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Well look at this. The first Babymetal (ring) binder is almost full (80+ pages out of 110 or so), but I run out of the material needed to proceed any further today. I have enough stuff to fill two of these up at the moment, even if I save some of the key magazines as they are. Here is a few pictures for inspiration…

On the last shot you can see that the right page is not quite full yet, but it will be. You just need the right cuttings from the right period and then you are ready to go. As I said in an earlier post today, I have been collecting stuff like this in this fashion since the early 1970s. It is very very effective, it is like a never ending book that ends only when you let it.

Good fun.


Just bought this on eBay from Japan, a copy of the Babymetal “Live At Budokan – Red Night” CD along with a HMV store booklet that was on display for fans to grab back in the day. I am a collector and this sort of thing is just beautiful (got to love that shot). I guess it will pop up here in about 10 days.

Yesterday I sat down and started to organize the Babymetal collection. I will keep some magazines intact, others will be victims of scissors, glue and cuttings will end up in the first Babymetal (ring) binder. I think it has been 15 years since I attacked my magazine collection for this purpose, it all goes back to the early 1970s for me (I have plenty of binders full of Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath etc – thousands and thousands of pages). It is pretty time consuming but you will get easy access to all that great stuff. Yesterday, the smell of glue took over my apartment for a few hours, as pages was drying all over the place – ah, I had forgotten about that…

I will blog about the first Babymetal binder tonight.

Babymetal has just unveiled the details about the upcoming “Legend S – Baptism XX – The One Limited Edition (Live At Hiroshima Green Arena)” release. Available to members of The One (Fan Club) only, it sports a Blu-ray, Two CDs and (perhaps best of all) a 56 page “Apocalypse” book with exclusive contents. Orders can be made by members of The One between April 23 and May 23. This is not the first time that Babymetal has released exclusive editions like this, the price for this on eBay will be very high (and copies very rare). A 41 second trailer has also been added to the Official Babymetal YouTube page, the second teaser in three weeks to appear. I do like the cover, they have a smart thing going here. I have to say that a Limited Edition CD/DVD for the rest of us would have been nice, like the “Live At Budokan – Red Night” release in 2015. Maybe a “Black Night” edition? Still, we could not even get “Live At Tokyo Dome” outside of the home market. This is all a bit weird at this point.

Watch the official trailer here.

Spotted this from a Hong Kong based store on Ebay the other day. Babymetal is a strong brand.

Pretty neat.

Good day today. Got this stuff in the mail, a Japanese magazine (title escapes me at the moment) and the (UK) June 2015 version of the first album that earMusic put out recently in Sweden (see March 20 post, for a moment there I thought it was a release in DVD sized format, but it was not obviously). Still, nice to get the UK version finally.

The magazine was published back in May 2016 and it was part of the “Metal Resistance” hysteria in Japan. 15 pages of great stuff, including a fold out poster. All in all, not a bad day for the ever growing Babymetal collection.

Got the “Babymetal World Tour 2014” Limited Edition of the first Babymetal CD on import from Japan yesterday (see April 1 post for details), and it was good fun to watch the bonus DVD. Apart from the early videos (which are good to own), the real prize on this release are the five tracks from one of the Summer Sonic 2013 concerts they did in August that year. Now when I bought this, I was kind of hoping that it would be the Osaka show (the outdoors one), because it is famous for having Lars Ulrich watching them from the wings (which meant that he had to make a bit of an effort to even get there, this being the smallest stage of that day and Metallica performed elsewhere on the site that night). What you actually get on this release though is the Tokyo show, which was an indoors event. Not sure if these songs were all they got to play on that night, but I guess 30 minutes at a big festival is pretty fair for a new outfit. The place is packed though and the girls are super happy at the end when they get to their “We are…” (Su-metal) “…Babymetal!” (Yuimetal and Moametal responding together with the crowd). Very entertaining performance, they were quite professional at this stage even though they were so young. Wowow filmed this gig so I guess it was aired on television in Japan at the time. Not sure if the Osaka gig was filmed but I really hope it was.

Good addition to the ever growing collection.

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