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Good day today. Presented Babymetal to some friends and it is always interesting to see reactions. Played the second night at the Budokan from the “Live At Budokan” DVD and one thing I noticed was that it started to grow in stature on people about halfway through. The more traditional Metal songs found immediate support and it was mentioned that with lyrics in English there is nothing that can stop this band from conquering the world. That is an interesting observation and I would think that they could very well walk that path eventually to some degree. The energy of the performance was mentioned and the musicianship of the band was noted several times. A few more people arrived eventually and got to see a few moments from the “Live In London” DVD (Forum). These guys were quite stunned. One of them noted “I have never seen anything like it in my life”. True. Oldtimers are likely to enjoy a large section of the show no problem. Babymetal can be a bit of a shock to the system, but the energy of the show is very convincing. Thank you Kalle for a lovely evening (great food & drink).

View trailer for “Live At Budokan” here.


The two Babymetal double DVDs “Live At Budokan” (March 2014) and “Live In London” (July/November 2014) were released in Europe on the same day in late October 2015. Incredibly, the two is beautifully executed in every way imaginable (although the nights at Bodukan is hard to beat), and the Fox God is introduced as he is presenting the gift of Babymetal for mankind to unite and be one. There is a lot of theater in this, but it works. Again, the show is evolving and I find it hard to believe that they were this great after just one album. The Academy Brixton Show ends with the brand new song “Road Of Resistance”, a true Metal classic with insane energy. I have the debut CD but I still need to hear it. Still in 2014 at the moment then, but I will catch up. The second album (Metal Resistance”, 2016), was the first product I bought (see earlier post), and it certainly opened my eyes. This is Party Metal on steroids. Babymetal is indeed a gift to mankind.

Watch “Gimme Chocolate!!” from the Brixton show here.


And here it is, the Agent Smart moment. If you know your television history you know that the Agent Smart character often said “Missed it by that much”, meaning he was soooo close to solving the case, but somebody else probably beat him to it (like his beautiful assistant, Agent 99). Found this half page ad in Sweden Rock Magazine (issue) 12 2016 from Playground/earMusic, pushing product with Jon Lord (“Gemini Suite” CD), Deep Purple “California Jam 1974” DVD) and Babymetal (“Live At Wembley” CD). There is no way on earth that I could have missed this ad, but apparently, I missed Babymetal by that much…

Well I am on the case now…


Good day today (as mentioned earlier). Babymetal´s “Live At Budokan” double DVD set (two nights were filmed) popped up and it feels right to begin the visual live journey with this release. Produced in early 2014 the two nights were released in Japan as “Live At Budokan: Red Night” and “Live At Budokan: Black Night” on CD and DVD in January 2015, followed by Europe in October 2015. I have the double set now and spent three hours taking it all in tonight. I cranked it up and the Fox God took me on a Metal journey that I will not forget in a hurry.


Usually when a band plays two nights in a row the set list (or visuals) is not going to differ much, but here it is like two different events that could have been recorded six months apart. It is hard to comprehend that Babymetal reached this level of sheer professionalism this early in their career. Most bands would be lucky if they could peak with these sorts of highlights, this band kicks off their career on the international arena with it. In fact, the second night ends with a very moving animation/stage presentation in which the Fox God sends Su-metal, Yuimetal and Moametal to Europe in three red caskets through space or some strange dimension. All in all, few bands can compete with this today – the ideas are piling up in front of your eyes and the pace is relentless. Come the ballads and the majestic stuff, it only enhances the show.

This is a brilliant DVD set, now the journey will take me to the next level (as they have moved on since this was made), and that will be coming up next on this blog.

View opening track “Megitsune” from “Red Night” here.

Camelot revisited

Posted: March 20, 2017 in General, Magazines, TV & Movies


Out today in the US. TV Guide features a promoshot from “The Kennedys: After Camelot” starring Katie Holmes as Jackie Kennedy and Matthew Perry as Ted Kennedy on the cover. It was the first dynasty in American politics and it has been called Camelot, based on the promises of what could have been (the assassinations of John F. Kennedy in 1963 and Robert F. Kennedy in 1964 pretty much ushered in a far uglier era). A mini series that centers around Jackie is a pretty interesting idea.

And I just have to say this. In my humble opinion, the Trump Family could well be Camelot II.


One good thing about the web is that people are putting up all sorts of things, and some of it can obviously be both fun to watch but also help you decide whether to buy a product or not. I have made a habit of checking out fans unpacking boxes with musical content (the expensive stuff), giving you a first reaction and showing you the goods. Here we have a current example from the UK, as we get to see the Babymetal “Live At Wembley” set unboxed and reviewed by CallieSakura (name of the YouTube Channel). This is a charming example of this and you can sense the excitement in the air. I can totally relate to that. And if you like this film there is plenty more to check out on this Channel.

View the report here.


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Having discovered the greatness of Babymetal I now have to confront myself with a few questions. Like, I buy a lot of Metal magazines and yet I missed out on this for well over a year at least. Why? I have looked at some magazines and it took just a few minutes to find Babymetal articles, live reviews (see Classic Rock above) and ads for concerts etc. Why did I avoid checking them out? The truth is that I could not get past the name and the general image and on top of that it is not easy to take in new stuff when you have listened to Metal since 1971. A friend of mine said the same thing today, it was the name. Having looked into this in some detail now, I can appreciate just how hard these people have worked for the success. The girls were quite young when it all started and yet they had played the Budokan in Tokyo (twice) even before the release of the first album. They were all in school until quite recently, you can see the picture of Su-metal (Suzuka Nakamoto) here as she graduated (Japanese press cutting). I also found a film on YouTube showing her lifelong ambition to be on stage. I have to salute the Japanese school system for allowing talent to study what they love the most. Su-metal was discovered this way and here we are. At 19, she has conquered the world with her younger friends and the band. I respect this a lot. Well, you live and learn.

View the Su-metal film here (subtitles in English).