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Whitesnake have begun their Purple Tour of the US and I think they´ve come up with a pretty interesting show – this is the setlist performed in Tacoma the other day…

1. “Burn”, 2. “Lay Down Stay Down”, 3. “Love Ain´t No Stranger”, 4. “The Gypsy”, 5. “Give Me All Your Love”, 6, “You Keep On Moving”, 7. “Forevermore” – guitar solo – 8. “Mistreated”, 9. “Soldier Of Fortune”, 10. “You Fool No One” – drum solo – 11. “Is This Love”, 12. “Lady Double Dealer”, 13. “Stormbringer”, 14. “Here I Go Again”, 15. “Still Of The Night”.

That´s nine Deep Purple songs from the 1973-1976 era and six Whitesnake hits lined up, so David Coverdale really has delivered a nostalgia blitz of massive proportions this time around. I like that and I also like what I see on YouTube so far – the band is a good one, possibly the best that he´s gone out with in decades. David has also mentioned plans to capture this tour on film for a proper DVD release somewhere down the road, which sounds like a good idea.

Pictured above is the band as we can experience them right now – Joel Hoekstra (guitar), David Coverdale (vocals), Reb Beach (guitar), Michael Devin (bass) and Tommy Aldridge (drums).


Treasure hunting

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Hobby, Magazines


Here´s a nice little hobby for you, and for a magazine like this to even exist there´s got to be quite a scene out there. Treasure Hunting is a UK publication and seen here is the December 2014, May 2015 and June 2015 issues. A friend of mine located an old crash site from 50 years ago on his familys property about a year ago – the accident had involved two military aircrafts and they had both gone down. Through some archive work, the site was located and there were still pieces in the ground in the general area. A sad reminder of the lives that were lost on that fateful day all those years ago.

Looks like an interesting hobby to me.

Medieval castle

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Cool stuff, Hobby


I located this beautiful medieval castle kit in 1/72 from MiniArt Ltd (in Ukraine) recently and added it to the old collection. I´ve always wanted a model castle of some kind but never really spotted one until now. There´s a film on YouTube in which a bloke is unpacking this set and you can see it being built from scratch. I think any modeller can build a pretty decent diorama with this as the center piece, so I´m looking forward to having a go some day.

Got to get that hobby room going…


I´ve decided to sponsor Bromma Hobby (in Stockholm) with roughly 100 copies of a couple of war comic books that I published back in 2004 and 2005. People that buy WWII related models or kits will get a copy for free with their order, and I´ve to think that some collectors are going to be quite happy about this little bonus when it pops up. I created these comics as a homage to the Commando type scene that I grew up with, and that I still enjoy (and support) to this day. I named my books Truppserien which translates to Troop Comics.

Boys will be boys.


Got this in the mail today, UK publication Power Play (issue 175), with a pretty cool David Coverdale cover. Yes, the time has come to talk about “The Purple Album” – his homage to Deep Purple under the Whitesnake banner. It´s not a very long interview but writer Steve Swift got some good stuff out of Mr Coverdale. He mentions that he hung out with Tommy Bolin and Bob Marley back in 1975 (this is probably in Los Angeles) and that the Purple men thought about doing “Love Child” in an all out reggae version, but thought the better of it. Well, thank God for that! Good story though.

If you have not ordered “The Purple Album”, now is the time. It´s due next week.

Nice Camille Rowe cover

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Magazines


French publication Lui sports a very nice cover with a lady called Camille Rowe being very cool (issue 17, May 2015). To me this is very late 60s, early 70s, I grew up with magazine covers like this around the house. When you look at the spreads inside you can see that she actually had a huge black dog next to her, so extra points for remaining so cool for this particular session. In any case, a job well done by photographers Luigi & Iango.

I like this publication, it´s just a shame that I don´t understand the language.


I meet people all the time that want to talk about the western photography that I did for RETROFUTURE over the years, which is nice. Today I handed over a bunch of magazines to a woman who is busy creating a Wild West theme on her familys front yard somewhere in the countryside (Jämtland County), for parties and for the fun of it. She had stumbled across a couple of magazines in a store and decided to get in touch. I like people that go for it, people that don´t give a damn about what the neighbors may think.

Maybe I shouldn´t give up on this just yet – taking pictures of babes in western outfits?