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Well I have listened to the Karen Girl´s 2009 CD “Fly To The Future” and the seven songs on offer was obviously written to be part of an Anime show on television (see earlier post). Having said that, some songs are very strong, particularly “Over The Future” (which is brilliant) and “Wings”, the very songs that were picked for videos. Other moments are weaker but the girls are all spot on all the time. I still feel that Babymetal should rerecord “Over The Future” so that this gem will be more appreciated for the historical importance. They could edit a video with scenes shot right through their illustrious history, including snippets from this and the all important Sakura Gakuin days and on to the runaway train that is Babymetal. That would be a nice thing to see. Maybe for a Compilation? And if that female voice that we hear present Babymetal at concerts could say a few words here and there on a Compilation, that would be a first too. Could be a nice little release. Forgive me for daydreaming, I always tend to do that.

All in all, as a collector of all things Babymetal, I have to say that this is pure gold.



Checked out some property outside of Lit (Jämtland County) today. Good fishing waters nearby etc. In the end it wasn´t for me but some day I will locate the place of my dreams. They had this on their land, another artistic interpretation of the Great Lake Monster. You have little things like this all over the place in these parts.

Good day.

Roger Moore is gone

Posted: May 23, 2017 in General, TV & Movies

Sad to hear that Sir Roger Moore has died. Not sure what to say. He meant quite a lot to me. The Saint, The Persuaders, James Bond, all those films. His work for the UNICEF.

He was a class act.


This book on Deep Purple popped up in the mail today. “Bez Deep Purple” (Galin AV, 2016) is apparently the ninth book in an ongoing series over in Russia. This one features Rod Evans, Nick Simper and Tommy Bolin. Nice hardback, plenty of good pictures. 340 pages. I can see that book 10 in the series came out at the same time as this one and that it features Don Airey and Steve Morse. This is all in Russian so I can not review it properly, but it is obvious that they go into extreme details.

I quite like it.


The final concert of the last proper version of Rainbow performed their last ever show in Esbjerg, Denmark on May 31 1997. It was the end of an era and “Stranger In Us All” (1995) is still the last studio album from Ritchie Blackmore performing rock. I have a lot of good memories from those days, still have this on display in my home. Note the Christmas card from Blackmore down to the right (pretty cool to get one I would say). Of course I still had the old DEEP PURPLE FOREVER club going at the time.

I guess I am feeling a bit nostalgic today.


What? Did Su-metal have a recording career before Babymetal? Are you kidding me? Nope, looks like she was part of a band called Karen Girl´s in 2008-2009, a J-pop group signed by the Amuse Talent Agency. They released music that was part of an Anime on television called Zettai Karen Children (or Psychic Squad) for 51 episodes between April 6 2008 and March 29 2009. The group broke up on March 31 when the show was cancelled. The first single, “Over The Future” was the main theme of the show. Released on June 25 2008 it reached # 17 in the charts. A second single, “My Wings” followed on November 26 that reached # 26. A full album called “Fly To The Future” came out on February 25 2009 and this charted at # 19.

If you listen to this group you can tell that you have ideas that would surface in Babymetal later on present, like the more childlike backing vocals. The dance moves are there too, but is probably a feature of the J-pop scene. Su-metal (or Suzuka Nakamoto) was only 11 when this was going on. When the group ended she and Ayami Muto went on to be part of the new Idol group Sakura Gakuin that was formed by the same talent agency (later to launch Babymetal) and Yuika Shimo joined another Idol group called Maboroshi Love.

There is a very touching story here too. When Yui Mizuno (Yuimetal) was in third grade, one of her parents were in critical condition at the hospital and being too young to be in the intensive care unit she had to wait outside and the people at the hospital suggested that she listened to her favourite music. That was the Karen Girl´s and Yui would sit there when she visited the hospital and listen to their music. She has later said in interviews that the music helped her through this period and once the crisis was over she told her family that she wanted to sing and dance like the Karen Girl´s. And here is the twist, on August 2 2010, when she auditioned for Sakura Gakuin with Moa Kikuchi (Moametal) they performed “Over The Future” and got the job, both of them. Yui was 11 (as was Moa) and she must have been stunned to be in the same class as Suzuka (Sumetal). Soon, one of the projects in the Sakura Gakuin group was to cover Metal, a genre none of the girls were familiar with, and the rest is history. When Babymetal performed “Over The Future” at the Legend D concert at the Akasaka Blitz show in Tokyo on December 20 2012 it was a dream come true for Yui and a very important moment for them as a unit. The concert was released on October 19 2013 on the “Legend I, D, Z Apocalypse” DVD (# 7 in the charts). I feel that Babymetal could rerecord this song and make it part of the next album.

You can find the old videos on YouTube.

Babymetal´s video for “Karate” just hit 30,000,000 views on YouTube. It is a cool song, and the video is cool too. It was one of the first impressions I had on Babymetal. Say no more.


I should have added this post in March but I missed it. After the split of Deep Purple in 1976, Jon Lord and Ian Paice went on to form PAL (also known as Paice Ashton Lord). They released the album “Malice In Wonderland” in March 1977 but it failed to take off and after a few concerts they broke the band up. Seen here is the line-up: Paul Martinez (bass), Tony Ashton (piano, vocals), Ian Paice (drums), Jon Lord (keyboards) and Bernie Marsden (guitar). David Coverdale soon nicked Bernie for Whitesnake and it did not take very long for Jon and Ian to follow suit. “Malice In Wonderland” is actually a brilliant album, but it is possible that Purple fans wanted a heavier album from the ex-Purple guys.

(Official image)

Here is a bit of history. Babymetal´s second single on a major label, “Megitsune”, was released in Japan on June 19 2013. It peaked at # 7 in the charts. The official video has now over 40,000,000 hits on YouTube, and is their second most popular video so far after “Gimme Chocolate!” (soon to reach 71,000,000 hits). The single was released in four versions, with the Limited Editions featuring DVDs with live contents. The musicians were now dressed in white, the image of the project started to look just about right. And mega success was in the cards…


Good day today. The Limited Edition (September 2016) pressing of the first Babymetal CD popped up in the mail from Japan. Very nice cover. Bonus DVD with “Gimme Chocolate!” recorded and filmed at the Reading Festival on August 30 2015, with additional clips from all the shows they performed that year inserted. Looks great.

The collector in me is very happy right now!

(My image of said release – thank you Kalle for your support!)