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The Chap 93

Posted: August 18, 2017 in General, Magazines, TV & Movies

This looks like a good read. UK publication The Chap (issue) 93. Sir Roger Moore on the cover. This magazine is distributed in the US now as well, just so that you know.

The GG (Guy Gene) approves.

Author Scott Palmer has published a few books about cinematic history and “The Films of Alistair MacLean” (Cypress Hills Press, 2016) deals with a pretty interesting subject. 17 of MacLeans books were turned into movies and some of these are still well known (“Where Eagles Dare”, “The Guns of Navarone” etc). This book deals with the storylines and you get plenty of pictures. I would have gone for more facts about the films as well but it is still a fine effort. Hardback, 180 pages.

UK publication Vintage Rock (issue) 6 2017. The King on the cover. I remember the day when the news came in that Elvis had passed away (exactly 40 years ago today). It was hard to understand. I remember that we bought the newspapers (and I remember where) to find out more. It was a sad day.

Kudos to Vintage Rock for their good work.

Nice Buffy cover

Posted: August 16, 2017 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines, TV & Movies

US publication Non-Sport Update (August/September 2017). It has been a couple of decades now since Buffy came along.

Nice nostalgia.

Reacting to Dunkirk

Posted: August 14, 2017 in General, TV & Movies

As I mentioned yesterday on this blog, I spent a couple of hours checking out YouTubers reactions to the “Dunkirk” trailers, and it was very interesting to see. Obviously, the dramatic scenes are unsettling and you can tell how people react strongly. My advice is that you go to YouTube and search for “Dunkirk trailer reaction”. You could be busy for hours. As an example, I have picked a reaction to the first trailer (the second was a little better in my opinion but that one came later), and I guess you can start there. This one is on the Tinker Jaso Channel and it is quite touching.

Watch it here.

I enjoy people reacting to videos on YouTube (spent two hours yesterday watching people react to the final “Dunkirk” trailer), and I especially enjoy the Babymetal reactions (some of these have hundreds of thousands of views). I like this guy, he started his Channel not too long ago but has quickly picked up on how great Babymetal is. Check out these clips, the rest should not be hard to find.

Classic 2013 TV appearance here, epic 2014 Budokan & beyond trailer here.

This looks like a good read. UK publication Collectors Gazette (September 2017). Great title for a magazine like this, fantastic cover.

Top notch.