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Pretty good activity on this blog this month, much due to the D-Day posts that started it, and I believe we may have a record (not going to check, pretty sure it is). 61 posts, if you count this one, is not that bad. I doubt that July will be that good, especially if the sun suddenly appeares. Who knows? I guess anything is possible.

I figured a good Xena cover would fit this post, and here it is – InQuest (issue 40, published in August 1998).


Summer blues

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Comics, General


Worst summer in ages over here, it has to be said. The sun pops up through the clouds for an hour or two when you least expect it, and then it starts to rain again. So I have been busy indoors, and it looks quite nice now. Today I am defrosting the fridge. If this weather keeps up I might have to find something else to do, like saving the polar bears. Or read yet another Clarkson chapter on why polar bears are losers.

A little light reading is always good, seen here is the 91:an summer edition.

Clarkson is the man

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Books


As I said back in April, I will collect Jeremy Clarkson´s books now and I have a few on the shelf waiting. Have nearly finished “For Crying Out Loud!” (Penguin Books, 2009) as we speak, and the man is brilliant as always. This is Volume 3 in his World According To Clarkson series. “If God had meant us to have a six-pack, why did he give us the six pack?”, he ponders, in a chapter called No pain no gain (and no point).

Never fear, Clarkson is on the case.

Men of War

Posted: June 30, 2014 in Comics


I like the DC Comics Showcase series, and Men of War popped up not long ago. It sports a number of adventures picked from the comic book of the same name, issues 1-26 (1978-1980). 498 pages.

Great Joe Kubert cover.

Playboys in Paradise

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Books


Truth be told, I am knee deep in work (of the nice kind) on my holiday, but I did get a package of books the other day that will come in handy a bit later on. This looks good, “Playboys in Paradise” (Berg, 2006) by author Bill Osgerby. “Masculinity, Youth and Leisurestyle in Modern America”. 236 pages. This is the paperback edition, the book first appeared in 2001.

Nice cover.


I believe that the current film “Maleficent” is going to be regarded as a Classic, so I decided to buy a Maleficent doll that looks pretty cool to the old collection. It will never leave the box, that goes without saying. Here it is on display on top of a bookshelf, alongside an old radio.

I like it.

Trinkelbonker HQ

Posted: June 28, 2014 in About this blog, My photographs


As another day has passed and darkness descends outside, I decided to take a snapshot of the Trinkelbonker HQ, a cozy little corner that could probably be described as a man cave. I know the picture is a bit dark but I wanted to catch the late night feel with the candle.

I like this little corner.