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Glenn Hughes “Play Me Out” (1977) popped up in the mail yesterday. The first in the official Glenn Hughes Remasters series from Purple Records this kicks everything off rather nicely. First CD is the record as it was back in the day, bonus CD features eight tracks and a medley. Nice booklet too. This is super funky stuff.

Good to see.



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Christopher Nolan´s film “Dunkirk” is coming up in July. This is Italian publication Ciak (Summer 2017). The UK has been in tight spots before. The key word is leadership.

Aces High 10

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This looks like a good read. Aces High Magazine (issue) 10. Deals with the Eastern front. Hobby title in English and Spanish, not sure of country of origin.

Nice cover.

Commando 5025

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Here is an exclusive preview of Commando (issue) 5025, due out in the UK on June 1. “The Castle” features a story by Ferg Handley, art by Jaume Forns and sports a cover by David Alexander.


Well I have listened to the Karen Girl´s 2009 CD “Fly To The Future” and the seven songs on offer was obviously written to be part of an Anime show on television (see earlier post). Having said that, some songs are very strong, particularly “Over The Future” (which is brilliant) and “Wings”, the very songs that were picked for videos. Other moments are weaker but the girls are all spot on all the time. I still feel that Babymetal should rerecord “Over The Future” so that this gem will be more appreciated for the historical importance. They could edit a video with scenes shot right through their illustrious history, including snippets from this and the all important Sakura Gakuin days and on to the runaway train that is Babymetal. That would be a nice thing to see. Maybe for a Compilation? And if that female voice that we hear present Babymetal at concerts could say a few words here and there on a Compilation, that would be a first too. Could be a nice little release. Forgive me for daydreaming, I always tend to do that.

All in all, as a collector of all things Babymetal, I have to say that this is pure gold.


Swedish publication Body Magazine (June 2017). World Champion Maria Hasselmark on the cover.



The demand for tickets to see Babymetal in Japan could not be met by the nine Festivals in July and August and four concerts have now been added in the Fall. Two nights at the Saitama Super Arena (capacity 36,500) on September 26 and 27, and two nights at Osaka-jo Hall (capacity 16,000) on October 14 and 15. Fan Club members (called The One) will be able to buy tickets first for two weeks.

So, another 100,000 tickets…