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Future Shock

Posted: April 29, 2018 in General, Prepping, TV & Movies

Saw “Humanity Bureau” on DVD tonight (in good company), and this one deserves some rather large thumbs up. Set in the near future in America, after all sorts of disasters that includes famine and civil war, a government worker (Noah Cross, portrayed by Nicolas Cage) discovers that all the people that are sent off to a place called the New Eden are exterminated. I will not tell you any more than that but I think this is one of the best dystopian films that I have ever seen.

Preppers take note.


Your Kent Wedding 78

Posted: April 29, 2018 in General, Magazines

This is a good cover. UK publication Your Kent Wedding (issue) 78. Xena gear just out of sight surely.


Posted: April 28, 2018 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

Another beautiful Tower Records poster in support for the 2013 Babymetal single “Megitsune” (Limited Edition version). Su-metal on this one, the girls had one each and there was a group version as well (see earlier posts). These rare posters are very expensive on eBay these days, as they bloody well should be. Meanwhile, the official video for “Megitsune” will hit 50,000,000 views within a few weeks. And “Karate” (2016) is closing in to 40,000,000.

Not bad.

Just spotted this Dalbello release from 2015, a live CD/DVD from Rockpalast (Germany) recorded back in 1985. Now Dalbello is obviously one of the all time greats so this is a cool release.

Mirage 2000

Posted: April 28, 2018 in General, Magazines

French publication Le Fana de l´Aviation (issue) 580. These magazines always have good covers.


Posted: April 28, 2018 in General, Magazines

Also for sale in France right now, Le Fana de l´Aviation (issue) 61, Special Edition. I guess this is a reprint. Nice F-105 Thunderchief on the cover.

Aesthetica 82

Posted: April 27, 2018 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines

This looks like a good read. UK publication Aesthetica (issue 82). Great cover.