy Capp was a bit of a joke in itself – a northeastern (he resides in Hartlepool) pronunciation of “handicap”. A working class guy never worked harder not to work.

When I was a kid I thought he was hilarious, and the grown ups liked him too. I guess everybody could relate to somebody. The legacy probably lives on in comic books like Pondus now.

Today´s Andy Capp seems a little bit nicer, a sign of the times. 

(Above, Fleetway edition with 1962 strips – year of print unknown)

Battler Britton in Finland

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Comics


I just wanted to add this to my last post. This is a 276 page Battler Britton special, printed by Egmont in Finland in 2005. It consists of a few classic adventures and some history about the comic books and some planes etc inbetween. A good way to bring a classic character back to life – and one that I would recommend UK publishers to consider.

If they can do it in Finland…