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Posted: November 17, 2019 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Last day of my delayed holiday. I have had four good weeks and everything I had set out to do is done. I also discovered a classic television show called UFO on YouTube and bought it on eBay. It turned out to be quite entertaining for a guy of my age (who can gladly accept the goofy style and the sexism etc). Originally aired 1970-1973 it has everything that was cool on television back in the day. This is feel good stuff. I highly recommend it.

Thank you for your support Kalle.

(My shot of the DVD box with the complete series)

Things are moving fast in Babymetal Land. Lets deal with the bad news first. The Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong has been cancelled. This is due to the current unrest in the city. It is the first ever Babymetal date that is being cancelled, but it is what it is. On the more positive side, “Metal Galaxy” gets a pretty fair review in Classic Rock # 268 (Queen cover), (quote) “Inside the heart of every fiercely tattooed heavy metal fan there lurks a Japanese schoolgirl” – the press loves to come up with stuff like that. And we got news from the Babymetal camp today that members of the Fan Club called The One will be able to buy super exclusive DVDs (etc) of the Yokohama Arena “Sun” shows from June 28-29 as well as the July 6-7 “Moon” (Legend M) shows from Nagoya. These can be ordered from today and will be shipped on April 1 and the really good news is that the very fact that The One is covered now for some time, should mean that the Forum show that they filmed in Los Angeles a few weeks ago might get the stamp of approval for official release everywhere. About time that they put something good out there outside of Japan. So, fingers crossed. And finally, we now know that the new Babymetal ESP guitars (E-II MF-9 and the Babymetal MF-7 Mini) is available now. This would not have happened if the 2016 Arrow guitar had not sold well so that is pretty cool. And you do not see nine and seven string guitars that often, so these guitars are special. And darned good looking too.

(Top image shows part of ESP ads from 2016 and 2019)

Cool Puzzle

Posted: November 14, 2019 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

Bought this cool puzzle produced by Zee Company in the UK. Apart from the 1958 movie classic “Attack Of The 50ft Woman” they have also put out “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and “Metropolis”. 500 pieces each and in my book they are worth having for the boxes alone (old poster art from the old days). Brilliant.

(My shot of said box)

Another brilliant Soundtrack, the Limited Edition Double LP (orange Vinyl) with two posters. Cool foldout, very nice selection of pictures from the movie (Tarantinos “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”). DVD pops up around Christmas. I like it when they put some effort into it. Have not seen the movie but I will get the DVD and with two Deep Purple tunes this Soundtrack is a given.

(My image of said release).


Major news. The 38th Asterix album is out (Swedish release next week). It is titled “Asterix And The Chieftain´s Daughter”. I think it is rather wonderful that Asterix lives on.


Iron Maiden will visit Manila in the Philippines for the first time on May 16 2020, headlining the Pulp Summer Slam Festival. Babymetal will be one of the opening acts, along with DragonForce and Death Angel. It is the first time since Sonisphere 2014 that Babymetal will share a bill with Maiden. They are lining up major gigs in Asia right now. As for Maiden, note the “Where Eagles Dare” scene on the poster art. How cool is that? In fact, I would love to own one of these posters.


Deep Purple will release a Limited Edition two CD/three LP set called “Live In Rome 2013” in early December.

(Official Pulp Summer Slam Festival poster)


As you know I do enjoy watching reaction videos on YouTube and I feel that vocal coach Beth Roars (pictured above) is among the very best in her game. She did a reaction to Deep Purple and to Ian Gillan in particular with “Child In Time” (live version) this weekend and it has already notched up over 60,000 views. I sent the link over to Ian Gillans people, hopefully they can see the wisdom in sharing this with the fans out there. Beth is doing a very broad spectrum and you can have Edith Piaf one day and Babymetal (or Dio, Nightwish or whatever) the next. Her reaction for “Karate” (Babymetal live) was great. Also, she reminds me a bit of Ann-Margret. Loads of charisma here.


We have to wait a bit for it but Rob Halford will release his memoares next year in a book titled “Confess”.


Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010 and there will be a book and a documentary about the man from official sources next year.


Classic Rock includes Babymetal in the current Special Collector´s Edition “50”. “Give Me Chocolate!!” is included as one of the 50 most groundbreaking songs of all time. “Five years later, it still sounds like Hello Kitty going on a killing spree”, is a pretty nice quote.

(Beth Roars image used by permission)

Babymetal has just announced that they will appear at the Greenfield Festival in Switzerland in June. That is the main season for big rock festivals in Europe so we can certainly expect more dates soon. And today it was nine years ago that Babymetal recorded the vocals for the very first song, “Doki Doki Morning”. The moment was captured on film and can be seen on the Sakura Gakuin DVD “Smile”. They have already indicated a big celebration of some sort next year.

(Official festival image)