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Geoff Nicholls is gone

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Classic Rock, General


Sad to hear that Geoff Nicholls (far right on this picture) has passed away. He added quite a lot of atmosphere to the Black Sabbath albums that he was featured on and he did spend 25 years with them.

Imagine “Zero The Hero” without this guy…

(Official band shot)



Here is some stuff that I have added to the old collection lately. The new album from Crystal Viper popped up today in both CD and LP format. Angel Wings “Burma Banshees” turned out to be pretty big and it was an excellent read (nice to see that WWII comics can still strive). A couple of old school mystery type books in reprint from British Library Crime Classics, “Mystery In White” and “Murder Underground”, rounds it all up nicely. I will have reason to comment further on some of this stuff later on.

Good days.

David Coverdale released his first solo album “White Snake” in February 1977, so it has been 40 years now. Produced by Roger Glover, it was the first of two albums that was issued when David was in limbo territory, unable to do concerts or perform with any other artist over a two year period due to his contract with Deep Purple (that he had left in 1976). Once that was over with he launched the band that was to become such a success story in its own right over the decades. But it all started here.