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Got the new issue of UFO Aktuellt (1 2014) in the mail today, and I found the ad for the upcoming UFO-Expo in Östersund (Jämtland county) that I took some shots for a while back (see this blog). They used a small picture down to the left in the ad. The event will take place at Campus University on May 17 (Building F).

Members of UFO Sverige will have a closed meeting in the morning and the public will be able to see lectures from 13.00 right through the afternoon. Richard Svensson will start the day with a lecture on Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster) and its cousins around the world. Richard just happens to be the artist that has created the Montana Blue comic book version of my novel, I actually spotted his talents in UFO Aktuellt years ago. This is good timing, since the first part of this will be published in RETROFUTURE 7 within a week or two. With any luck, free copies could be picked up by interested parties at this event.

Other lecturers include Tobias Lindgren, Anders Berglund and the legendary Clas Svahn (author of many books). The first 50 to arrive will recieve a free book (nice touch).

Price of admission is 60 kronor.



The history that surrounds Storsjöodjuret (The Great Lake Monster, also called Storsie outside Sweden) is long and full of interesting moments. In 1894, a local push to capture one of these animals created headlines. King Oscar II was interested in science and enjoyed to support expeditions and he actually put some money into the project. What happened next is quite interesting. For years, people tried in many ways to capture or kill an animal. One method was floating barrels with specially designed hunting equipment underneith. On one occation, witnesses saw a barrel disappear below the surface for about a minute. Upon investigating the equipment afterwards, they found scrapmarks in the metal, like they had been in contact with teeth. Eventually, all these barrels in the lake became a problem as accidents with local shipping started to appear. Steamer Carl XV was seriously damaged in a collision in 1899.

The hunt went on for about a decade. In 1897, Oscar II visited Östersund. In 1888, a professor from Uppsala was sent to the lake to investigate (payed by newspaper Aftonbladet). He wrote a series of articles that proclaimed that, in his opinion, the animal is real.

Hunting equipment from the day can still be seen at a local museum called Jamtli, but people have largely forgotten all about it. It is an interesting chapter in the history of this phenomenon though, and therefore I have decided to include an article about what happened and the Kings interest in RETROFUTURE 8. I feel that this needs to be highlighted again.

So work has now begun on the next issue.

Patricia Briggs campaign

Posted: April 25, 2014 in Books, Magazines


I buy quite a lot of magazines, so I know how rare it is to spot a proper campaign about an author and a series of books. For this reason I was absolutely delighted when I saw this ad about Patricia Briggs and her Mercy Thompson work in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (see last post). The new book, “Night Broken” is out in hardback. I have four books by Briggs in pocket format, and I really enjoy this scene. The paranormal stuff.

Good thinking from Ace Books.



Posted: April 24, 2014 in Magazines, TV & Movies


Entertainment Weekly interviews Angelina Jolie about her part in Disney´s “Maleficent” (coming to a cinema near you about five weeks from now) in issue 1302 (March 14). I saw the first trailer a while back and decided that Angelina was stunning – plenty of charisma and cool. I will see this film at the movies.

This should be a winner.

Commando 4699-4702

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Commando - New issues


Commando 4699-4702 is out today in the UK. See categories for a good deal should you want to subscribe.


Michael Mojo Nilsson belted out the Swedish National Anthem at the televised match between Sweden and Norway in Hockey just moments ago. He really went for it, and with a voice like that, it was a beautiful thing.

Good job.

Nice Jennifer Lopez cover

Posted: April 23, 2014 in Magazines


I have a soft spot for Jennifer Lopez. Not so much for her music but for her performances in her movies. I think she is a pretty good actress. I spotted her on this cover of russian Glamour (issue 116) the other day and figured it would be a good addition in the old collection.

Russia was westernized a long time ago, some people just have to catch up…