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East Meets West

Posted: November 17, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock

Babymetal just performed two nights at the Saitama Super Arena (yesterday and today) and the lore continues (as can be witnessed on YouTube). They will still play several huge shows at home this year, but they have already announced that the “Gods of the East” will meet “The Gods of the West” at the Legend – Metal Galaxy Shows at the Makuharu Messe Arena on January 25 and 26, meaning that the American Kami Band will be there together with the Japanese original Kami Band. It is also indicated that all three Avengers (the replacements for Yuimetal) will be there. This is pretty exciting stuff, and it remains to be seen what Kami members (and Avengers) that will appear on the European Tour right after this, kicking off here in Stockholm on February 3 (I will be there, so that is going to be good fun). The European Tour will be followed up by an Asian Tour and then it is back to Europe again for Festival dates. Su-metal and Moametal has obviously both agreed to be doing way more concerts than before, and this will mean quite an effort considering how physical their performances are. But it will also help to cement Babymetal as part of the next generation of mega acts. I think they will headline rock festivals all over the world a decade from now.

Looking forward to following and supporting them on this exciting journey.

(Official ad for said “East/West” gigs.

Things are moving fast in Babymetal Land. Lets deal with the bad news first. The Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong has been cancelled. This is due to the current unrest in the city. It is the first ever Babymetal date that is being cancelled, but it is what it is. On the more positive side, “Metal Galaxy” gets a pretty fair review in Classic Rock # 268 (Queen cover), (quote) “Inside the heart of every fiercely tattooed heavy metal fan there lurks a Japanese schoolgirl” – the press loves to come up with stuff like that. And we got news from the Babymetal camp today that members of the Fan Club called The One will be able to buy super exclusive DVDs (etc) of the Yokohama Arena “Sun” shows from June 28-29 as well as the July 6-7 “Moon” (Legend M) shows from Nagoya. These can be ordered from today and will be shipped on April 1 and the really good news is that the very fact that The One is covered now for some time, should mean that the Forum show that they filmed in Los Angeles a few weeks ago might get the stamp of approval for official release everywhere. About time that they put something good out there outside of Japan. So, fingers crossed. And finally, we now know that the new Babymetal ESP guitars (E-II MF-9 and the Babymetal MF-7 Mini) is available now. This would not have happened if the 2016 Arrow guitar had not sold well so that is pretty cool. And you do not see nine and seven string guitars that often, so these guitars are special. And darned good looking too.

(Top image shows part of ESP ads from 2016 and 2019)


Posted: November 13, 2019 in Babymetal, Classic Rock, Cool stuff, Magazines

Continued good support for Babymetal in the Czech Republic as they get yet another Fakker! (#11 2019) cover over there. In other media, Metal Hammer include Babymetal in #329 in their 2010-2019 article The 20 Moments That Defined The Decade (yet another mention of the impact of “Gimme Chocolate!!” in 2014, and none other than Tarja Turunen has mentioned Babymetal as good reading in this issue!). And in UK publication Rock Sound #257 we have a full page ad for “Metal Galaxy” and a full page review, (quote) “It is Babymetal´s Universe and we are all just living in it”. Big Babymetal feature coming up in Rock Sound #258 next. And in Q Magazine #405 we have a two page ad for the Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong in November (no mention of the artists but Babymetal will be there). And finally, one more European Festival date has emerged, this time in Belgium at the Graspop Metal Meeting on June 19 2020. Expect more European dates.

(Cover image is official shot from the Babymetal camp)

Got the Moametal Limited Edition of “Metal Galaxy” on import from Japan, meaning I now have both (see earlier post for the Su-metal version). LP format, two CDs and very exclusive cover. Got to love Babymetal.

Thank you Kalle for your support.

(My image of said release)


I mentioned the Randy Bachman albums that I discovered not long ago and here we have an album called “Taking Care Of Christmas” from 2014 that sits pretty good right about now. Perfect Christmas music for the ageing rocker.


Canadian singer Leah has a new album out called “Ancient Winter” on November 15. I just discovered her yesterday and I like what I hear. She has been called the Enya of Metal, and that is just about right.


Looks like ticket sales for the Stockholm show could be a lot better so there is a risk that the show at Fryshuset on February 3 will be moved down from Arenan (fairly big hall in the Fryshuset complex, Nightwish has performed there on several occations) to a smaller hall called Klubben in the same building. Of course there is no official word yet and there is still time to pump up some interest, but our media is not exactly on the ball are they? A friend of mine (Hello Kalle) got this information at the venue a few hours ago as I write this, in friendly conversation with somebody that has the inside track on things. However, a smaller show is not to be considered a bad thing in my book. Seeing a show with a band that are testing the waters for the first time in your country at a smaller venue can be a memorable experience. You get to take it all in up close. I saw bands like Whitesnake (1981) and Gillan (1982) in smaller venues when nobody cared and it was awesome. For Babymetal, I hope that things speed up over here for the sake of the financial side of things, I just pray they do not cancel this show. That would be a disaster.

(My image of the Randy Bachman CD)

Took me long enough to get around to this, but the basement is now official Man Cave territory (much like the rest of the house). This space was never used for anything before, now it is a proper room. Had a lot of fun with this so let me share some snapshots with you guys.

I hid the stairs in this way, finally got to use that Deep Purple flag. Some records, comics and part of my Babymetal collection in the steel shelf.

Album covers were great in the late 1960s, early 1970s. Have to showcase some of that. Swedish Master Of Kung Fu comic book. I just picked some fun stuff out of the old collection.

That Motörhead shower curtain actually hides a door (heating and water central). Looks pretty good, and this is a music room/library. Behind the door by the chair I have a sauna (magazine storage really) and a laundry area but you would never know would you.

Some eye-candy to check out behind glass. Tarja Turunen Tour Programme and one of my old magazines (LE, she can be seen holding SLICE 2006 on this cover – Michael Johansson covers both of them).

A small Ronnie James Dio exhibition. An issue of Classic Rock and “Magica” (with his autograph). Some Raquel Welch further down, but that is not for this post.

To be continued…

(My images)


Major news. The 38th Asterix album is out (Swedish release next week). It is titled “Asterix And The Chieftain´s Daughter”. I think it is rather wonderful that Asterix lives on.


Iron Maiden will visit Manila in the Philippines for the first time on May 16 2020, headlining the Pulp Summer Slam Festival. Babymetal will be one of the opening acts, along with DragonForce and Death Angel. It is the first time since Sonisphere 2014 that Babymetal will share a bill with Maiden. They are lining up major gigs in Asia right now. As for Maiden, note the “Where Eagles Dare” scene on the poster art. How cool is that? In fact, I would love to own one of these posters.


Deep Purple will release a Limited Edition two CD/three LP set called “Live In Rome 2013” in early December.

(Official Pulp Summer Slam Festival poster)