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Well I just blogged about this album and period of Black Sabbath (see last post) earlier today, and here we have the Babymetalized cover by artist Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”). A wonderful tribute to a wonderful cover (it kind of grows on you, might take a couple of decades though!). Ian Gillan has stated that he was so upset when he saw the ”Born Again” cover (with the satanic looking baby) that he smashed his albums that the record company had sent over. He was also unhappy about the mix on the album. The 2011 CD (the ”Deluxe” version) has a better mix, so he was right all along. Live, the band was awesome though. Even with Bev Bevan on drums. Who knows how Sabbath would have progressed with Gillan had the Deep Purple reunion not happened when it did? Imagine another two or three albums with these guys… Here is what Shawn has to say about the Babymetalized cover.

Black Sabbath – ”Born Again” Babymetalized

””Born Again” is an album that is highly underrated. My best friend and I got that album back when it was released, we thought ”Zero The Hero” was amazingly heavy (I still think that). The video for the song is weird too. The album art wasn’t well liked, but I thought it was satanic looking and I loved the colours and how they contrasted. It’s worth your time to Google the story of how that album cover came about, it’s pretty funny! I had that cover in mind for a long time to use for BABYMETAL, but never found a photo that worked for me. During the last BABYMETAL tour I saw the picture of Su and it was perfect, except I mirrored it to match the face looking to the left on the Sabbath cover. I couldn’t find the font from the actual cover, which was odd as it looked too be a common medieval font, so got it as close as I could. It’s a simple cover but I love how it looks”. Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”)

(Classic Rock Calendar: September 1983)

The time has come to celebrate Deep Purple ”In Rock” and now we are back in 1970 (see recent posts on this blog as the album has just turned 50). This is a monster album and the cover is pretty iconic, although not overly complicated. The members of Deep Purple are basically replacing some American presidents on the legendary Mount Rushmore mountain (made famous even more than it already was by Alfred Hitchcock in his 1959 film ”North By Nortwest” starring Cary Grant). Deep Purple wanted ”In Rock” to be an all out rock album, and it was (you can hear traces of influence in some of the guitar breaks in ”BABYMETAL DEATH”). Shawn Fulford (aka “futon”) did get some feedback for this cover from the Kami band (guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura, whom has worked with ex-Rainbow singer Dougie White, see the July 8 2017 “Family Business” post on this blog), which is very cool. Read on…

Deep Purple – ”In Rock” Babymetalized

”I like Deep Purple but am a fan in that I know the popular songs, I have never dug into their catalog, so I only have stuff like ”Machine Head” and I bought ”Perfect Strangers” when they had their resurgence. ”In Rock” was a cover I saw five years ago and I decided to do a Kami band cover. This is an early cover so I was not as familiar with the Kamis aside from Ohmura and Boh. The Kami on the left played when BABYMETAL opened for Lady Gaga and I think that was his only appearance. I can not even recall his name. I had tagged Boh in an Anthrax cover back then and he commented on it (the Kamis would talk about BABYMETAL back then). Ohmura saw it and asked did I have any more and I showed him ”In Rock”. He loved it and he even asked who the guy on the left was, so I sent him the pic I used. I have a screen shot of these Twitter interactions somewhere. I think the last time Ohmura commented on a cover was my AC/DC ”Let There Be Rock” (one of my favorites) which he really liked. It was great back when they spoke about BABYMETAL, they are on some kind of no comment order now. Either way, ”In Rock” is one of my first few covers, so I always think now I could have done it better. It is not bad for my amateur efforts”. (Shawn Fulford, aka ”futon”)

(Classic Rock Calendar: June 1970)

I recall seeing the cover of ”Destroyer” by KISS when it first came out and it had a strong impact on me. Luckily the music on it matched the powerful art by Fantasy artist Ken Kelly (whom would later follow this up with the ”Love Gun” cover as well) and KISS became bigger than ever before here in Sweden (and around the world). The album was produced by Bob Ezrin. Some of you will be aware that I recently highlighted a newly released ”Destroyer” puzzle (May 23) and a classic RETROFUTURE article (May 29) on this blog. I love this art, it is a great tribute.

Kiss – ”Destroyer” Babymetalized

”I have been a huge KISS fan since I was a kid. I find KISS and BABYMETAL have a lot of similarities. Both spell their names in all caps, both have theatrical stage shows, both have distinct stage personalities. You can tell by their outfits what era of the band you are looking at, the Kamis wore facepaint, many things. I saw a cool pic of the girls mid jump that reminded me of the ”Destroyer” cover so I decided to make that cover. This cover was one of my early ones so I could do a better job now, but it isn’t that bad”. (Shawn Fulford, aka ”futon”)

(Classic Rock Calendar: March 1976)

This week we salute the legacy of Ronnie James Dio, whom passed away on May 16 2010. The man had many great moments in his career, the release of his first solo (band) album ”Holy Diver” in 1983 being one of them. I highlighted this very album on this blog a few days ago (see last post) and today we go for a Babymetalized tribute of said album cover by Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”).

Dio – ”Holy Diver” Babymetalized

”Holy Diver” was an album I got in High School. I loved the album and I would have it in school in a walkman. The album cover got a few looks from teachers as our school system was denominational then, so Roman Catholic. It is a controversial cover. I wanted to Babymetalize it and eventually found a perfect picture of Yui to use, and fortunately It came out well, in my opinion. As for calling it ”Doki Doki Diver”, I just always try to add something BABYMETAL to the title. Sometimes they are good titles, sometimes not, lol”. Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”).

(Classic Rock Calendar: May 1983)

Had to move fast on this one, as I discovered the 40th Anniversary of Black Sabbath´s ”Heaven And Hell” album (see post yesterday) a couple of days ago. I had this Babymetalized Classic Rock cover by Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”) planned for May but there you go. I said what I have to say about the “Heaven And Hell” album yesterday, here is the Babymetalized version on the very day that the original turns 40.

Black Sabbath – ”Heaven And Hell” Babymetalized

”I got into Black Sabbath when Ronnie James Dio was the lead vocalist, so the Dio albums are killer music to me. I was into Ozzy as a solo artist and discovered him in Sabbath retroactively. Regarding the cover, I had seen the pics of the girls in the white outfits and it reminded me of the angels on the Sabbath cover, plus some fans call the girls angels, so I went ahead and made the cover. This one is early on in my Photoshopping days, so it isn’t perfect, a higher resolution pic of the girls would have helped. This one has made the rounds on the internet though so I guess some people think it looks alright. I have considered doing this one again, and maybe I will. It does look alright for an early effort by me”. Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon).

(Classic Rock Calendar: April 1980)

I had planned to be back in May with another Babymetalized Classic Rock cover (by Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”) on this blog, but then he created this masterpiece of Rainbow´s ”Difficult To Cure” and I just had to go for it right now. After all, Ritchie Blackmore has just celebrated his 75th birthday (on April 14, see earlier post), and the subject matter of this very art is very much part of our daily lives now. In Babymetal, they have their Stay Home Stay Metal campaign going, and this fits very well into that whole thing as well. I had to listen to ”Difficult To Cure” again when I saw this (I listened twice actually, it is a great album), and I have also had some fun preparing you guys for this post in the last few days. This art can be seen on different platforms by many fans of Babymetal, and I am sure that many of them are checking out the original albums. This is creating a bridge from the now to the past, and we can all appreciate that. I know I can. And the detail in this art is just fantastic.

Rainbow – ”Difficult To Cure” Babymetalized

”I was looking for a new cover to alter and saw Rainbow’s ”Difficult To Cure”, and thought it could be kind of funny and encompass all the girls. I hadn’t even considered the Covid-19 issue and had already started it with different pics of Su and Moa. Then BABYMETAL released the Stay Home Stay Metal pics of Su and Moa in masks and I liked those and started over. I think it came out not bad, trying to do something like the lighting of the actual faces on the cover was tough for a few faces. It’s a little support for the Covid-19 safety rules as well. As for Rainbow, they are a band I have enjoyed songs by but never dug into their catalog. I like a few old Dio era songs and I have two albums, ”Bent Out of Shape” and ”Straight Between The Eyes”. I dug some of the Joe Lynn Turner era”. Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”).

(Classic Rock Calendar: February 1981)

I have decided to showcase Babymetalized Classic Rock covers on this blog on a fairly regular basis. The idea came after I posted the piece about the Babymetalized (Whitesnake album) “Slide It In” on April 7 on this blog. I discussed the matter with artist Shawn Fulford (aka ”futon”) and luckily he was up for it. We both share a deep love of Classic Rock and Babymetal so it looks like a good thing, something that will brighten the day. Shawn will also comment on each cover and as of today you will find a Babymetalized Album Covers tag so that you can check everything out if you find that you enjoy this stuff (it will certainly make sense in the long run). I have to say that I am really looking forward to adding these artworks on Trinkelbonker. They belong on this blog. And if you are anything like me, you will also be inspired to go back and listen to those albums again.

Motörhead – “Ace of Spades” Babymetalized

“I’ve been a Motörhead fan since 1981, absolutely love them! Very sad all three originals have passed. When I saw the helmeted picture of the girls on a cliff, it reminded me of the album, as Motörhead were also in outfits not usual for them. So I adapted it for the cover. Sometimes I replace parts in a cover to get the result. In this case I recreated it altogether. I must have done this 4 years ago, I think I could do a better job now. I only redo covers I think I initially did a bad job on, which was a few earlier covers. This I will leave alone”. Shawn Fulford (aka “futon”).

(Classic Rock Calendar: November 1980)

There is an ongoing (and utterly amazing) artform going on in the Babymetal community in that fans rework classic album covers and Babymetalize them. This one, signed by “futon”, popped up the other day and it is the 1984 Whitesnake album “Slide It In” that has been transformed into a Babymetal cover. The Whitesnake logo has been changed in a rather brilliant way here, with a fox head replacing the snake head. The title “Slide It In” has been changed to “Sakura Gakuin” (the Idol Group that Babymetal originaly came from). I love the passion and the love behind it, and I guess this is coming from fans that has listened to hard rock and metal for decades. This gets a high rating on the old cool-o-meter.

(Artwork courtesy of futon)