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BOG (Big One Girls) Magazine in Japan deals with the Idol culture. Here we have issues 16 and 17, one that presents Babymetal as “This years girls” and another that features two of the Babymetal girls (Su-metal is missing), probably a school shot.

Got to love Japan.


I like the logo of Japanese magazine Mono, it reminds me of Creem. In any case, for lovers of classic LPs this looks like a great read. This is issue 2 2016 and Babymetal´s “Metal Resistance” is included on the cover.



Available through ESP dealers between February and August 2017, the ESP E-II Arrow-7 Babymetal guitar is a hard to beat Collectors Item. Babymetal did get the cover of Japanese publication Young Guitar last year (May 2016) and Moametal and Yuimetal did perform with this guitar on the Alternative Press Awards alongside Rob Halford on July 18 2016. Talk about product placement! Cool.

Read about the guitar on the ESP homepage here.


Good day today as my first Babymetal t-shirts arrived from the EMP shop in Sweden.



Babymetal in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday. Seventh gig on the ongoing trek with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Three more to go.

You go girls!


Spotting young musicians on YouTube that love Metal is good to see. It means that Metal is here to stay. Just watch 10 year old Mana Fukuda from Japan performing Babymetal´s “Gimme Chocolate!” with undeniable passion – absolutely brilliant. Keep practising Mana and you may well end up on that stage with your heroes some day!

View the clip here.


Part of the 2016 media blitz in Japan, the free Grindhouse Magazine publication went for Babymetal on the April/May cover, just in time for the release of the “Metal Resistance” album.

Superb cover shot.