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Rock history was made in Miami yesterday as several members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers joined Babymetal on stage (in full warpaint!) for their final number “Gimme Chocolate!” at the American Airlines Arena in front of 21,000 screaming fans. Chad Smith played the drums. YouTube and other outlets has lit up like a Christmas tree and it has to be stated that Babymetal is gaining momentum and respect within the Rock & Metal field on a level that is just phenomenal. The musicians certainly appreciate them and that should be your cue right there. I just love what the Chili Peppers did here, they are obviously great people.


Another brilliant Babymetal cover from Japanese publication Hedoban (issue 10). Here they play right into the mythology of Babymetal. I have the Special Editions of the first two CDs (with the DVD extras) coming in from different sources. Super excited.


BOG (Big One Girls) Magazine in Japan deals with the Idol culture. Here we have issues 16 and 17, one that presents Babymetal as “This years girls” and another that features two of the Babymetal girls (Su-metal is missing), probably a school shot.

Got to love Japan.

I was just told by Ginza in Sweden that Babymetal´s European “Live At Budokan – Red Night” CD/DVD has sold out. I had ordered a further four copies but they could only send three. This means that you need to move fast in order to secure a copy of this incredible release. Numbered edition of 10,000.

Now you know.

When I discovered Babymetal last month, it was with the video for “Gimme Chocolate!”. I noticed that it had over 68,000,000 hits and I knew that I had to check this out. Metal is big, but you normally would not see this sort of interest for a video. And here we are, just a few weeks later, and the video has crossed the 70,000,000 mark. And it is still moving fast. Well, it is a great song and the video represents what this is all about. Party time!!


Here we have a bit of a Collectors Item, the Sakura Gakuin 2010 “Message” CD that was released in Japan in early 2011. One of the songs on this album was “Oki Doki Morning” by the Sakura Gakuin subunit Babymetal. Released as a single with video, it catapulted them to fame at home and it is fair to say that the talent agency did hit the jackpot with that idea.

And if you spot Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal you are probably a certified fan by now. Or you spend a lot of time on this blog…


Every now and again it is kind of nice to read a few Classics Illustrated. Seen here is book 38 of a compilation series that is going in Norway (Illustrerte Klassikere), featuring five full adventures and loads of interesting bonus material about authors etc. Published by Egmont in 2012. Hardback, 228 pages.

A Swedish counterpart started out last year but the Norwegians are way ahead and we may never catch up.