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I like this cover. Japanese publication Young Guitar (January 1991). Ritchie Blackmore was promoting the Deep Purple album “Slaves And Masters” at the time. For a man that never talked that much to the press, he was certainly trying to support the Joe Lynn Turner fronted Deep Purple at the time.

Very tasteful cover shot.


Nice Zeppelin cover

Posted: September 29, 2018 in Classic Rock, General, Magazines

Japanese publication Rockin´On (October 2018). Robert Plant and Jimmy Page on the cover. Led Zeppelin had a good thing going back in the day.

Babymetal has just uploaded a clip of “Distortion” that was shot at the Download Festival back in June. It is good to see that Babymetal is gearing up for another album, and my guess it that we will see that next year. In the meantime, we have new reaction videos on YouTube every single day, and this has to mean something.

Watch the live “Distortion” clip here.

This is the cover of the Japanese version of the upcoming “Distortion” (studio plus live at Download 2018) 12 inch Vinyl that will see worldwide release on November 23. I guess it could look like this in Europe as well but earMusic is not on the ball. Meaning, this is what we have right now.

Good news though.

40 years ago

Posted: September 28, 2018 in Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

40 years ago today, Black Sabbath released the eighth studio album “Never Say Die!”. It was a comeback of sorts, since it marked the return of Ozzy Osbourne to the ranks (whom had been replaced briefly by Dave Walker). Recorded in Toronto (Canada), it also featured Don Airey on keyboards. At the time I was very happy to see this record and I certainly enjoyed several songs, not least the splendid title track. In the end, it was to be the last Ozzy era album and after a tour that saw a young Van Halen opening for them it was all over for the original lineup. Ozzy was sent packing on April 27 1979 during rehearsals in Los Angeles. Not long after, Ronnie James Dio was in.

Come to think of it, this is the Ozzy era Sabbath album that I have listened to the most over the years. Must mean something.

Loud & Proud

Posted: September 26, 2018 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

Out this week, we have the Nazareth Super Box “Loud & Proud! – Anthology”. It features 32 CDs, 6 LPs, a book and some singles.

Not bad.

Commando 2019 Calendar

Posted: September 24, 2018 in Calendars, Comics, Cool stuff, General

The Commando 2019 Calendar is out, and it features art by Ian Kennedy (credited for over 1,000 Commando covers!). In fact, you will find an interview with Kennedy on this blog right here.