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Commando 5070

Posted: October 31, 2017 in Comics

This is an exclusive preview of Commando (issue) 5070, “Air Kommando” (due out in the UK on November 2). Story by Ian Clark, inside art by Carlos Pino and cover art by Ian Kennedy.


Classic Rock (issue) 242 popped up in the mail today. Big Fleetwood Mac feature (and cover). Thin Lizzy, Europe, Whitesnake… I get my fair share of goodies in this issue. Also, the reviews I see now about the 30th Anniversary release of the Whitesnake “1987” album is getting me in the right mood for some very expensive nostalgia. Yes, I have ordered the box and the LP, Coverdale can still count on this old boy and he knows it.

Good days.

The Salentino Cuts

Posted: October 31, 2017 in Classic Rock, General

Got this in the mail today. UFO will always do well in the studio and the new covers only album “The Salentino Cuts” is pleasant enough. I guess looking back can be fun for musicians and it probably takes off some of the pressure, although if you are going to cover stuff like “Mississippi Queen” you better not sleep on the job. In the end I think this is a good enough idea not to be ridiculed, good songs, good performanes. Main thing is that it still has UFO written all over it.

Good cover too.

Had this German Deep Purple poster from 1974 hanging on my wall for years as a lad.

Still have it tucked away somewhere.

Valerian tribute

Posted: October 30, 2017 in Comics, General

Valerian used to be published as Linda & Valentin in Sweden and today we see a huge Tribute book being published by Cobolt that features history and material from many artists celebrating the classic comic.

Good to see.

Conan 4

Posted: October 30, 2017 in Comics, General

Got to love this. The fourth Conan Compilation is out in good old Norway today. 252 pages.

Tintin Vinyls

Posted: October 29, 2017 in Comics, Cool stuff, General, Music (general)

Well, I have got to say that there is something decidedly beautiful about this. Four classic Tintin tales have been re-issued on Vinyl in Sweden, namely “Enhörningens hemlighet”, “Rackham den rödes skatt”, “Månen tur och retur” and “Krabban med guldklorna”. It is obvious that the target audience is chaps like me. I guess there must be a few of us left roaming the earth then…