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Whitesnake´s “The Purple Tour” arrived here yesterday in two formats. Watched the DVD first and it was a goodie (did miss “You Keep On Moving” on it though). Well edited and strong material performed by good players. “The Gypsy” and “Mistreated” are two Purple songs that work very well here. Of course you get the Whitesnake classics too, the mix is very good.

Love the gatefold sleeve of the LP version.



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Spotted this cover. Mercedes Owner (issue) 317. I have to assume that there is some connection between the two brands but I have yet to see the movie.

Lovely nostalgia

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This looks like a good read. UK publication Tapas (Winter edition). Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis on the cover. Nice shot from the 1964 comedy “Sex And The Single Girl”. I wish that they would air more films like this but you really have to hunt them down on DVD (if at all possible) these days.

Watch movie trailer here.


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It dawned on me today that Lars Von Trier´s “Melancholia” (2011) is way more than a film about depression, it deals with the end of the world. This one is for Planet X researchers, no doubt. No happy ending in this one. Kirsten Dunst has the lead role but the entire cast is excellent.

Watch the official trailer here.


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Saw Tom Hanks in Clint Eastwood´s “Sully” (2016) on DVD yesterday. Well made (it goes without saying) film about a pilot that had to land his aircraft in the Hudson River back in 2009. The 155 souls on board all survived. The film captures the trauma and the aftermath on a very human level and Eastwood can certainly add another winner to his incredible legacy with this one.

See the official trailer here.

The Fake News Awards

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Well I will bring out the popcorns for this. President Trump will present The Fake News Awards on Wednesday and we all know that this is going to produce the biggest shitstorm in living memory in Mainstream Media. Everybody is gearing up for this. I think history will be written in the next few weeks and that this is the kickoff. This is not a coincidence.


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This is a good cover. Colombian publication SoHo (January 2018). The cover gal, Ximena Córdoba is a model and television star over there.