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Rock history was made in Miami yesterday as several members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined Babymetal on stage (in full warpaint!) for their final number “Gimme Chocolate!” at the American Airlines Arena in front of 21,000 screaming fans. Chad Smith played the drums. YouTube and other outlets has lit up like a Christmas tree and it has to be stated that Babymetal is gaining momentum and respect within the Rock & Metal field on a level that is just phenomenal. The musicians certainly appreciate them and that should be your cue right there. I just love what the Chili Peppers did here, they are obviously great people.

(Top shot is from Babymetal´s social platforms)



Another brilliant Babymetal cover from Japanese publication Hedoban (issue 10). Here they play right into the mythology of Babymetal. I have the Special Editions of the first two CDs (with the DVD extras) coming in from different sources. Super excited.

Babymetal in Tampa

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, General


Babymetal performed in Tampa (Florida) yesterday on the Red Hot Chili Peppers trek. This shot, taken at the Amalie Arena, was posted on their social platforms. Last show will be in Miami (Florida) tomorrow night and I think we may see Chad Smith jam with them in full warpaint again (stay tuned). I have done the numbers and it looks like they have sold something like 190,000 tickets on this tour. Babymetal always do well with the merchandise, and my guess is that this has been a good couple of weeks for them.

Meet Nana Mizuki

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Got to love Japan. Stumbled across a disco type song called “Super-Man” by Nana Mizuki that was quite enjoyable to listen to (super nice video too). The song is released on her 2015 album “Smashing Anthems” (cover to the left includes DVD). Nana is doing a lot of voice-over stuff for Anime etc but is also producing music.

View the video here. Visit her lovely homepage here.


This is good news. It took five years to finish this wonderful book for prolific author Martin Popoff, but now we can all feast on “Metal Collector: Gathered Tales From Headbangers”. When word about this project went out, I did send him a story about how I got the Deep Purple bootleg “Get It While It Tastes!” signed by David Coverdale, and I am told that it is part of this book now.

Read more about this title (and order your copy) here.


UK publication Rock Sound used this eflyer (new word, but I will remember it) to sell issue 212 (May 2016). They really went to town with Babymetal in this issue, with the cover, full story and two big posters. I can see the editor shout out the orders now, “OK, this is the best thing that has happened in years and they are cute as hell… Get cracking!!”.

Good job.


BOG (Big One Girls) Magazine in Japan deals with the Idol culture. Here we have issues 16 and 17, one that presents Babymetal as “This years girls” and another that features two of the Babymetal girls (Su-metal is missing), probably a school shot.

Got to love Japan.