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Classic Rock (issue) 237 is out in the UK. It obviously looks back on the 1979-1981 period of when the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal came along. Along with publications like Kerrang! that popped up in 1981 and Metal Hammer (1983) because of the obvious popular demand. The people that bought such magazines are now reading Classic Rock. The NWOBHM was important in that it helped create a new platform of support for Hard Rock and Metal in general. This had not been in place before, and the scene had struggled because of it. In mainstream media, punk was the only thing that existed in 1977. Still you had Rainbow, Thin Lizzy, UFO, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and a growing number of American acts doing good business. Punk was never ever as big, not even in 1977. The NWOBHM was thus a reset. And you had great bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motörhead and many others coming up fast. I recall how happy I was after years of distress over the general outlook of the media. Two generations of rockers merged and it would never go away. It is still here now.

So, this will be a good issue for me, very nice nostalgia.

DVD releases

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Coming up on DVD in June. Van Damme´s “Pound Of Flesh” (June 5) and Resident Evil: “The Final Chapter” (June 19).

Good to know.

More Vikings

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Good news. Vikings Season 4 Volume 2 is due to be released on July 8.


This is nice. Found a fantastic (and professionally filmed) live performance by Babymetal doing “Road Of Resistance”, shot at the Rising Sun Rock Festival in Japan on August 12 2016. Hot on the heels of treks in Europe and the States, Babymetal did four massive festivals at home, topping it all off with their own massive shows at Tokyo Dome on September 19 & 20. You could say that 2016 was an incredible year for Babymetal. I also located a clip from a company that shoots live shows through drones, also shot at this very festival. Amazing!

View Babymetal clip here. View drone clip here.

I wonder…

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Nice Babymetal t-shirt out of Russia but I have to wonder if this is official product? Babymetal is big business now, there are going to be a lot of wolves out there trying to make a buck out of the brand.

So how about this one?

Wonder Woman bag

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Got this Wonder Woman bag from the EMP shop the other day. It is filled up with goodies now, like the Babymetal Funky Pop Vinyl figures and other cool items. This will be on display in my Entertainment Center (TV room), once I get that house in the countryside.

Love this stuff.


The more I look into the history of Babymetal, the more I love them. Just look at what they did on their very first tour of Europe back in the Summer of 2014. In Paris on July 1, they celebrated Yuimetals 15th birthday (Legend “Y”) and in Cologne on July 3 they celebrated Moametal (Legend “M”) in the same way. They both got to sing the second half of the closing song of the set on their day, “Headbanger!”.

Watch Babymetal promote the Paris concert here. Watch them promote Cologne here.


Thanks to YouTube fans around the world can still check out what went down on these nights and it is wonderful to see. There are many clips out there and I suggest that you watch Yuimetal (pictured above) in Paris here (compilation clip) and Moametal in Cologne here (best I could find).

Yuimetal was born on June 20 1999, Moametal on July 4 1999. Still just 17 and look what they have accomplished!

Got to love Babymetal.