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Just added what I call “The Bar” into the hobby room in the new place. Strictly for medical purposes naturally. Johnnie Walker, Gibson´s London Dry Gin and (a small sized bottle of) Jack Daniels. I seldom drink these days, but I just enjoy the thought of having these in the hobby room.

(Thank you for a good day Kalle)

(My image)

Well I have some good news since it is now official that Swedish rockers Velvet Insane is to release their self titled debut album in late February (22 in these parts). It will be available on Vinyl, which is a good thing. Friends of this blog will know that I have mentioned these chaps before (they are from my neck of the woods after all), and I did publish an interview with Jesper Lindgren a while back.

Good luck.

Blog update

Posted: January 25, 2019 in About this blog

I have updated the “Contact” (tag, page) with my new e-mail, so I can communicate with you guys again as of now.

Purple Power

Posted: January 22, 2019 in Books, Classic Rock, Deep Purple Family, General

For years I mistook this book to be a DVD documentary with an added bonus in the form of a book. I have seen so many versions of such releases that I started to ignore them, although I am a collector. I finally bought a copy of it – “Deep Purple: Uncensored On The Record” (Archive Media Publishing, 2012) by author Jerry Bloom – and it turned out to be roughly 224 pages of history that covers the 1968-1976 period (with some final words about later goings on to kind of round things up). Some nice shots in black/white. I have a few quotes in it, which is fine. Not the first time a book lifts something from my past and the 1981 interview with Jon Lord has been raided on several occations before.

Took this snapshot of the Old Church in Stugun (Jämtland County) yesterday. It is located close to my new place and I pretty much see it on a daily basis when I am in the neighborhood. It was built close to the water by Pål Persson 1785-1786. History buffs will always find items of interest in the old churches of Sweden, loads of memorabilia from the old wars etc. In this church you have an item that celebrates the victory at the Battle of Narva in 1700. Got to love that.

Here is an old postcard that I spotted on an auction site a while back. Looks like it could be from around 1930-1950. It is interesting to compare the shots. If somebody out there knows more about the postcard, please leave a comment.

Here is an exciting update about the progress on the hobby room that I have spent some time upgrading in the last few weeks. I was not surprised that people enjoyed the last couple of reports (after all, it is a dream to go a bit nuts like this for a lot of people, hence the interest). I went into some details in the last post so this will just be some images – what you see is what it is. Spot the space saved for “the bar”. Need one of those, even if it is on the small side.

Almost done. I can smell the glue…

(This post is dedicated to all the men that still nurture the dream)

Steampunk Metal

Posted: January 13, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

Japanese Steampunk Metal band Fate Gear has just released an album called “Headless Goddess”. A European tour kicks off in Germany on March 1. This is yet another all female outfit from Japan with high skill musicianship and I suspect they will go down well. There is a clear interest in Japanese Metal now and I think it is well deserved.