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Went out to check if I had mail…

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Well this is unprecedented. Woke up to this, snow is just pouring down. For many years I used to start my annual vacation in mid May, because the summer was perfect then heading into June. This year it is very different. More snow tomorrow and the weather forecast is not looking up. I guess we could see a rapid change a week from now.


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Checked out a nearby tourist attraction from where I live (here in Stugun, Jämtland County) today in good company. I have a rather impressive mountain rising very close my property (I practically live on a spot close to this peak) but I have still to explore this general area way more. Takes about 10-12 minutes to get up there through the forest (no road) upwards the mountain side. With the new snow making certain steep bits a bit slippery I decided to stop at this position and not risk the last climb that is a bit on the heavy side. Anyway, I have heard that enthusiasts climb these rocks in this area and they have made it a good place to visit. There are nine different locations to climb according to tourist informatioon, so this is just one such place. I have to say that this nearby part of the mountain looks great, nature has carved out a section of the wall about half way up and you have a few trees growing there. Amazing how trees can find a way to grow just about anywhere.

I could hear voices in the vicinity so somebody was up there. I think the right thing to do is to get a map so that I can get a real grip of this mountain. It was interesting to get a first glimpse, had I been a kid I would have explored this mountain every day (at least that is how it was when I grew up). These days I will settle for a nice walk or two that will not be too dangerous.

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Woke up to this view this morning. We have had rain, snow and hail pouring down in the last few days. The flowers have taken a real beating and I wonder if they can survive this? I guess I will learn a lot from this backlash. The weather will continue to be lousy for at least another five days. Not a good start for the summer season but there you go.

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Took this snapshot a few minutes ago of the left side of my back yard as seen from my downstairs bedroom window. We just had some rain and nature is waking up from the long cold winter months. We may have some snow this weekend (they already have up north), but that should be the last we see of that this season. Spring is a period of hope, of life. I have done some preliminary garden work and right now I am basically just thinking of projects. First full summer here after all. That little red cottage is also in need of a little attention. Still unpacking from the move if you can believe that, and I still need to fix the basement area so that it becomes a functional space (it will be a library/Vinyl record recreational room basically). I have bought some paint so that I can get started with the walls, just need the time. And a little help from experts is coming up next (new floor etc). I will be glad to show you the results when it is all done.

The next six months will be super busy, but I have a lot of fun with this and I love this place.

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Got some new furniture delivered today and one of the items was a small table for computer work. So as of today this blog is handled in this little corner. Behind it, hidden behind a door, is this beauty…


So, little by little, the man cave takes shape. I have a couple of major projects to deal with in the coming weeks. No rest just yet, but it is great fun. I have to admit that.

(Thank you Kalle for your support)

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Black Sabbath´s 14th studio album “Headless Cross” was released 30 years ago today. It was the second album to feature singer Tony Martin and the first to include drummer Cozy Powell. Ex-Whitesnake bassist Neil Murray joined for the tour that followed. At this time, Sabbath had lost the American market, but this line-up did well elsewhere (not least in Germany and the soon to fall Soviet Union). I think it is a masterpiece and they were absolutely brilliant live. Saw them in Stockholm (interview is on this blog – see December 2012), and got some pretty decent shots, some of which was later used in Sabbath books by Martin Popoff and Garry Sharpe-Young. Still has a real soft spot for the Tony Martin era of Sabbath.

(My image of said album, seen here with a shot from Stockholm that I have on display in the old man cave)