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I believe that the current film “Maleficent” is going to be regarded as a Classic, so I decided to buy a Maleficent doll that looks pretty cool to the old collection. It will never leave the box, that goes without saying. Here it is on display on top of a bookshelf, alongside an old radio.

I like it.

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Trinkelbonker HQ

Posted: June 28, 2014 in About this blog, My photographs


As another day has passed and darkness descends outside, I decided to take a snapshot of the Trinkelbonker HQ, a cozy little corner that could probably be described as a man cave. I know the picture is a bit dark but I wanted to catch the late night feel with the candle.

I like this little corner.

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Posted: June 25, 2014 in My photographs


Being a pet owner is a wonderful thing, but it also comes with responsibilities. Today I had to say goodbye to Wilma, who has been part of this household for nearly 12 years. I could see it coming and at some point you need to step up and do the right thing.  Still, as sad as this day is, it really is about the journey. 12 wonderful years is not a bad thing. I have owned a few cats, ever since I was a kid, and one thing that I have noticed is that they have all had their very own personalities. Wilma was no exception to this rule. She would get very interested when somebody had an ice cream, I used to let her have the last of it. She loved to greet people and to see what the mailman was up to. When I needed my sleep, she would leave the room until I woke up (day or night, all depending on work). When I read a book, she would take a nap beside me.

It was a wonderful cat and she will be remembered.

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Took a quick snapshot of a scale 1/35 Tiger that I built about 25 years ago that still survives. I built a few WWII models at that time and a few still exists, basically in the hope that a proper hobby room will present itself some day. As you know, the dream is still alive…

Added a “Hobby” category to this blog today, for stuff like this.

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Èvasion has aired the Storsie episode of Destination Monstre in Canada (and possibly France, I heard somebody mention that the other day), and they have put up a teaser (4.16 long) on their site. Looks like the beginning of the show and I pop up a couple of times (and I also spotted a close up of part of the cover of my 2012 publication “Storsjöodjuret”, as shown here). It will be interesting to see the complete episode some day (fingers crossed). Good for the local tourist trade, but I did this for other reasons. Love Jämtland (County) though.

(Images from YouTube teaser)

Basement blues (2)

Posted: June 9, 2014 in My countryside dream


As I empty boxes of RETROFUTURE magazines, I fill them up again with stuff (magazines, books, comics) and carries them down to the old basement. No elevator, it really is hard work. But it will be much easier on the day when it is time to move. Compare this image to the one taken on September 16 last year. Quite a difference, although it might be hard to see when you are not standing there yourself. This room is filling up nicely, and when that is full, I have another as well. So, no worries.

Operation Final Countdown, or Operation Make It Happen You Lazy Bastard, is still very much in progress. I do save money for the right place in the countryside, and I do keep my eyes open for the right property. In the meantime, I might as well continue with this phase.

I quite enjoy this as a matter of fact.

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The Great Lake Monster documentary shot in Jämtland County in October by Canadian production company CMJ Productions will air on a French channel in Canada on June 10. The show is called Boogeymen but this channel (Èvasion) has named it Destination Monstre. The episode is called “Storsie”.

Friends of RETROFUTURE (and this blog) will know that I helped them out and that they shot an interview with me for this show on October 19 last year. I have no idea when or indeed if I will ever be able to see this myself, perhaps it will end up on YouTube or maybe it will be aired by a channel that we have here in Sweden. Time will tell.

(Seen above, page from RETROFUTURE 7)