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Turbo writer

Posted: January 18, 2019 in Classic Rock, Books, Cool stuff, General

Martin Popoff has another book on Judas Priest out, “Turbo ´til Now”. Well they keep on coming, and fast.


Rock journalist Paul Travers posted an interesting piece on Babymetal at the Kerrang! site today titled “The 10 Moments That Made Babymetal Global Superstars”. The Babymetal community is on the ball so stats will go through the roof. Nice.

Read the article (and watch some great videos) here.

(Picture is from the “Headbanger!!!” video, which is on the list)

Here is an exciting update about the progress on the hobby room that I have spent some time upgrading in the last few weeks. I was not surprised that people enjoyed the last couple of reports (after all, it is a dream to go a bit nuts like this for a lot of people, hence the interest). I went into some details in the last post so this will just be some images – what you see is what it is. Spot the space saved for “the bar”. Need one of those, even if it is on the small side.

Almost done. I can smell the glue…

(This post is dedicated to all the men that still nurture the dream)

40 years ago

Posted: January 14, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

Scorpions released their sixth studio album “Lovedrive” on January 15 1979. Michael Schenker is featured on several songs but he left the band while touring in France in April, which resulted in them asking Matthias Jabs to return (he had also been part of recording this album). However the band had a solid album here and the trend that they were going places was reinforced considerably. The cover artwork from Hipgnosis caused a bit of a stir in America but the kids just loved it. It was a different time and controversy sold records then. The cover changed for some time but was reinstated for the recent remaster series.

For Michael Schenker, a solo career just had to be the answer.

Steampunk Metal

Posted: January 13, 2019 in Classic Rock, Cool stuff, General

Japanese Steampunk Metal band Fate Gear has just released an album called “Headless Goddess”. A European tour kicks off in Germany on March 1. This is yet another all female outfit from Japan with high skill musicianship and I suspect they will go down well. There is a clear interest in Japanese Metal now and I think it is well deserved.

Check out the title track here.

This is the funniest western I have ever seen. A friend of mine (Hello Kalle!) gave me a DVD of “A Million Ways To Die In The West” and we watched it today. I have to say that the punchlines line up with a brutal pace, and you can sense that the inspiration is partially drawn from Monty Python and Mel Brooks. The cast (Liam Neeson, Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron can be seen on the DVD cover, but there are plenty more talent in this one) is brilliant. The jokes are often visual, some quite brutal. But you have to laugh at the craziness of it all. Charlize Theron is fantastic as a gunslinger in this one, somebody needs to give her a chance to repeat the role, perhaps in a more traditional western. All in all, you will be entertained.

Watch trailer here.

Nice Annette Dytrt cover

Posted: January 12, 2019 in Cool stuff, General, Magazines

Playboy (German edition), February 2019. German figure skater (hence the “Die Eis Prinzessin” headline on the cover) Annette Dytrt is presented in this issue, shot by photographer Irene Schaur. Playboy in Germany has managed to get a few famous people from the world of sports to pose for them in recent years. I like that, it is a good thing. Reminds me of the old days here in Sweden.

Kudos to Annette.