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Posted: March 26, 2020 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

I saw the rather epic “Midway” by director Roland Emmerich on DVD yesterday. For some reason, this film bombed at the box office. It cost 100,000,000 dollars to make and in late January it had grossed about 125,000,000. It has taken in more money outside of America/Canada than it has at home. This is quite strange since the director is such a household name, and the very topic itself should be of interest in the States. The sad thing is that “Midway” is a first rate WWII film, and every frame in this production deals with the action and the history, with very little time for, say romantic scenes (which destroyed “Pearl Harbor” back in 2001, a film that had a good chunk of it wasted on a love triangle). There was a film on Midway made in 1976 that is also very good, but Roland Emmerich obviously wanted to have a shot at capturing a WWII drama with all the tools at his disposal that just did not exist back in the day. For this, what went down back in 1941 (Pearl Harbor) and 1942 (the Doolittle raid on Japan and Midway) gives the director plenty of scope to cover epic battles that shook the world when they occured. Roland has done a good job here and I hope this will do well on DVD.

(My shot of the DVD cover of “Midway”)

Samurai Marathon

Posted: March 16, 2020 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Japan 1855. After hundreds of years of isolation, American ships arrives and opens up the country to the new ways of the world. A local Lord realizes the threat and orders his Samurai force to run a marathon to get in shape. This in turn is misread by the Shogun as an impending attack and he sends assassins to deal with the situation. Plenty of intrigue and action in this film, and many characters to enjoy. Pretty old school, which is great if you want to see a Japanese Samurai film obviously (although it was directed by Bernard Rose). This marathon lives on today in Japan and it is called Ansei Tooashi. The end scene is terrific.

I quite enjoyed this film.

(My shot of this Scandinavian DVD release)

Babymetal has just released the cover of the upcoming “Live At The Forum” DVD/Blu-ray and we have also got an official two minute trailer on their official YouTube page (absolutely brilliant!). This bodes well. Release date is May 13, still no word on if this will be an international release though (stay tuned for updates).

Great cover art.

Bought a Swedish box of classic porn movies (“Den stora P-Boxen”, Studio S 2016) from the 1970s a while back and yesterday I checked out a trailer from 1978 called “V – The Hot One” that stars the wonderful Annette Haven. I was more than a little surprised when I suddenly heard the very distinctive voice of Glenn Hughes in a scene and I did recognize the music. I checked “The Butterfly Ball” and “Wizard´s Convention” (two of the more obscure 1970s albums that featured performances by Glenn), but that was not it. Then it suddenly dawned on me that I had heard this pretty recently and then I knew, it is his section of Jon Lord´s “Windows” album from 1974, a live concert in Germany that featured Glenn as well as Jon Lord, David Coverdale, Tony Ashton, Pete York and other well known characters of the day. It was aired on German TV back in the day and you can find it on YouTube. In fact, why not check out episode 41 of the Deep Purple Podcast, because there you have it as the guys reviews the concert footage at 1:08:10. And if you are naughty you can find the film on sites that may or may not blow up your computer. The official soundtrack, or what I can find listed now for this film, is supposed to be music by Vangelis. Well this is not bloody Vangelis, it is Jon Lord. So was this really cleared for this film back in the day or did they rip Jon off?

I know it was the happy days of the 1970s but one has to wonder…

(Image shows the LP foldout of the original “Windows” release from 1974)

James Bond Movie Postponed

Posted: March 5, 2020 in TV & Movies

The 25th James Bond movie, “No Time To Die” was supposed to open at cinemas across the world in April, but has now been postponed until November. Two reasons probably. The Coronavirus situation that will surely keep people from going to the movies in large numbers (if any). And on top of this, this is certainly not a good time to send your stars out on a promotional tour around the world is it.

I think we have to get used to this sort of thing now.

Space Station 76

Posted: February 9, 2020 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

This film flew under the radar for me back in 2014, and I discovered it just now. Saw it tonight and it is basically a dark Sci-Fi comedy and a huge homage to the mid 1970s. If you ever saw shows like Buck Rogers, you will understand this (although this is much darker). Good acting from Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler, Matt Bomer and the rest of the cast. I enjoyed it, but I would expect that it is a tad strange for people that expect a lot of action packed adventures. It deserves some accolades though.

(My shot of said DVD)


Posted: February 6, 2020 in Cool stuff, Prepping, TV & Movies

On my recent trip to Stockholm I found this DVD box of one of my all time favourite shows ever, the BBC series Survivors (1975-1977, 38 episodes). With the current Corona-virus situation still developing, this show would scare the crap out of people if they decided to broadcast it now. I think this is the show that actually made me a prepper. The story goes like this, a virus gets loose from a laboratory and within weeks it has killed off nearly all of mankind. The select few that has survived have to fight for their very survival. 45 years on, this show is still bloody brilliant.

And if you are not a prepper, now would be a good time to take action.

(My shot of said box)