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Did not see this coming, but the animated Elvis has arrived. The show is called Agent Elvis and you can find it on Netflix. Priscilla Presley has been involved in the creation of this. Meanwhile, the records are coming in thick and fast and the Memphis Records stuff is not that bad. The latest release is the 4 CD Limited Edition & Double LP collection (the latter is seen here) “Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972”. Good stuff.

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Dolly Parton is set to release her first ever rock album “Rockstar” on November 17. The guest list on the album is pretty incredible. How about the surviving members of The Beatles performing on “Let It Be”? Or Dolly taking on “Free Bird” with Ronnie Van Zant, Gary Rossington, Artimus Pyle & Band etc? And Rob Halford is in there, bless his cotton socks. Everybody has joined Dolly for a party here. Really looking forward to her singing “Stairway To Heaven” on this one. And her homage to Elvis. 30 songs all in all. This will be huge.

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Well they failed to cover the Sabaton gig but at least they got it right with Ann-Margret. Nice feature in Aftonbladet yesterday. This should sell a few copies of her new album “Born To Be Wild”.

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Good all round record shop in Stockholm with a good stock of music for all tastes. Bengans Record Store is one of my favourite shops and if you want stuff (like Babymetal DVDs) from Japan, you can contact them and they will help you out. They have an online shop. Address: Drottninggatan 20. Found a lot of great LPs in there on the Sabaton trip.

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Discovered a band from Finland yesterday called The 69 Eyes as I stumbled across a video for a new song called “This Murder Takes Two”. Kat Von D guests on this track and it has a Johnny Cash kind of a vibe which is incredibly cool. Elvis or Cash could easily have recorded covers of this today had they been around. The album that this song is picked from is called “Death Of Darkness” and it has just been released. Singer Jyrki 69 is an excellent singer and if you check out a few tunes you will quickly realize how good this band is. The music is kind of a cross of Gothic Rock, Glam and Rock´n´Roll, so one way to describe them is Goth´n´Roll, but another well used term is Dark Rock. Formed in 1989 they have released a dozen or so albums and they are a Platinum act in Finland with a decent following in many countries. I asked a friend of mine what he thought of “This Murder Takes Two” and he replied that Elvis could have done this track with his daughter Lisa-Marie and he just loved it. Not sure if I have heard them before but this song is just a classic, period. Quite an eye opener. Deserves to be a hit.

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Elvis Live 1972

Posted: April 12, 2023 in Cool stuff, Elvis, Music (general)

Had to add this Double LP to the old collection – “Elvis Live 1972” – a new release that has been lovingly put together for the fans. What you get is selected tracks picked from four shows recorded in April 1972 and this is just jam packed with classics. I like the work that has gone into this. Lovely gatefold sleeve with loads of images takes you back. I mean, this is how you do it. This is what I want to see as far as nostalgia releases is concerned. This is how you show respect for your audience. Job well done.

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Ann-Margret will release an album of rock classics called “Born To Be Wild” this week, loaded with heavy duty friends (how about Pete Townshend, Joe Perry, Rick Wakeman, Cliff Richard, The Fuzztones etc). A quick search reveals two versions of the cover, one is probably the Limited Edition coloured Vinyl. In any case, nice to see the old gal still being active, and I know that an album like this has been a long time dream for her. Maybe Cleopatra Records heard about that and made her an offer? Ann-Margret was born in Valsjöbyn (Jämtland County) here in Sweden. I met her when I was five years old but I have no recollection of it. I always liked her energy. Her work with Elvis speaks for itself.

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Record Store Day 2023 is coming up (April 22, date may differ depending on where you live). Bengans record store in Sweden has highlighted the event and there are a lot of goodies for collectors coming up. Seen here is Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Jon Lord, Sylvie Vartan, Elvis Presley, Dio, Suzi Quatro, Donna Summer, Sweet, Steeler, Stevie Nicks and UFO. We are talking about a lot of releases though, this is just a few that I picked to showcase on this blog.

(Covers from Bengans record store)

Lisa Marie Presley Is Gone

Posted: January 13, 2023 in Elvis, Music (general)

Sad to hear that Lisa Marie Presley has passed away. She was born in 1968 so she was only 54. She was the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. My friend Kalle actually met her at the Elvis candlelight vigil at Graceland on August 15 2017 as she was present with her son Benjamin (whom died in 2020) at the beginning of the ceremony. This is sad on so many levels.

And from Rat Pack Records in France we get this great looking Limited Edition Green & White Splatter Vinyl with wonderful Christmas themed tunes by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Julie London, Bing Crosby, Eartha Kitt, Ella Fitzgerald etc etc. 18 tracks in all. Wonderful cover, this is how you do it.

(My shots of said LP – and to my friend Kalle, I guess this is a digital Christmas present opening of sorts, your copy awaits you!)