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Fox Day

Posted: April 1, 2020 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Magazines

Well, it would appear that the Fox God have chosen not to reveal too much of the future plans for Babymetal on Fox Day this year. What we have got is this image on their platforms, reminding everyone that it has been 10 years in October and that Episode X of the Metal Resistance will take place then. In the real world, even October is in doubt right now due to the terrible situation in the world, so perhaps it was to be expected. The entire Asian Tour has been cancelled, the last show to go was the Pulp Summer Slam Festival in Manila (headlined by Iron Maiden). Certain dates in Europe still stand, but I doubt that they will happen. They should not happen. Safety first. The “Live At The Forum” DVD/Blu-ray that has been announced for May 13 in Japan, has not been seen on any online stores in Europe, so my guess is that it will come later, or not at all. To not release it is just silly. I think they blew it when they did not release “Live At Wembley” and “Live At Tokyo Dome” outside of Japan, but to let that happen with “Live At The Forum” as well is just poor judgment. I would love to hear an explanation, since quite a lot of fans will have to get it on import if this is allowed to happen. Still, maybe they will celebrate the 10th Anniversary in October in style, who knows? On a lighter note, there is a Babymetal poster (of Su-metal and Moametal live) in the current issue of Kerrang! (#1816), so that is a good thing. In my neck of the woods, Sweden Rock Magazine ignored the Swedish concert back on February 3, no sign of them getting behind Babymetal since then (no live report, not a word). Thank God for Kerrang! and Metal Hammer.

Oh, on their Twitter account, todays post had the #StayHome hashtag. I thought that was a good thing to share.

(Official image)

Here is a few things that will happen soon on this blog.

April 1. Fox Day. Babymetal will expand on their mythology and reveal what is coming up next. This may or may not include news of the 10th Anniversary that is coming up, but anything can happen on that day and I will blog about it whatever it is.

April 6. Deep Purple Podcast interview on this blog, as Nathan Beaudry and John Mottola celebrates 50 episodes of their wonderful podcast on that day. The interview (with both of them) is ready to go but the right thing to do is to post it on the big day. In the meantime, check them out over at the Deep Purple Podcast platforms (new episode is up every Monday). April 6… hmm…

Also coming up: Interview with Czech editor of SPARK and FAKKER! on his early and continued support for Babymetal.

April may turn out to be less than great, but I will continue with this blog on my spare time.

(My shot of Joe Lynn Turner)

The door bell rang early this morning and I thought “What the hell is this?”. Then I realized as I made my way to the door that maybe it was my friend Kalle that was dropping off a couple of auctions, and it was. I heard his engine roar down the street (wise in these times) as he was continuing his business of the day and I knew immediately that I had a pretty good excuse for a blog post as I checked out the items in question. The LP with Playboy star Barbi Benton is titled “Ain´t That Just The Way” (after her biggest hit song). It was produced by ex-Deep Purple bass player Roger Glover and him and another ex-Purple man, David Coverdale (of Whitesnake fame), wrote a song for it too (“Up In The Air”) along with the lovely Barbi. “Ain´t That Just The Way” became a huge hit after Barbi performed it in an episode of McCloud in 1976 and it was certainly massive here in Sweden later on when it was aired here. Two versions of this exists, this is a rerecording for this 1978 release. To me it still stands as one of the best Pop songs of the 1970s so I am happy to have this album in the old collection. It is also pretty cool that it is part of the very large Deep Purple Family history. Drummer Simon Phillips and (Whitesnake) guitarist Micky Moody is also on it, as are others that we recognise from Purple related projects. You can tell that Roger has had a hand in this. He was probably working on a David Coverdale solo album around the time that he produced this.

I also got a copy of UK publication Big Issue North (#1325, February 17-23 2020), with a nice Babymetal cover and feature. Big Issue North is sold by homeless people and this is the second issue that sports a Babymetal cover. The first, from back in 2016, is one of the three best selling issues they ever had (after a couple of magazines that featured Felix The Huddersfield Station Cat on the cover, go figure). Babymetal did very little press in the UK before or during the recent UK Tour. It says something about them that they granted this publication this rare treat and author Antonia Charlesworth did a good piece here with quotes from Su-metal and Moametal. Five pages in all. You can order it online.

(My shot of these priceless items – Thank you Kalle for your continued support – much appreciated)


Deep Purple debuted a track from the upcoming “Whoosh!!” album on YouTube today, a video for the song “Throw My Bones”.


Metal Hammer has conducted a major poll pulling in votes from 110,000 Metal fans and they have just published the results in a story headlined “The 50 Best Metal Bands”. Babymetal came in at #10. The Babymetal Online Community is incredible.


There is a film about the 1977 Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash titled “Street Survivors: The True Story Of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash”. Should be showing in Stateside cinemas right now. Former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Artimus Pyle, who survived the crash, has been involved in the project.

Wonderful four page Babymetal feature in Kerrang! #1814, dealing with the success of the recent UK Tour and London in particular. Nice pictures by photographer Andy Ford and words (including quotes by Su-metal and Moametal) by Tom Shepherd, whom manages to squeeze in the word “bonkers” in the very first sentence! Nice. The love affair between UK media and Babymetal continues, which is a wonderful thing. I noticed today (as I looked back on the Babymetal posts on this blog) that “Gimme Chocolate!!” passed 100,000,000 views on YouTube in March last year, and it is now at over 113,700,000, so it is still doing a good job in opening doors for Babymetal. And it is not the only video they have that is moving fast. On the other side of the dark period we now have to go through, Babymetal is likely to continue on their path to global domination. I would say we need them more than ever now.

(My shot of the first spread of the Kerrang! #1814 article)

Babymetal has just released the cover of the upcoming “Live At The Forum” DVD/Blu-ray and we have also got an official two minute trailer on their official YouTube page (absolutely brilliant!). This bodes well. Release date is May 13, still no word on if this will be an international release though (stay tuned for updates).

Great cover art.

Added UK publication Rock Sound #195 (January 2015) to the (not so) old collection. Brilliant review of the Babymetal gig at Brixton Academy in London on November 8 2014 by writer Rob Sayce with pictures by Justine Trickett. Collecting stuff from the early success of Babymetal is good fun. With quotes like “At times it feels like the world´s weirdest school disco, with both performers and audience embracing the evening without a hint of irony” and “Though it is arguable to what extent Babymetal are even a band, they have become one of the most purely entertaining live acts in rock music. And if they can keep putting on shows like this, there is no telling how far they can go”, it is typical for the day (and even now, to an extent). I missed all this excitement back in the day but I have been catching up ever since I discovered them in March 2017. Incidentally, I think the word bonkers can be found in nearly every article that has ever been written about Babymetal – and here I am running a blog called Trinkelbonker…

(Picture of said article – Thank you Kalle for your help in securing this magazine)