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Saw a number of aircraft chemtrailing the hell out of the sky from different locations around the Southern tip of Lake Storsjön (The Great Lake) today. I first noticed a couple of them at mid-day. More planes popped up in the next hour and a half, all chemtrailing the area towards the Sun. These effectively produce a haze like effect of the sky, and you can not get a clear view of the Sun. On this image you can see the trails from several aircraft spreading out. From the upper left corner an additional plane is coming in. This sort of traffic is not normal in this area, so this is sticking out quite a bit even if you think this is just contrails. They dissipate, they do not hang on and create cloud formations.

This is a nice shot of the Sun going down, but the sky has been dimmed. I have seen this on numerous occations in the last few years, both in the morning and at night. Always in the general direction of the Sun. This is going on all over the world. I say follow the money. Where are the Green movement in all this? And what are the potential health risks?

For more information on this subject, search for Geoengineering. See the film “What in the world are they spraying?” here.


Some day I will find the property of my dreams. Today was not that day. Nice little village, but way too much work on the house in question.

Maybe next time?

Every now and then I need a good little project to sink my teeth into and after decades of publishing magazines (over 100 all in all) and with a background as a freelance journalist that goes way back to the early 1980s I have decided to publish a book. It will be a pilot project of sorts and I will publish this myself. The subject matter will be Babymetal. With little or no real press coverage at all in Sweden for Babymetal so far, I feel that I can help out in a small way to give this excellent Japanese phenomenon some attention in these parts. I have a working title, it will be in Swedish and I will send out copies to many newspapers and news outlets when the project is completed. With any luck (fingers crossed), there will be a new album coming up in 2018, if that happens nobody on earth would be happier than me. Only the Fox God knows.

I took the decision to do this about five weeks ago. I will have 10 weeks off from my regular work starting next week and the Babymetal project will commence then in ernest. This is a heads-up that this is going to happen but it is too early to give out details about a publishing date. At this point, I will concentrate on the actual writing. Later on I will hunt down whatever I need for the book as far as photographs and Babymetal fan art goes (I really would like to showcase some of that). Anybody that wants to get in touch can do this now though, I don´t mind. But a general call to arms will go out through this blog sometime after the Su-metal birthday gigs in Hiroshima.

Really looking forward to this.


Mike Eriksson


(Top image shows myself and a few magazines etc – the images of me, Tarja Turunen, Jon Lord & David Coverdale was taken by Michael Johansson back when we roamed the earth)

Added 114 posts to the blog in August. Babymetal still in the lead with 19 followed by the Deep Purple Family with 13. Pretty good traffic in spite of holidays. Still having fun so September here we come…

(Western image from the archives, I miss those days).

Today is the last day of my holiday and it has been a few good weeks. The weather has been less than great but it could have been worse. I have been eyeing some property (if I get it I will show you pictures, this particular shot was taken elsewhere yesterday) and we shall see what comes out of that situation. In any case, I feel good.

About an hour ago when I was out buying some groceries, I noticed the (by now half expected) Chemtrails in the sky, facing the general direction of the Sun (ca 17:20 here in Östersund, Sweden). If I had had a camera with me I would have got a beautiful shot. I decided to head out again a little later (as soon as I got home) to see if I could still catch something and what you see here is a shot were the Sun is blocked by the building to the left (no point in ruining a camera pointing it straight towards the Sun), and what you can see are some natural clouds and then there is the haze created by the Chemtrails, as these have spread out by the winds in exactly the right direction (these guys are doing this with military precision). I mean we have a perfectly blue sky here right now with small clouds here and there, and then we have this haze blocking the Sun in that area only.

I have seen the aircraft early in the morning blocking the Sunrise and I have seen them blocking the Sunset. I really started to notice this last year because I had a perfect view from work and I happened to be there at the right time. Then there is the ordinary people that are talking about this in many other countries. YouTube is full of shots, films and many are worried.

It is going on. When you can see it with your own eyes on a regular basis you do not need mainstream media to confirm anything. The only thing that is confirmed right now is that mainstream media sucks. And whatever the hell it is that they are doing, we are not supposed to know about it.

Watch the skies.


Checked out some property outside of Lit (Jämtland County) today. Good fishing waters nearby etc. In the end it wasn´t for me but some day I will locate the place of my dreams. They had this on their land, another artistic interpretation of the Great Lake Monster. You have little things like this all over the place in these parts.

Good day.