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Asterix 36

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Comics, Cool stuff


The 36th Asterix album is out, “Caesars Papyrus” (Egmont Publishing, 2015), and it still works although they are done by Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad these days. Uderzo and Goscinny is actaully shown in this adventure, a wonderful gesture.

The topic in this story is censorship, and that may not be a coincidence.



If you know your history you will be aware of the importance of Zecharia Sitchin and his books on Sumerian history, starting with “The 12th Planet” (1976, the edition you see here was printed in 2007 by Harper Nonfiction) and how he managed to throw some doubt on official history. He never gave up on his theory that there was an unknown planet in our Milkyway and that it was heading back in our direction again after having spent a long time in its unusual orbit. The interesting thing about this is that there´s quite a buzz in alternative media now about a “Planet X” heading our way and that this is why the Pentagon is “missing” over eight trillion dollars. According to one whistleblower, this planet was discovered as far back as in the early 80s when Ronald Reagan was in office and this then alledgedly kickstarted a secret program in which the US has digged a large number of underground facilities and networks, for the purpose of survival in case it is to be a bumpy road ahead. Now we all know that such underground facilities has existed due to the Cold War, but this is supposed to be on a very big scale.

As for the missing trillions, I was always hoping for a secret Nasa II that had gone far ahead of what we know (todays Nasa is so weak it´s hard to take that it´s all they´ve got), but maybe there is a Nasa II as well. When eight trillion is missing, you know they lie through their teeth. Big things are clearly going on that Joe Public should be unaware of. That´s your tax dollars at work.

But could Planet X be real? If it is, it´s Goodnight Nurse for all of us. Or for most of us.

(Plenty to check out on YouTube on this).

Agent X9 11 2015

Posted: October 27, 2015 in Comics


Got this in the mail today, Agent X9 issue 11 2015 (looking good). Comics include Modesty Blaise, Velvet and Corrigan – classic stuff. There´s also a comic I´ve never seen before, Christers inferno (made in Sweden by Lars Krantz).

Modesty Blaise cover by Romero.

Maureen is gone

Posted: October 24, 2015 in TV & Movies


Actress Maureen O´Hara has passed away, aged 95. I read her biography “´Tis Herself” (Simon & Schuster, 2005) a few years ago and it was fantastic. She worked with all the greats. When John Wayne was close to dying she got Congress to give him a medal that said “John Wayne – American”. She was one hell of a lady.

She will be missed.

Twelve Tomorrows 2016

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Books, Cool stuff


The 2016 edition of the MIT Technology Review SF Annual “Twelve Tomorrows” (Technology Review Inc, 2015) is out. 12 novels over 232 pages. This series has a good reputation.

Nice cover.

Blueberry returns

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Comics


Now here´s some very unexpected news – Jean-Michel Charlier´s Blueberry is set to return in Sweden! First western release in at least two decades. New publisher Cobolt will publish the first 168 page collection on October 26. The same publisher is also bringing back Classics Illustrated to Sweden (or Illustrerade Klassiker, as they were called here).



40 years ago now, Deep Purple were about to launch what would become the final tour of the 70s. There´s so much history of interest in those months when it all unravelled out of control and I´ve decided to highlight some of the most interesting highs and lows on this blog. The tour started in Hawaii on November 8, but we´ll get to that.

This version of Deep Purple spent some time in Europe and particularly the UK in October 1975 – Jon Lord, David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes guested on Roger Glover´s “The Butterfly Ball” concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London on October 16, a show that Ian Gillan guested as well. In fact, it was Gillan´s first gig after having left Deep Purple in 1973, and the roar of the crowd got him back into the world of music again. This event also featured actor Vincent Price, whom Deep Purple wrote a tribute to on their last album “Now What?!”. But the interesting thing about this night in London was that a good chunk of the old Purple got to mix with the new.

The plan then was to do the Far East and then turn to America after Christmas, followed by gigs in Europe in the Spring and Summer, and then a second trek of the States followed by a break for other activities (solo albums etc). They didn´t quite make it, and it´s an interesting tale.