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Took this snapshot down by the Great Lake (Storsjön) in Östersund (Jämtland County) today. They have built a few fortresses of ice for the kids and on this you can see Storsie (the Great Lake Monster) check the visitors out. I can appreciate the fact that they put so much love into a project like this.

Every kid around here will be exposed to this mystery very early on.

February (3)

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Östersund down by the lake today. Hundreds of people will enjoy themselves down there when they have a day off. Good to see.

Glad I brought the camera with me today.

February (2)

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Östersund Railway Station today. I always had a soft spot for this place. I used to work down there a couple of hours a day many years ago when I was working at the Post Office. I have spent countless of hours on trains on my way to seeing rock concerts and meeting rock stars over the years. Always nice to come back to this place though.

I will always be happy in these parts.


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We rarely see the Sun in my neck of the woods during the Winter. Here is a snapshot from the Harbor of Östersund taken today. This explains why Swedes tend to spend a lot of time outdoors during the Summer. Many owns a cottage in the Countryside.

This Winter has been quite strange though. Something is up…


Bit of news regarding the blog today. This post is No. 3,002 on this blog, so that is well worth a mention I think.

Still enjoy it too.


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Bought a cigar to a friend that has become a dad and I had to laugh when I saw the warning text about how smoking can damage your sperm. How about a big fat text on the aircrafts that are spraying us with chemtrails? When are we going to see that?

We need an army of busybodies to look into that…


Took a trip to check out a nice place near Hammerdal (Jämtland County) today and it was a nice little outing in good company. Lakeside property, a few neighbors but very private. This is the sort of thing that catches my eye.