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Barbarians on Bikes

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Books, Cool stuff, General, Magazines


Added this book to the old collection recently, “Barbarians on Bikes” (New Texture, 2016), edited by Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle with an afterword by Paul Bishop. This book is part of an ongoing series about Pulp Magazines called The Men´s Adventure Library. 118 pages of Bikers & Motorcycle Gangs is what you get in this one.

Great stuff.


Life after man

Posted: January 31, 2017 in General, Magazines, Prepping


This looks like a good read. UK publication BBC Focus (February 2017). Should we worry about asteroids they ask? Well, yes. When newspapers are trying to introduce words like “Fireball season” (What?) you know something is up. The “Life after man” article looks interesting. We could very well descend very quickly into anarchy if the financial system goes belly up. Or if we are hit by a sudden EMP wave that knocks out all electricity. Add the usual list of problems (and the unusual) and… Yeah, we may be in over our heads.

Which is why you are a fool if you are not gearing up.

Crimen Excepta

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Classic Rock, General


Crystal Viper´s fourth studio album “Crimen Excepta” was released in April 2012 and my copy features 10 tracks including the lead theme from the motion picture “Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood”, written by Marta Gabriel. Marta is really starting to nail the high pitch screams and as a fan of Ian Gillan, Rob Halford etc I like that about her. The album could have used a few quiet moments, but this is right in your face Metal. Cover art by Chris Moyen.

“Legends” is still the best of the lot, and this will be the last post about the band until the next album is out (I think eight posts since January 12 is quite enough). Always nice to spot good bands though.


Here is another CD box worthy of attention, Deep Purple´s “The Complete Albums 1970-1976” spanning from the “Concerto” recording (1969, but released in 1970) to “Made In Europe” (1975, but released in 1976). Had they added three more albums it would have covered the entire first period, 1968 to 1976, but the first line-up has been ignored here. On the other hand, apart from the “Concerto” album, what you have got here is the very best of the Golden Era of this band.


Will Elder

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Comics, Cool stuff, General


Another title in MAD´s “Original Idiots” series, “Will Elder” (MAD Books, 2015). Includes his work from MAD Comics #1-23. 210 pages.

Got to love this.

Enough is enough

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Actual News (good links), General


Swedish journalist Johan Westerholm is one of the best independent writers that we have and his blog is one of the best, and most read, in the country. Every now and then he will publish an article in English for maximum reach. Yesterday he published such a text by Jonas Vesterberg with the headline “The Buck Stops Here”, about what needs to be done to put Sweden back on track. It is only common sense but right here right now, quite controversial. I have a lot of respect for these gentlemen and I share their opinions.

Read it here.


Deep Purple and Alice Cooper are set to co-headline a US Tour that kicks off in Las Vegas on August 12. 19 shows, one stop on the other side of the border in Toronto. This should go down well.

Read more over at The Highway Star here.