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Babymetal in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday. Seventh gig on the ongoing trek with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Three more to go.

You go girls!


Spotting young musicians on YouTube that love Metal is good to see. It means that Metal is here to stay. Just watch 10 year old Mana Fukuda from Japan performing Babymetal´s “Gimme Chocolate!” with undeniable passion – absolutely brilliant. Keep practising Mana and you may well end up on that stage with your heroes some day!

View the clip here.

Soul Survivor

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General


Listened to the new Adrenaline Rush album “Soul Survivor” this morning, and as they did with the first outing they certainly delivers the goods here. If the world is ready for this kind of thing again (mid to late 1980s party rock), I see no reason why Adrenaline Rush should not be among the leaders of the pack this time around. They have the riffs, the songs and the perfect front woman in Tåve Wanning.

Highly recommended.

Catch Me If You Can

Posted: April 25, 2017 in Cool stuff, General, Hobby


Another kit in 1/24 coming up in June from Master Box, “Claire – Catch Me If You Can”.



Well, we have some information on how Deep Purple fared with the current album “inFinite” so let us take a look. This is the official chart positions in the following countries…

Germany (# 1), Switzerland (# 1), Chech Republic (# 2), Hungary (# 3), Italy (# 3), Norway (# 3), Finland (# 4), Austria (# 4), Poland (# 4), Scotland (# 4), Sweden (# 5), Slovakia (# 5), Netherlands (# 6), UK (# 6), France (# 10), Spain (# 10), Brazil (# 18), Portugal (# 20), Canada (# 49), Ireland (# 52), Japan (# 64), USA (# 105).

Looking pretty good to me.


Part of the 2016 media blitz in Japan, the free Grindhouse Magazine publication went for Babymetal on the April/May cover, just in time for the release of the “Metal Resistance” album.

Superb cover shot.


Nice Scarlett Johansson cover. I have seen many magazine covers for the “Ghost In The Shell” film that is showing in theaters right now. This is German publication FAQ (March/April 2017).

I will buy this one on DVD.