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Death Wish

Posted: August 22, 2018 in General, TV & Movies

Watched Bruce Willis in “Death Wish” on DVD tonight and the franchise suits him well. I see remakes all over the place that are just annoying, this one actually works. My bet is that we will get more revenge tales with the good Doctor (his character) before you know it. Bring it on.


Spent my first night in my new place (Monday-Tuesday) but I did not waste any time on sleep (too much work to do). The books are slowly getting organized and dealt with. I pretty much know how everything is going to be set up but it will take a few weeks to do this (not counting a few projects that I have to undertake). Still, things are moving along nicely and that is a good thing.

These pictures show: early morning shot from the porch, bookshelves going up, view from the living room, books being organized.

(Tonight I got 12 hours sleep – guess I needed it).

Watched my brand new import copy of “Legend S – Baptism XX – Live At Hiroshima Green Arena” yesterday. Babymetal do not take prisoners, not even when they are a member short (Yuimetal). The show is spectacular from the first second, then they take you for one hell of a ride. The live shot you see here was taken during the first song, “In The Name Of”, when Su-metal seemingly hurls a ball of fire with her staff through the arena (how the hell did they create that illusion?). If you catch Babymetal on a headline show, you will be entertained (no doubt about it). This DVD is just another masterpiece and they keep the standard on a level that is very rare. The musicianship is on a level that is just awesome. The show, captured by multiple cameras as always, leaves you wanting more. Su-metal was celebrated in her hometown Hiroshima on these two nights (edited down to 16 tracks for this release and mixed by long serving engineer Tue Madsen). The first night belonged to members of the Fan Club (called The One), the second night to club members and the general public. The fact that Yui could not perform, and that they had to decide on the spot whether to cancel or not, was a rough situation that they managed to deal with (this DVD is certainly proof of how professional they are). What nobody knew at the time was that these performances would also be the last for guitarist Mikio Fujioka, whom passed away in a freak accident just weeks later in early 2018. Watching him here is a sad goodbye of sorts, but he will be remembered.

Babymetal has absolutely nothing to prove to nobody at this point. This is a unique outfit, the world at large will surely wise up soon enough and give them the status that they so richly deserve. I think this will happen with the third album. The buzz is out there and with DVDs like this…

(Note. Word is that it has not been decided as yet whether Yui can perform the upcoming Japanese shows in October or not. At least we know that she is still part of Babymetal and that they are doing the best that they can to get through a tough period).

(My image of said release – thank you for your assistance Kalle)

40 years ago

Posted: August 10, 2018 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

“Tokyo Tapes” was the album that ended the first era of the Scorpions, and catapulted them to stardom. Recorded over two nights in Tokyo back in April 1978, the album was initially released in Japan in August that year, followed by Europe a little later and the States in early 1979.

For them, it was all a dream come true. For us, it was proof that we had our first great band coming out of Germany.

Well I mentioned the Japanese group Onmyoza the other day on this blog and I think they are one of these rare bands that really have a thing of their own going. The name needs to be addressed. The official site has it as Onmyo-za, people outside of Japan tends to spell it as Onmyouza, and still I see Onmyoza all over the place. The videos on their official channel are not presented in a way that is friendly to international viewers (not like Babymetal, that eyed the big foreign market from day one), so it is hard to share information with friends. Like, if I want somebody to pay attention to a particular song, I need a title that is written out so that I can read it (and Japanese lettering will not help). Right now, I have no clue about song titles or even what albums that the videos represent. That makes it tricky as a foreigner to jump in.

The interest in Japanese rock is out there now, largely fueled by the runaway success of Babymetal. But other acts are making waves, like Lovebites that just performed at the Wacken Festival in Germany.

It is at times like these that opportunity knocks and I would like Onmyoza to succeed outside of their own market. They have worked long and hard for it.

Good days ahead for fans of Whitesnake. The new studio album may be late, but there will be a five CD/DVD Box set called “Unzipped” coming out on October 19 that features mainly acoustic material recorded all over the world over the last 20 years. There will also be variations aimed at different categories of fans, a one CD version, a two CD set and a Double Vinyl.

Got the keys to my place in the countryside about 10 days ago and I have made several trips over there in good company (and on my own) since then. This is going to be one hell of a project but I really like the place and this is where I will live full time whenever that goal is reached. I have so much stuff (books, CDs, DVDs, you name it) that it has to be planned in a certain way. Some new furniture will arrive in early September and this gives me a window of opportunity to get some of the collections in place before that. I love the big living room upstairs (see part of this here), which is basically going to be a music room/library. At this point I am still figuring out the details, but it is a lot of fun. The table you see will end up in the kitchen, right now I need it to sort out the books etc. This particular room has some big windows so you get a spectacular view overlooking the area (water etc). I will take advantage of this and add a nice round dinner table up there. I have noticed that these windows make it very hot so I will have a room for viewing television further down (the house has four levels, the lower you get the cooler it is) rather than jamming everything into this space. I always wanted a music room and this is going to be just that.

I am lucky to have some really nice friends and they are all lining up which is fantastic. It is a tremendous help and things are moving along in a nice pace. I have time to take it a bit slow but it has been a crazy few days, I have to say that. Lovin´ every minute of it though and I have to make the best of the last few days of my vacation now. Order in chaos…

(Rant over!)