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Did not see this coming, but the animated Elvis has arrived. The show is called Agent Elvis and you can find it on Netflix. Priscilla Presley has been involved in the creation of this. Meanwhile, the records are coming in thick and fast and the Memphis Records stuff is not that bad. The latest release is the 4 CD Limited Edition & Double LP collection (the latter is seen here) “Las Vegas Summer Festival 1972”. Good stuff.

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Bought this UK James Bond magazine on import and I suppose the franchise will be around soon enough with a new face. They do present some potential actors in this magazine, horrible choices all of them. Maybe the time has come to end it all? The old school charm is long gone. If I was running the franchise, I would find somebody that looked the part and parody it all, with outrageous jokes and loads of sexism. At least we could have something that made fun of everything woke, which I think is what the majority of us all really wants at this point. But hey, that is just me, and we live in a time in which the original novels are being censored. It could be saved though. I have a solution and I will be gracious enough to give it it to the world. Put Jeremy Clarkson in charge of the script. That should fix it. It would be a huge relief. That could catapult Bond way into the future. With reputation intact.

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Actually, this copy is a 1985 reprint, but the movie (and most likely, the original pressing of this release) came out in 1962. Just look at the list of stars in this one. Have not seen this movie in what seems like decades, got to take care of that. There is something missing in Hollywood these days. They will never come up with stuff like this again.

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Sad to hear that Tina Turner has passed away. Clearly one of the most iconic artists, she survived the years with her husband Ike (excellent music though) and made it big on her own in one of the biggest comebacks that we have ever seen as a celebrated solo artist. Some songs are truly unforgettable, like the mid 1980s hit “We Don´t Need Another Hero”. Incidentally, this song is covered by Ghost on their new five track EP “Phantomime”, a fitting tribute.

(Seen here is a 1985 Maxi Single and the Ghost EP)

Vengeance Is Golden

Posted: May 23, 2023 in Cool stuff, TV & Movies

You may want to check this movie out. “Sisu” is a revenge type WWII movie from Finland about a bunch of Germans that messed with the wrong guy. Check out the trailers and the reviews. Instant classic.

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David Coverdale added another CT With DC episode (Part 2 in fact) to the Whitesnake TV Channel yesterday, and the very first question deals with him meeting legendary actor Richard Harris and being invited to party with him, Peter O´Toole, Oliver Reed and Roger Moore. I mean, this is just classic stuff! Imagine being a fly on the wall on that night. Hearing this, I recalled a book that I have in the old collection (may have mentioned it before, not sure), “Hellraisers” (Preface Publishing, 2008) by author Robert Sellers. You may want to read that, just sayin…

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The famous Dambusters raid took place on the night between May 16/17 1943, so it has been 80 years. The BBC had the gall to call the raid “infamous” the other day, which is pretty unbelievable. Needless to say, model manufacturers have always favored this piece of WWII history and there are several kits out there to commemorate the raid as we speak. The one you see here from Airfix is an older box from about 10-15 years ago. Unopened and in prestine condition. The 1955 film “The Dambusters” is very good. Peter Jackson has been said to be keen on making a new movie about the event, we shall see what happens there.

(My shot of said Airfix Dambusters kit)

The “Bismarck” video that Sabaton uploaded onto YouTube four years ago has notched up over 75,000,000 views. That is quite an achievement. Of course they did a good video and that particular battle is the stuff of legends. Hobby enthusiasts can build models of Bismarck from different manufacturers (and of other ships that was part of the battle, like The Hood). The 1960 movie “Sink The Bismarck” is still a classic and I recommend it highly. Sabaton has probably reignited a huge interest in all this.

(My shot of Sabaton, Stockholm 2023)

Here is a rather wonderful Soundtrack LP from back in 1965 for the Western movie “The Glory Guys”. No major stars in it really except for James Caan, but if you check out the movie trailer you will probably recognise some familiar faces. Sam Peckinpah had a hand in it. Music score by Riz Ortolani. Super high quality of both the cover art, the LP cover as such (hard paper) and the general presentation. The United Artists label did a really good job back in the day.

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Found this comic book adaptation of the 1979 movie “Meteor” (Sean Connery, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda etc) in a second hand shop yesterday. Swedish edition of a Marvel comic. I recall that it was a popular trend to publish movie tie-ins back in the day. I actually saw this film a few weeks ago. Printed in 1980. No artists mentioned. Stan Lee is credited.

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