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Here is another man cave snapshot from the music room/library, this time a recently framed article from English speaking The Japan News (dated April 16 2016). It deals with the massive success in the UK and the sold out gig at Wembley on April 2 that year (that broke all previous records of merchandise sales in the prestigious arena). I found this article on eBay and Babymetal also had part of the front cover, although that went into one of my Babymetal binders. This one cost me about 140 dollars to frame and I think it looks pretty good. It is certainly a classic Babymetal article from the glory days when the band cemented their popularity in the UK. Trainspotters may note the old Nightwish Photo Pass from the Tarja Turunen days of that band to the left. Good memories.

(My shot of said article)

Picked up the big Deep Purple/Babymetal art (as in two huge posters from Czech publication Spark joined as one) yesterday, and it now hangs in a corner close to a framed 1981 Whitesnake Poster from my Deep Purple Freak Society days down in the music room/library. There is a symbolic value in this work as Deep Purple belongs to the first generation of Hard Rock bands that came up in the late 1960s (and really picked up speed with the “In Rock” album in 1970), and Babymetal represents the now as the most experimental thing out there today, borrowing from just about every genre in Rock/Metal and elsewhere (the spirit of freedom and hard core talent runs deep in both, although they are worlds apart in many ways).

Cost me about 250 dollars to frame these but the end result is actually pretty awesome. The Deep Purple poster was printed in Spark #4 2017 along with a major cover story on their “Infinite” album, and you have that famous polar expedition look that they went with and the logo. The Babymetal poster was printed in Spark #8 2015 (these publications can still be ordered online), and you have a nice 2013 shot with the gals doing the Fox Sign. Again, with the logo. I really think it is a great look, a fabulous mix.

But here is the thing. As long as Deep Purple is still out there, they both share a brief moment of space and time in this wonderful musical galaxy of ours. And both are certainly a source of much joy, albeit in different ways.

(My shots from the man cave)

After a few years of inactivity regarding interviews etc I have decided to get back into it again in 2020. It is simply way too much fun not to be active and as it happens I can really appreciate some of the new music that I hear now and that helps. I will add more of my Classic Rock Interviews here (see the tag on this blog) and on top of that I will now present brand new interviews. I am also open for collaborations with Classic Rock and Metal publications out there. My archive from the old days (going back to the early 1980s) is there for the picking and is quite extensive (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Judas Priest, Ronnie James Dio, Nightwish etc etc). I will not go back to travelling the way I used to, but in this day and age you really do not have to. I can take it in my own pace and follow my own heart. I always did anyway. Good things are happening out there now and I want to support some of the good bands out there. I guess Babymetal would be the ultimate deal in this day and age and I would certainly love to get them some day.

(Top image shows me with Jon Lord back in 1982 – photograph by my friend Michael Johansson)


The countdown is on for the Stockholm show in early February. Really looking forward to it. As you know I enjoy obscure podcasts and Metal As Medicine just posted a great video on YouTube called “Metal Galaxy” Album Discussion. Watch the stats go through the roof, these guys are in for a huge surprise as the Babymetal legions pops by. They are talking about a special episode about Babymetal as well, and this is pretty much guaranteed now I think. Good job there chaps.


Good news for fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, as “Fire & Ice” is about to get the good old Vinyl treatment on January 31. Blue and Yellow Vinyls.


I can tell that the Airfix homepage has almost crashed (due to heavy traffic) today, since they have just announced what they have in store for 2020. And they always have got something that you will enjoy (if you are anything like me).

Remember that big Babymetal poster (84 x 60 cm) from Rock Sound #258 (see December 27 2019 post), with Babymetal on both sides? Had an idea that worked out well for the man cave, as these images shows. This is the view from the main floor (of four) and you have the staircase to the top level to the right. I quite like seeing Su-metal and Moametal up there from the hallway and the stairs to the second level.

And here is the other side of the poster on the top floor. As you can see it is a perfect match, which is just an amazing coincidence. The Fox God is smiling.

(My images of said poster – Babymetal shots by photographer Corinne Cumming)

We not only have a new year coming up, but the birth of a brand new decade. Here is some predictions of what is to come in the year ahead, good or bad. And in some cases I hope I am right, and in others I pray I am wrong.


Babymetal has a busy year ahead of them but they also have the 10th Anniversary coming up and knowing them I have to assume that they are going to celebrate this as only they can. This is obviously another golden opportunity to have some fun on a grand scale, parhaps another Tokyo Dome moment? Having said that, perhaps a smaller show for The One (the Fan Club) only, could also be a good idea? As long as we get a DVD out of it I will be a happy man. They have a lot to gain to make people understand that they have been at it for a full decade now, and that this journey has been very special indeed (going all the way back to Sakura Gakuin). Maybe a 10th Anniversary documentary will pop up? By the Fox God, would I love that!


Not hard to predict since it is recorded and ready, but I do feel good about this being the third album in a row that is produced by Bob Ezrin, and that the other two were just brilliant. I think ending it all with such a string of great albums will cement the legend once and for all. But it also has to stop at some point and only the touring in the next few years will say when. In any case, Deep Purple will come to a halt in the 2020s.


I do not want this to happen but by the looks of it James Bond may have been emasculated. Good luck with that. If I had been in charge, I would have had more Bond girls, more sexism, more gadgets and less PC nonsense. Way way less. And Pussy Galore would have been in charge of operations. Give the people (not the journalists) what they want. But hey, what do I know?


Wonder Woman “1984” will be a huge hit. May one hope for a little Van Halen or Deep Purple in the soundtrack? Handled correctly, this is a female hero that could have a 100 year legacy if they just ignore the PC stuff and trust what is already there. With Gal Gadot they have the perfect Wonder Woman and I hope they do not blow this now.


Somebody will decide to revamp Vampirella for the movies and they will go all out like we have never seen before. There will be blood.


Deep deep in a vault, somebody will discover a Deep Purple show from 1976 in decent quality and this will see full on release in all formats. People will cry of joy as this finally appears.


For petty cash, everybody will be able to travel through time and see whatever they want as if they are a fly on the wall. No, wait. That is just creepy…


It has to happen eventually. They know deep down that they blew it, that they failed their sacred duty as writers. My guess is that it will only happen when some Ninjas crash down that door. Then we will get the cover story we should have had in 2014.


Hard Rock & Heavy Metal will experience a huge resurgence. The trend was there in 2019, now it will be like 1980 all over again. New bands will be discovered. Fans that has been around since the 1970s will be revered and get free drinks everywhere. Yes, our time has come.


There will be a huge royal flush sounding splash across the globe as everybody finally rejects PC culture. Had to happen some day.

Ah, the 2020s will be great!

(Top image of Babymetal is official)

Might as well scribble down some highlights from the 2010s as we now say goodbye to this decade. So here we go.


November 23 2013. I throw a Deep Purple/Tommy Bolin Party at Jane Doe in Östersund (Jämtland County). Five DJs, all of them well known in these parts, Lars Ericsson, Micke Mojo Nilsson, Jonas Öhlund, Staffan Eriksson and Björn Höglund. 70 CDs, 40 books, 30 DVDs and plenty of magazines were handed out for free during the night. Several record companies helped out, Johnnie Bolin included, and author Martin Popoff had pre-signed his books. Story about this night came out later in my RETROFUTURE 7 magazine. The time had come to wind things down, but it would not reach the end until RETROFUTURE 8 in 2015.


March 9 2017. I finally discover Babymetal after having had my system shocked by “Gimme Chocolate!!” and straight after seeing that video, the 2016 Alternative Press collaboration with Rob Halford. I blogged about them for the first time that day and then I went deep into the Foxhole (as they say). I never looked back, as you all well know…


May 2012. I went out on a limb with the RETROFUTURE project as I highlighted the Storsie mystery, and in 2012 I finally published a 60 page special titled “Storsjöodjuret”. This all led to TV appearances (as far away as Canada), loads of media attention (like a thumbs up in Dagens Nyheter, a major newspaper) and it eventually landed in an Award from Föreningen Storsjöodjuret (that hangs in my guest toilet, not big on such things). I handed out nearly all of them (1,000 copies) for free.


June 16 2018. I finally find my dream house (after a 10 year hunt) in Stugun (Jämtland County) and in less than a week I own it. Then I spend months moving stuff and taking care of business and on April 1 2019 I finally moved in full time (having sold the old apartment in Östersund). Since then I have created a wonderful place and I am very happy to live here now. Many friends helped out, but I have to give Kalle a shoutout. Thanks man.


July 2010. I catch Over The Rainbow, Tarja Turunen and Cougars (featuring Martina Edoff), Twisted Sister etc in good company (Hi Seth!) at the Rockweekend Festival in Gävleborg County before heading home. I dissed Deep Purple on that festival and I do not regret it (people were disappointed). For me it was one of the last great moments of my musical journey to witness Over The Rainbow at their peak and Blackmore Jr was very good, making this the Rainbow reunion that never was (in my opinion). Too bad that they never issued a live DVD, they deserved a legacy. I saw other bands later on but Over The Rainbow was the best of the decade (of course I never had a chance to see Babymetal, that is still to come).


February 22 2015. The final issue of my publication RETROFUTURE (#8) arrives. Low key release party at Jane Doe in Östersund on March 4 with Thomas Drevin (220 Volt) and Björn Höglund (Hoven Droven) as DJs. The lovely Nina on the cover as Montana Blue. I think I ended this journey with a bang, a very strong issue. Once this was published and handed out, I had given away 15,000 copies of RETROFUTURE magazines and 5,000 flyers in Jämtland County since 2010. It was my Last Hurrah and I enjoyed it. It was a well publicized period and nobody will ever repeat what I did. I can just say that.


I have to include this blog on this list. I started it in August 2012 and quickly added some Classic Rock interviews from my past and there are quite a lot of them now (and more coming). The traffic has varied, but there has been some amazing spikes. On June 6 2017 I posted the Enter The Twighlight Zone – Babymetal Tokyo Dome (2016) DVD Review and it just exploded. Within days that text had been published in Japanese and Spanish elsewhere, which is very humbling. I know that hardcore fans of Babymetal has been here ever since. But I have had feedback that has generated traffic from Ian Gillan, Deep Purple, Steve Lukather and many others over the years. I do enjoy this little corner of mine, and I will carry on as long as I can.


I have to give my Western Novel projects a nod here and the models I had the pleasure of working with – Lina (Dakota Jane), Nina (Montana Blue) and Ellinor (Tornado Blaze). This wild idea turned into some of the best stuff that I ever produced in RETROFUTURE and I think it will be remembered by a lot of people. I mean, this stood out a mile in this day and age and I got very nice feedback for it (including from James Reasoner, the famous author). This stuff has its own tag on this blog, My Western Gals, so you have interviews and all sorts of stuff to check out should you want to.


I think I do have a legacy. Quotes from interviews (that are up on this blog) appears all the time in books – literally every year – and every now and then good things comes out of it. I have helped out with scans from my Deep Purple archive that has ended up on several albums, and in 2013 I helped VH1 out for a Deep Purple documentary that was later aired. Even now, as we move into 2020, the old archive is about to be revisited again (but more on that later). It has been a long journey but even now, five years after the final issue of RETROFUTURE, I feel that what I have done is still appreciated. And I guess Trinkelbonker kind of keeps it all rolling, in a small way. And who knows, maybe I will print just one more issue of RETROFUTURE some day? I thought I was done but then Babymetal came around and I am not so sure anymore.

10. SURVIVING 2019

I was so ill that I was jackpot lucky to get out of it alive this summer, but I made it. I look at life a little bit differently now. And then we are suddenly moving into the 2020s, how about that?

(My images)