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Summer blues

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Comics, General


Worst summer in ages over here, it has to be said. The sun pops up through the clouds for an hour or two when you least expect it, and then it starts to rain again. So I have been busy indoors, and it looks quite nice now. Today I am defrosting the fridge. If this weather keeps up I might have to find something else to do, like saving the polar bears. Or read yet another Clarkson chapter on why polar bears are losers.

A little light reading is always good, seen here is the 91:an summer edition.



I believe that the current film “Maleficent” is going to be regarded as a Classic, so I decided to buy a Maleficent doll that looks pretty cool to the old collection. It will never leave the box, that goes without saying. Here it is on display on top of a bookshelf, alongside an old radio.

I like it.

Trinkelbonker HQ

Posted: June 28, 2014 in About this blog, My photographs


As another day has passed and darkness descends outside, I decided to take a snapshot of the Trinkelbonker HQ, a cozy little corner that could probably be described as a man cave. I know the picture is a bit dark but I wanted to catch the late night feel with the candle.

I like this little corner.


Posted: June 25, 2014 in My photographs


Being a pet owner is a wonderful thing, but it also comes with responsibilities. Today I had to say goodbye to Wilma, who has been part of this household for nearly 12 years. I could see it coming and at some point you need to step up and do the right thing.  Still, as sad as this day is, it really is about the journey. 12 wonderful years is not a bad thing. I have owned a few cats, ever since I was a kid, and one thing that I have noticed is that they have all had their very own personalities. Wilma was no exception to this rule. She would get very interested when somebody had an ice cream, I used to let her have the last of it. She loved to greet people and to see what the mailman was up to. When I needed my sleep, she would leave the room until I woke up (day or night, all depending on work). When I read a book, she would take a nap beside me.

It was a wonderful cat and she will be remembered.


Went through parts of the unsorted stuff that should have been part of the collection proper years ago. This popped up, a shot of Deep Purple taken at Clearwell Castle back in 1973, very first session with Glenn Hughes and David Coverdale. Loads of photographers and media around, so no telling who took this (and it doesn´t say). This is a page from a Swedish magazine from the day, not sure which one (Tiffany?) or what issue.

Nearly 41 years ago now.


Posted: June 23, 2014 in Hobby, Magazines, Prepping, TV & Movies


UK magazine Raider (The Magazine for The Alpha Male) was a pleasant surprise. I bought the new Walking Dead issue, which sports a pretty good article about this show. But generally speaking, this is the magazine for the guy that want to live his life outdoors. Packing a gun or two, it would seem. My guess is that a lot of military personel will read this. It is aimed at the following interests – outdoors, adrenalin, tactical, essentials, fitness, explore. Loads of tips about gear in general, pretty good ads.

Being an Alpha Male these days seems to be about being ready for when the shit hits the fan. Nobody wants it to really happen, but it´s a life insurance thing isn´t it? Better be safe than sorry.

I would say that the very existance of magazines like this means something. Nothing like it in Sweden of course. Not yet.

Regrinding The Axes

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Classic Rock


I missed this on its release back in 2012, but I have bought it now. I try to keep up with the progress of Southern Rockers Molly Hatchet, but they are living in a universe far far away so information and news is scarce. But this doesn´t mean that they should be discarded, not at all. I am proud to say that I have followed them since day one, from that moment in 1978 when I came across that first LP with that amazing Frank Frazetta cover. They became one of the bands that helped me cope with the fact that the mighty Deep Purple were no longer with us. I loved what they did, even in the 80´s when they flirted with the sounds of that era.

“Regrinding The Axes” then is a terrific album – mostly covers, some originals. It kicks off with “Bad To The Bone”, “Mississippi Queen”, “Free Bird”, “Back In The U.S.S.R”, “Sharp Dressed Man” and “The Boys Are Back In Town”, all sounding fresh and very much like Molly Hatchet.

There are more guitars on this album than in your average guitar shop. It works very well as background music. Work on the computor becomes way more delightful listening to this album. The final, a great version of “Dreams I´ll Never See” brings it home nicely.

These guys still rock.