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I could not help but notice the other day that Velvet Insane guitarist Jesper Lindgren is a bit of a showman, so much so that I got several shots where you can not see his legs. Or even a hint of him walking around like the rest of us mere mortals. Now this camera (a Japanese Olympus SZ-15) has served me well for this blog, although it is certainly not made for concert photography. Still, you can get some shots that are a bit intriguing, or artsy, if you like. I thought this one was kind of cool in that it is a rather bad shot but it still has that elusive quality that stands out a bit (in this case, almost in a paranormal sort of way). But it also says something about this guy and the music. And trust me on this, the music has got legs.

Not exactly sure when Jon Lord signed this copy of his “Sarabande” album (I did three interviews with the man in his Whitesnake days), but it may have been in 1981. I always loved this cover, and it is a very fine musical statement from a man that inspired countless musicians out there.

As I move stuff to my new house I might as well showcase some cool memorabilia from the old collection. Got this drum skin with the greeting from (Deep Purple drummer) Ian Paice as a gift from 220 Volt guitarist Mats Karlsson (“Concerto” tour 2000, as he attended a drum clinic that Paice did). I guess Mats mentioned that it was for the Swedish fan club (that part of my magazine publishing ended in 2003).

Good times.

(Inserted is a page from an eight page Tommy Bolin story that was published in Sweden Rock Magazine #31 in 2005)

Young Guitar Magazine in Japan has published a Glenn Hughes Special. 270 pages that covers his career. I guess this is a book rather than a magazine, but a lot of these looks like books over there.

Got to love Japan.

I attended a nice concert event at Gamla Teatern (The Old Theater) here in Östersund (Jämtland County) a few hours ago, jam packed with wonderful (local) talent. For me there were three particular highlights: ex-220 Volt singer Christer “Frille” Åsell (backed by Velvet Insane), Tina Moe and Velvet Insane themselves. Frille and myself go back to the good old days of 220 Volt and it was nice to see him perform with the next big hope from these parts. Tina Moe is another dear friend that I used to hang with long ago and I had not seen her in person for some 30 years. Her performance was beautiful, she really is one of the most talented singers/songwriters that this country has produced. It was wonderful to catch up a bit, I kick myself now for not having seen her live again for so long. She has matured like a fine wine. The boys in Velvet Insane is the next generation of superb talent coming out of this town and they write good songs and they certainly know how to sell it. New album coming up, and I will be back with more on them later on this blog. Best rockers since 220 Volt from Jämtland County.

I rarely asked artists for autographs back in the day, but there were times when I did and I stumbled across this LP yesterday. I met David Coverdale for the first time in Stockholm 1981 (interview is up on this blog) and he was kind enough to sign some stuff then. I think he has a very nice autograph, very stylish. Looks great on this copy of his first solo album.

Good days.

More Babymetal dates

Posted: August 23, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General

Babymetal is all set to perform in Australia for the first time in December. They will perform at three major festivals called Good Things in Melbourne (Dec 7), Sydney (8) and Brisbane (9). Babymetal has long been in demand in Australia and Su-metal did spend some time over there recording vocals for the “Metal Resistance” album. For all we know they may well have recorded more in Australia since, which would certainly help Su master the English language. After all, the world awaits.